Super Double Dragon

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a game by Technos
Genre: Fighting Games
Platform: SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 7.8/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Super Double Dragon
Super Double Dragon
Super Double Dragon
Super Double Dragon

The heat's on the SNES streets, and word is that the ' Black Shadow Warriors are back in town. That means the Double Dragon boys better be super -- and they are!

In Super Double Dragon by Tradewest, longtime video victim Marian's taken steps to protect herself. She's a policewoman, a student of kung fu, and a part-time instructor at the Lee Brothers' Double Dragon dojo. However, she hasn't lost her knack for getting into trouble. That's bad news for Marian, but good news for Double Dragon fans everywhere. During an undercover narcotics operation, she's nabbed by the infamous Black Shadow Warriors, who are now into drugs. Billy and Jimmy Lee do more than just say no to that!

Bad to the Bone

Super Double Dragon is one of the best beat-em-up adventure games to stomp through the SNES yet. You toss fists and feet of fury across seven bruising missions in sharp, side-view, horizontally-scrolling, street fighting action. As in the NES versions, one or two players can be one or two Lees. Player Two can buy-in at any time.

Warrior Wacking

Double Dragon has a well deserved reputation for vicious video back alley fisticuffs, and this installment doesn't disappoint. The Lee's standard arsenal is serious stuff: two punches, seven kicks, and a knee drop once a bad guy is down. Of course, you get their famous Double Dragon grab-hair combos, too. This time, there are five, which feature knee kicks and elbow punches in all the vulnerable spots.


  • When a Warrior tries a jump kick, hit him while he's in the air.
  • You can attack Warriors off-screen.
  • When a hit staggers you, sometimes you can move again after you take a second blow.

Super Double Dragon's standout move is a unique and totally cool defensive technique that enables you to grab a bad guy's arm with a single button press. From this arm lock position, you can bust five nasty moves a la Bruce Lee, including a machine gun kick attack and a rapid fire back punch. To add insult to injury, you can also toss your adversary at his crew.

If you feel really cocky, you can build up a Power Gauge that enables you to unleash four Special Techniques: the Roundhouse Kick, the Round Back Fist, the Jumping Round Kick, and the Jumping Back Round Kick. Building up power (by holding down L or R) during heavy fighting takes time, so be prepared to take mucho hits before you master the technique.

The crisp controls deftly place all this awesome muscle power at your fingertips. Billy and Jimmy can kick Shadow Warrior butt as fast as your fingers can fly across the control pad.

Def Gangsters

As always, the Black Shadow Warriors are the willing targets of the Lee Brother vendetta. Billy or Jimmy can easily wipe up the streets with any one Shadow Warrior, but the creeps always gang up on you and their combined blows will take their toll. You face fierce guys called Steve, Williams, Jeff, McGuire, and Chin Ron Foo. When video game goons have weak names like that, you know they've got to be bad!

Beware. Some Shadow creeps carry weapons. However, if you make them drop their gear, you can grab it and use it yourself.

  • Steve (the Schwarzenegger clone) is tough, You must stay on the offensive and constantly vary your attack. Using just one technique is a disaster.
  • When Shadow Warriors toss weapons, they can hurt their fellow gangsters. Time your dodges.
  • McGuire's a tough clown (literally). In missions, take the high ground, then hit him as he tries to jump up to you. Be prepared to dodge his unstoppable flying spin attack.
  • The Nunchakare the most devastating Warrior beaters.

Familiar Sights & Sounds

The seven Missions bust up some familiar-looking territory, including Las Vegas, San Francisco's Chinatown, and the Golden Gate Bridge. You wind up at head bad dude Duke's pad.

  • In Mission 4, don't fall off the trailer. In Mission 6, don't fall off the cliff. Try to stay away from the bottom of the screen.
  • In Mission 3, the Chins' defense against kicks is murder. Move up and down as you punch. When one of your blows passes through their defense, stop and attack. If Mr. Chin picks up his D, move and punch again.

The graphics are solid, but they won't knock you out. The background scenery could be anywhere. The Lees and the Shadow Warriors look SNES sharp. The smooth animation, however, floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee! There are no fancy Mode 7 moves, but watching the Lee boys stick and kick will pump you up big time!

The game's sounds don't get in the way, which is good. The music's fun, but you won't buy the CD. The effects are spare, but they enhance the fighting.

Double Fun

Super Double Dragon is one tough customer. If you like to talk beat-em-up stuff, you've got nothing to say until you beat this game! Super Double Dragon kicks.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

Game Reviews

  • Manufacturer: Tradewest
  • Machine: Super NES

You heard it right, classic street fighting champs!

Billy and Jimmy Lee are about to step into a whole new realm created in the world of the Super NES!

Being created by the original makers of the blockbuster by the same name, the Lee brothers must take on a whole new challenge against the gang containing old faces like Rowper and the Abobos! New effects and great graphics highlight this fighting masterpiece!

New Find Improved Moves!

Since the beginning of the Super NES releases, people have been demanding an excellent two player cooperative action game with enough power and performance to keep the game exciting and not get bogged down with tons of slow down. Well, get ready for this totally intense cart. Not only does it have a two player simultaneous mode, but it also has a versus mode reminiscent of the first NES version!

Major Brawl in the City Streets!

What is a street fighting game without a little action in the streets?! Here, you will encounter all of the familiar faces that have plagued you in the past, but it is improved with even more moves and deadlier attacks thanks to the power of the Super NES! Veterans of the NES version will have no trouble adapting, but newcomers should stay on guard!

The Oriental Training Camp!

A wise man once said, "Know thy enemies!" In this case, you will know them and wish you never saw them! Here is where they are vigorously trained in martial art combat and have a nasty habit of doing flying leap attacks! Your best moves are jump kicks for knocking the opponents out of the air, or grabbing them when up close and knee slamming them!

Gamble For Lives in the Casino!

These are definitely not what Donald Trump had in mind! Here, you will find the scums of the world blowing their bucks for just a crack at winning! Therefore, they are not in the mood for losing - even a fight! Thus, watch out for some dirty, cheap shots aimed at your back and watch for some even more powerful goons!

And Even More Levels!

There are plenty of levels throughout this game that will test your every ability as a martial arts expert! In some cases, you will start brawling in the factories where many different technical terrors reside, or even dueling on the runway of a huge airport! As you progress, more enemies will start to appear with even greater power! Good luck!

Even with two players, this game is a tough one to beat! To be able to blow through this game with ease, use this tip to get unlimited continues!

Press the START button on controller 1 to access the Mode Select screen. Press the SELECT button to choose two players in Mode A. If you choose Mode B, you can have some fun beating up your friend, but each player will lose additional energy.

In the two player game, play until there is one credit left for each player. If one of the players has more credits than the other, let that player get down to 1 credit. When asked to continue, press START simultaneously on both controllers. Once you do this, the game will continue as normal, but when you lose your lives and are asked to continue again, you will notice that your continues have jumped all the way up to 7! If you are still having trouble with the game, just repeat the process again and you will be able to acquire 7 more credits to continue. Repeating this method will give you an unlimited number of continues. Now you can beat the final boss and complete the game!

Flash! Marion's been kidnapped again, and this is good news for Double Dragon enthusiasts. Billy and Jimmy Lee are back in town!

Enter the Dragon

Super Double Dragon is Tradewest's all-new, never-before-seen, SNES martial arts cart. Check out this pre-fight first look. With the help of a refresher martial arts course and the SNES controller, Billy and Jimmy have mastered advanced fighting techniques to complement their classic moves. The Jump, Punch, and Kick attacks are sharper than ever, and the fierce new Kiai and Defend options strengthen your Double Dragon arsenal.

For a Roundhouse move, Cyclone Spin Kick, or to power-up your damage, you must charge your Kiai meter and let it fly. The Defend button enables you to block and reverse enemy assaults! You grab an arm lock. Then throw, fist-slap or face-kick the opponent.

Super DD's seven mission make this cart the Lee Brothers' greatest challenge yet. Billy and Jimmy hunt down Duke, kingpin of the Shadow Warriors. They rock through great-looking deadly alleyways, dojos, and deserted factories in Las Vegas, the Airport, Chinatown, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Slums, the Forest, and the Duke's mansion. The gang's all here -- Williams, Roper, Baker, Jeff, Chin. These boss bruisers mix it up like never before.

We Want MORE!

We're counting the days until Tradewest slips us a final cart with all seven martial arts missions in place. We bet you are, too. Look out Final Fight! Look out Streets of Rage! Look out world! Double Dragon kicks butt and takes names.

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