Expeditions: Viking

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a game by Logic Artists
Platform: PC (2017)
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Expeditions: Viking
Expeditions: Viking
Expeditions: Viking
Expeditions: Viking

I remember my first time seeing the movie How to Train Your Dragon. I was fairly certain all I’d get out of it was a desire to have a dragon of my own. To an extent, that was entirely true – that still persists today and I really do hope that dragon remains are discovered that can be replicated by scientists. Its not likely, but I can dream. What I didn’t expect was how much it would make me want to experience life in a Viking setting. Couple that with all the cool Vikings TV shows and extensive Norse history/mythos, its impossible to ignore. There have been several games that tried to deliver a fully Viking experience to audiences, and only a few of them were successful. Expeditions: Viking is an example of this that, while quite deep in terms of playability and depth, leaves a bit to be desired for all of the things it does well. Its enjoyable, though there’s plenty that could use some work on the developer’s end in future games.

The Love of Vikings

Expedition: Vikings was clearly a project that had a lot of love put into it by the developers. They were able to craft an experience that has turn-based RPG elements of an original Fallout game and with its lore but with the ancient/medieval feel of the Crusader Kings series. Character progression is masterful.

Spending so many skill points will allow your character to grow and help diversify your tactics as you head into the battle. You can’t just focus on a skill or two – you have to constantly pick different skills to foster progress across the board. Combat was a bit rough upon release. It was clunky and at times non-responsive, but its current state shows that it is playable at any level due to the fixes they’ve implemented. It now feels fluid, lively, and almost addictive. Finally, I really loved the way the story played out. It would be a stretch to say I loved the writing and story, but I appreciate that choices you make in-game are not one-offs and will have significant impacts later on. It’s an intricate system that deserves praise and exploration.

Rough Bits

For being a game with ‘expeditions’ in the title, you’re somewhat limited in how much you can explore the actual world. The world feels a bit empty and, unless you’re doing a quest, there’s nothing really out there. The dialogue is equally simplistic while being somewhat inconsistent. The game appears to be a serious take on Viking expeditions in some scenes, while in others the situation feels laughable to your character and others, like it’s a sort of comedy. This isn’t terrible, but it really throws off the pacing.

Bottom Line

Finally, winning the game can feel more like a chore than conquering adversity. There’s technically three correct ways to win, though only one of them is properly laid out to you. Failure to accrue enough might OR prosperity (don’t go for maxing both), you’ll lose and be out of ways to begin the final steps. Its confusing and frustrating since you won’t even realize it until the end.


There’s a lot of love and care to be witnessed in Expeditions: Vikings. It just doesn’t burst from the seams and could have used a bit more time in development before release.


  • Divergent storylines
  • Combat/skills are balanced
  • Character growth keeps you on your toes & learning


  • Weak dialogue/acting
  • Exploration not really encouraged
  • Playing correctly can feel like a chore

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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