Furry Love 2

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a game by Red Six Publishing
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 4 votes
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Furry Love 2
Furry Love 2
Furry Love 2
Furry Love 2

Furry Love 2 is a two-dimensional puzzle adventure where the player will try himself in several modes to win and enjoy hot images of naked Furry. High quality images, cute and naive atmosphere, selected erotica, achievement system, great variety - the advantages of Furry Love 2.

What is a Furry?

Furries are anthropomorphic animals. These fictional creatures are a mixture of humans and any of the animals: wolf, fox, groundhog, panda, bear. Furries can communicate in human language and show all human emotions on their faces. In addition, these miraculous creatures walk like humans - on two legs. They dress in clothes.

The most interesting thing is that Furry fans appreciate Furry not only for their appearance, Furry fans start creating sex stories, 18+ images, porno games, cartoons for adults with harmless anthropomorphic creatures. The sexualization of Furry is in full swing and forums are filled with sexual content.

Furry Love 2 belongs to this erofurry trend. The developers of Furry Love 2 are fans and admirers of Furry, who decided to share the juiciest porn content with other Furry fans.

Main Menu

The player is greeted by a pretty pink menu and pleasant, quiet music. There are silhouettes of hearts and pussies floating in the background of the main splash screen. The creators of the game gave the option to enable censorship, this feature may be useful for streamers or for those who limit themselves for watching adult content. Also in the menu you can see a number and a percent icon next to it, it indicates the amount of game progress, how many percent the gamer has passed. On the top right, the player can select the desired language. Fortunately, the game is translated into several languages, so there is a choice.


It's time to enjoy the sweetest and tastiest - press the play button and see several available modes:

  • Rock, Scissors, Paper. All the kids in all the yards of the world know how to play rock-paper-scissors. If the player wins, then he opens one element of the erotic picture. If he loses, nothing happens. Be patient.
  • Furry Tron. A confrontation between two snakes: the AI (i.e. computer) and the player. The player must live longer to see the hot pictures.
  • Furrman is an upgraded copy of the classic Pacman
  • Catch Fluffy! The player controls a snake and collects furry bears
  • Mosaic. Assemble a picture from several mixed up elements


The difficulty increases with each round and the revelation of the images also increases. As the player progresses, he will receive different achievements, which will increase his motivation to play further.


Furry Love 2 is a cool game for Furry fans with quality puzzles and sexy drawings. Furry Love 2 is good vibe, good mood and sex. Furry Love 2 is a good example of a quality adult puzzle game. Recommended for fans of Pleasure Climb, Kronos Time Titan and Hardcore Cruising: A Sci-Fi Gay Sex Cruise!.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Despite not being a furry, I actually loved Furry Love 2. I think that this may even be my favorite furry game! What we have here is a collection of mini-games that are all there for you to play so you can unlock some very high quality furry artwork. This game has a high level of polish and I am kind of surprised that they are selling this for the price they are! As I said, I may not be the target audience here, but I found myself pretty addicted to it and I want to look at what this game has to offer.

A Furry Guy In A Furry World

The whole point of Furry Love 2 is to unlock all of the furry artwork in the game. While this does not usually get my motor running if you know what I am saying, I can say that these are some of the best XXX furry images I have seen. The artwork on offer here is great and if this kind of thing does usually does it for you, you are going to be very happy here and want to unlock all of the XXX images.

The Top Three!

There are seven mini-games in Furry Love 2 and here I am talking about the three that I liked the best. The one that I found the most addictive was Furry Cutter. This is like the classic game Qix where you have to cut lines across the image to make it visible while avoiding the things floating around the image. Furry Pinball is exactly what you think it is, a basic pinball game with a furry table, it is basic, but I still had a lot of fun with this. The third spot is going to Furrman which is a Pac-Man clone, but with a furry theme. All three of these games I actually enjoyed!

The Mid Range

Here I have a few mini-games in Furry Love 2 that were good, but not great. Furry Invaders is a furry take on Space Invaders. My problem here is that it is way too easy and over way too quickly. Furry Tron is supposed to be like the light cycles from Tron and this could have been fun, but the AI is so dumb I legit think it is impossible to lose. These two games are not bad, but not great, yet, I think with just a bit more work these could have been more entertaining.

Not Sure I Would Double Did Here

There were two games that I did not enjoy much at all in Furry Love 2 and those are first of all, Furry Catcher, the idea is neat, you catch stuff that is falling from the screen, but the control here feels really off sometimes you move to slow and sometimes you move way too fast, this is more frustrating than it is fun! Rock, Paper, Scissors, this one doesn’t even have a fun furry themed name. It is exactly what it says, rock, paper, scissors, but I came across a glitch where if you quickly press paper, you never lose!


I think that for the most part, more of the games that make up Furry Love 2 are good than not. None are great, but I still had fun here and the fantastic visuals along with that rather hypnotic soundtrack made this a game that I ended up spending way more time with than I thought I would. Even though I am not what you would consider a furry, I still had a good time with this and suggest you check it out no matter if you are a furry or not.


  • There is a decent selection of mini-games here
  • Some of the mini-games are a lot of fun
  • It has some very well done furry artwork
  • The soundtrack is very fitting


  • A couple of the games are not very good at all
  • I wish the AI in the “competitive games” was a bit smarter

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