Evil Dead Regeneration

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Platform: XBox
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 18 votes
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Evil Dead Regeneration
Evil Dead Regeneration
Evil Dead Regeneration

It's somewhat surprising what you can get out of a twenty dollar game. If you take nothing else away from my review, remember this, while this game is inexpensive, it deserves to be, and is yet still an enjoyable and worth it's cost.

Hailing from a popular yet abused franchise, long have the fans of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead films wished for a title truly worth play. Evil Dead Regeneration changes that. With a loose narrative holding the game together, this time Ash is joined by a sidekick, Sam, a dwarf that's been changed into a deadite. Sam has kept his soul in the bargain, and provides not only entertaining commentary, but also strangely can be kicked at the enemies you encounter. Perhaps politically incorrect, and yet absurdly humorous, Sam himself can be used as a weapon. I leave you to judge that however you may.

The game is entertaining, although it is ultimately a normal platformer. While there's little challenge in terms of the gameplay, it's a fun romp, boomsticks and all. In my opinion, it is the acting of Bruce Campbell (Ash) and Ted Raimi (Sam), two of the actors from the Evil Dead series that makes the game truly entertaining, as they get plenty of chance to play up the comedy that made both Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness absolutely wonderful comedy horror films.

Unfortunately, in the end, there's little or no replay value in the game. Once you've played through every level, you've seen the entire game, and if you did it as I did, collecting the small bonus items scattered throughout the game, then you've also gotten to see every 'extra', which includes some truly outstanding, if dated, recordings of Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi hamming it up at the recording stand.

Again, this title may only sell for twenty dollars, but it's worth every penny, and is actually pretty good for a short time. All in all, I got around 6 hours of gameplay out of it, but you may get more, and it is definitely the best Evil Dead game to date.

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