Industries of Titan

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a game by Brace Yourself Games
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Industries of Titan
Industries of Titan
Industries of Titan
Industries of Titan

Some games come along that feel they were made for me and Industries of Titan is one of those games. This is a deep strategy game, but the sci-fi setting that the game has that really appealed to me. If you love having to work hard to balance a city all the while fighting off a bunch of a-holes that want to cause trouble or take what you have worked hard for then this is the kind of game that is perfect for you.

Titan Of Mystery

The whole sci-fi premise of the story of Industries of Titan is something that I found very cool. The idea is that you have been hired by a mysterious corporation to try and turn the moon of Saturn, Titan around and make it a place that can be habitual, but also a place where you can make a ton of money. I was surprised at how deep the lore of this game was and I know this may sound strange, but it kind of reminded me of Total Recall (the Mars stuff) in terms of the planet/moon itself.

The Future Of The 80s!

I love the presentation that is going on with Industries of Titan. Remember in the 80s the way that movies and TV shows thought that the future was going to look like, that cyberpunk style? Well, that is what we have with the visuals here. These are pretty cool and I love the whole aesthetic that the game has. It is also worth noting that there is some excellent voice acting in this game which I love.

From Nothing To Everything!

If you have played any kind of strategy-style game before you know what you are in for with this game. You start off very small, you can build a few buildings, factories, have people come in, and start earning money. As the title of the game suggests is that you want to become a true titan of industry as you build this city into something truly epic. You need to build all of the infostructures so that people can come to the city and make it thrive! Even though this is an early access title, I felt that there was a ton of stuff to keep you busy.

Ancient Aliens!

Remember how I said that Industries of Titan reminded me of the movie Total Recall? A huge reason for that is that you can find all this old technology and artifacts in the game that can be used to help you develop new things. I have to say that I found this probably the most exciting aspect of the game. While there is some great lore here, the sci-fi nerd in me would have loved for this to go a bit deeper.

I Will Sink Your Battleship!

There is more combat in this game than I thought there would be. This is done via these battleship segments that are very tactical in their gameplay. You can design your own battleships where you can decide things like how many weapons you will have, what kind of shields, and so on. This is an aspect of the game that was way, way more developed than I thought it would be.


I get that strategy games are not everyone’s cup of tea, but even though as I write this Industries of Titan is only in early access, this is one of my favorite games of the year. The whole sci-fi story that we have going on is great and it made me get even more invested in making my city be the best it could be.


  • The setting of the game is great
  • I loved discovering ancient stuff!
  • The gameplay is very deep
  • There are these fun battles that really do get the blood pumping


  • As is the case with most other games like this, there is a deep learning curve
  • I wish the whole ancient artifacts thing was explained more

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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