Battletoads 2020

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a game by Rare, Ltd.
Platforms: XBox One, PC
Editor Rating: 8.3/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Battletoads 2020
Battletoads 2020
Battletoads 2020

Battletoads (2020) is a sequel/reboot of the classic beat 'em up series from the 16-bit era. Playing as three buff, amphibious heroes, you'll punch, kick, and smash your way through hordes of enemies in fast-paced arcade action. Like the previous games in the Battletoads franchise, Battletoads (2020) is deceptively tough. While it might look like a kid's game at first with its vibrant palette of neon colors, you'll quickly learn that Battletoads (2020) is just as challenging as its classic counterparts. However, by including a variety of gameplay experiences across its main missions, Battletoads (2020) separates itself from the rest of the series as a wholeheartedly unique adventure.

Main Game Features

  • Supports up to 3-players in local multiplayer
  • 25 levels of crazy arcade action
  • Bright and colorful cartoon-like graphics


Battletoads (2020) begins with our three heroes, Pimple, Zits, and Rash, living a life full of hardcore action and celebrity bliss. After spending a bit of time bashing skulls and basking in glory, the Battletoads learn that they have been held hostage inside a simulation for years. Forced back into the “real world”, the Battletoads struggle with the boring monotony of day-to-day life.

Refusing to abandon their life of beating up baddies, the Battletoads attempt to take on their arch-rival, The Dark Queen. However, upon confronting her, they learn of an evil plot hatched by a villainous alien race that might have ties to their original simulated imprisonment. Curious for more answers, the group heads to battle the aliens and attempt to save the galaxy.

Like most other beat 'em up games from the arcade-era, Battletoads games have never had extremely complex stories. Battletoads (2020) is unique in that way, containing lots of dialogue and various animated cutscenes. Instead of playing out like a super serious action movie, the plot in Battletoads (2020) is far more aloof, silly, and self-referential. Veterans of the Battletoads series will appreciate the many inside jokes and references to the old-school titles. In terms of narrative, Battletoads (2020) is outrageously funny and surprisingly well-told.


Battletoads (2020) has over two dozen levels, spread across multiple story acts for you to complete. You can play either solo or with two friends in local co-op, dominating enemy waves and building up your combo meter. The three Battletoads all feel a bit different to play as, have exclusive moves, and vary in their health and power. When playing solo, you get to switch between all three Battletoads at will, so you'll get a chance to try them all out. Generally speaking, you should expect tough enemies and lots of deaths (depending on what difficulty you play on), as Battletoads (2020) is no walk in the park.

Around halfway through the game, Battletoads (2020) changes from a beat 'em up game into an arcade-style shooter, then a two-dimensional platforming game. These sections are weird and interesting at first, offering a change of pace from the quick and brutal combat. That said, the shooter levels in specific can be pretty tough, so if you're not used to weaving through tons of bullets, expect more deaths to come. If you're a fan of the older Battletoads games, this change in genre will likely annoy you. There are also a lot of short, weird mini-games to complete. Most of them are quick and rarely repeated, but the shooter and platforming levels stick around for quite a while before the game returns to its beat 'em up roots.


If you have some nostalgia for the original Battletoads, you'll probably have a good time playing through this newest entry in the series. It's definitely a bit weirder and more colorful than the past games, but it's unique enough to warrant a playthrough. Battletoads (2020) is more fun with friends, but if you're really struggling to complete some of the harder levels, you might find it easier to tackle the challenge alone.


Either way, prepare yourself for some combo-heavy fighting, fast-paced shooter action, and exceptionally funny storytelling. It might not be as pure of a beat 'em up experience as some fans would've hoped for, but Battletoads (2020) is an interesting and enjoyable turn for the franchise.


  • Very funny cutscenes and dialogue
  • Great fighting mechanics
  • Each character feels different to play


  • Too many non-beat 'em up sections
  • Frustrating difficulty

Download Battletoads 2020

XBox One

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Battletoads 2019 for Xbox One is one of those games that a lot of people wanted and was hinted at. However, I think that deep down a lot of us thought that this game would probably never happen. Well E3 2019 showed a really badass sizzle reel kind of trailer that showed us not only was Battletoads coming to the Xbox One, it actually looks pretty darn awesome too!

What Is The Story?

Ok so as I write this, we actually know very little of what the deal with the Battletoads is! We do know that Rash, Pimple, and Zitz are back and they once again need to save the day. From the trailer, it looks like the Pigs are up to no good again as the trailer does make a point to showcase one of the bosses who looks awesome by the way. To be fair in a game like this, the story is not always that important.

Three Player Action!

As you have three Battletoads to play as in Rash, Pimple, and Zitz. It is only natural that Battletoads 2019 for Xbox One is going to be a three-player game. This is very action packed and it looks like there is some great team-up moves that you guys can do together. These are sure to make you play as more of a team. One thing that I certainly hope is not going to happen is being able to hit your teammates. I hate when beat em ups do this and there is a level on the NES Battletoads where this is a massive problem so I certainly hope that is not going to be an issue here!

It Looks Great!

One of the things that I love about the teaser trailer they showed for this game is the art style. It has a very cell-shaded kind of look to it and the game has a ton of personality. I love how they have kept the over the top fighting moves of the Battletoads. In these games when you dish out a combo it can end with a giant boot, a set of horns or a big fist! It is fun and cool to see. It looks like this new version of Battletoads is going to be even more over the top in this regard.

Plenty Of Variety

If you have eyes like a hawk, you will notice that the gameplay trailer showed that they were bringing back the turbo tunnel from the NES! Now before you freak out and swear off this game. Just know that it looks much more fun this time around and you are viewing the action from behind the Battletoads so you actually have time to react to what is coming to you.

Also, you can see that they claim there is going to be action, racing, teamwork, puzzle-solving and more! It sounds like they are certainly trying to give us as much bang for our bucks as possible with this game.

Battletoads 2019 for Xbox One and PC is looking like it is going to be a fantastic game. There has been no new Battletoads game since the arcade in 1994! So it has been a long wait for fans of the game. This is certainly one that you want to keep your eyes peeled for.



  • It looks great
  • Three player action
  • There looks to be a fair bit of variety to the gameplay
  • Turbo tunnel actually looks fun now!
  • Could be one of the best beat em ups for Xbox One!


  • Not much known of the story
  • Will gameplay get repetitive?

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