The Combatribes

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a game by Technos
Genre: Fighting Games
Platform: SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 7.9/10, based on 7 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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The Combatribes
The Combatribes
The Combatribes
The Combatribes

If you're a video game trivia buff, you know the hush-hush development team behind the Double Dragon boys is not Tradewest, not Acclaim, but a little company called Technos. Consequently, expectations are high as a kite for the company's latest 12 megs of SNES fighting fury, The Combatribes. Bad news, high fliers -- this one catches some air, but it won't blow you away.

Go 'Tribe!

When leggy supermodel/cyborg Martha Splatterhead recruits a gang of ruffians and tries to turn New York City into a demolition derby, there's only one tribe of heavy hitters to call. The Cleveland Indians baseball team? Nope, the Combatribes! As crack street vigilantes, you and a buddy hit the streets to deliver your own brand of justice. You can mangle Martha in a side-scrolling, Double Drago- nish game, or kick some rear in a Street Fighter ll-style, one-on-one contest.

A Fistful of Face

Berzerker, Blitz, and Bullova are your three semi-tough street warriors in the side-scrolling part of the game. Each has a different rating for strength, speed, and endurance, so choose wisely. No matter which knucklehead you pick, don't expect to win a disco award for smooth moves. All told, seven attacks comprise the average repertoire. You can run and fight, but you can't hide behind your fists -- no blocking allowed.

Use Bullova's dashing punch to fry Salamander in Level 2.

The base game packs a good punch, but lacks the length and depth of other fighting games. Each of the five levels is short, maybe a third of the size found in most games. The thugs are pushovers, but the bosses are tough.

The areas lack weapons, obstacles, or items. The game is way too short, but limited continues give it an intermediate to advanced challenge.


  • Walk up two paces, then stand still and kick like lightning to ice the roller skaters in Level 3.
  • Beat most bosses with the traditional pattern: walk up or down when they're dose, start punching, and wait for them to step into your fist.

Combat for Two

In Vs. Mode, you play head-to-head either against a friend or the computer in one of three different closed-off arenas. You can fight as any character in the game, from the lamest runt fighter to the boss of bosses herself. The only catch is that the password system requires you to complete a level in the base game in order to gain access to its fighters.

Essentially, Vs. uses the same side-view game play style, only each fighter gets a few added moves, such as blocks, sliding kicks, and fireballs. Vs. is a nice diversion and a good warmup for the scrolling game, but SFII it's not.

Be careful in Vs. Mode's Area 3. Your movements are heavily restricted.

Mean Looks

The martial artists paint a great-looking picture in this game. The side-view graphics are color-rich and, while the characters are smallish, the animation is smooth as a silk/polyester compound. However, due to the game's short length, don't expect a multitude of eye-bugging backgrounds. The music and sound effects have a few sweet spots, but a few soft spots as well.

Built for Battle, not for War

In the crowded house of Super NES street fighters, Combatribes doesn't quite hold its own. The structure for a solid scrolling beat-em-up is in place, but the level building blocks need expansion work. If Street Fighter II is a mansion and Super Double Dragons a bungalow, Combatribes is somewhere in between.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

Game Reviews

  • Manufacturer: American Technos

I'm tired of gangs terrorizing the good people of this town. We need to pay these guys a visit and teach them a lesson or two. Let's go Blitz. C'mon, Berserker. It's time for some action!

In Combatribes, by American Technos (a two-or three-player game), you control one of up to three players battling gangs located in various sites across the city. For instance, you'll start your battle against a motorcycle gang on the streets of the city. You'll then move to the fun and festive confines of a carnival, where you'll take on a slew of club-carrying clowns and mimes armed with canes.

As you try to clean up a crime-ridden city, you'll fight it out in four more rounds, which include fighting skating punks at a disco roller rink, dealing win a baseball stadium full of barbarians and matching blows with army troops in a heliport before you enter the sixth and final round.

Each of the three characters has his own traits. While Berserker has both strength and speed, Bollova has lots of strength but little speed, and Blitz is quick but not as strong as the other two. Not only can the characters punch and kick, they can also perform nine other moves that range from feet-swings to butting heads to stomping on top of the enemies. Along with these moves, you can find various items in each round that can be picked up and used to knock out a group of enemies simultaneously. Examples range from motorcycles in the first round to pinball machines in Round 3.

There are two ways in which your game can end: one is if you lose all your energy, and the other is if you run out of time. Even though you run a higher chance of losing all your energy - following a particularly nasty series of blows from your opponents - you can't forget about your time limit. Once the time runs out, it's game over, regardless of the amount of energy you have left. Round 3, for instance, is a tough area to get through without running out of time.

One other thing you have to be careful of is not to put in coins so that you get more than 9,990 units of energy. As soon as the counter reaches what would be 10,000 units of energy, it then wraps around to zero units of energy. Sorry, game over - and a lot of money down the old tubes.

As far as the graphics and animation, it doesn't get any better than what is found in Combatribes. Throughout the entire game you'll find great detail in all aspects, from the foreground to the background. And the characters' ability to pick up the enemy and smoothly throw or swing them around the screen is just two examples of how the animation increases the enjoyment of the game. The sound, however, is average, with the standard battalion of grunts and groans.

When it comes to the bottom line, Combatribes is definitely a money game - you'll put a lot of quarters into this one. There are too many enemies (especially the end bosses) that can take a pounding and never seem to die. Despite this fact, however, Combatribes is still a fun multiplayer game that is highlighted by the graphics and different moves each character can perform. If you get a chance, give it a try and see what you think.

  • Manufacturer: Technos
  • Machine: Super NES
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Available: 2nd half '92
  • Theme: Action

Street brawling action at its best!

The arcade beat-em-up of the 1990s is making its way onto your Super NES. With it, comes all of the heated action you would expect from the coin-op itself! The attack moves are plentiful and dangerous. Among them are the punch, kick, power running punch, head slam, throw and many others. Not only do you have a large variety of moves, but you also will be able to pick up objects to throw at your opponents such as small cars and motorcycles. Within each act (level), you will face a large number of punks, thugs, gangs, clowns and rollerskaters on a rampage. This is two player simultaneous action, and it is hot! The end of level bosses are challenging, as they sport such weaponry as 2X4s and fire. Check out the comparison of the arcade and the Super NES version below. This is definitely one that you will not want to miss!

Here is a trick that will give you a Super difficulty. On controller 2, hold A, B, the top L button and the top R button. While holding these, reset the game. Release the buttons when the Title Screen appears and enter the options for access to Super Mode.

Your band of fighters has a large variety of attack moves including some spectacularly special moves like head slamming two opponents together and even throwing your opponent into another group of guys!

Combatribes was an instant hit when it reached the arcades a few years ago! The game is in its early stages, but all fans of the arcade version will definitely want to check this one out!!

Cyborg street warriors, the Combatribes, are coming to your home 16-bit system thanks to American Technos. With new moves and new gangs, Berzerker, Blitz, and Bullova must dismantle the Ground Zero gang and its leader, Martha Splatterhead, deep within -- New York's crime-gripped streets.

As a member of the Combatribes you must try your hardest to clean up the meanest and dirtiest town in America. A woman by the name of Splatterhead has organized all the street gangs and formed a sinister organization called Ground Zero.

This is a great re-creation of the original arcade version. Some things are a little different (the levels are slightly smaller) but the folks at Technos did add a charac-ter-versus-character mode where you can play as any of the bosses. For those of you who loved the arcade version, you'll find other enhancements added just for the Super NES. Prepare yourself for combat with Combatribes!

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