G.I. Joe

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a game by Taxan
Genre: Platformer
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 6.2/10, based on 5 reviews
User Rating: 8.5/10 - 4 votes
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G.I. Joe
G.I. Joe
G.I. Joe
G.I. Joe

The Joe team is back and this time they're backed by Capcom! Cobra Commander is at it again; trying to rule the world as usual. This time, however, he has raised the lost continent of Atlantis from the depths of the ocean, but why? You must help the Joes stop his plans and defeat the intense commanders of the Atlantis project to send the continent back into the sea. YO JOE!

People say:


Like its predecessor, GI Joe has all of the elements of a hot action title, with fairly crisp backdrops and a variety of weapons, but the game just doesn't convey the same brand of excitement that you'd expect. The enemies have little personality and the play is far from challenging.


GI Joe - is a Real American letdown in this case. Even though the game allows you to pick your favorite muscle-bound trooper, the graphics and music aren't as appealing as they could be. The gameplay, however, helps compensate for some of these shortcomings.


This sequel reminds me of the way the classic toy has changed from a foot to 3 inches tall. This cart just doesn't do justice to the GI Joe name. Sloppy controls and repetitive game play take away from any potential excitement. Typical for the NES! YO NO!


GI Joe isn't a bad cart at all with its Castlevania-type scrolling and action. Choose your favorite Joe? Cool! The graphics? Well, let's just say they're 8-bit. Ditto for the sound. Anyway, Gl Joe is an action packed cart once you get the hang of the controls. Yo!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

Strategy Guide, Part 2.

The Cobra organization is at it again - trying to take over the world has become the favorite pastime for this group of villains. Luckily, the G.I. Joe Team is on the ball and seems to stay one step ahead of Cobra and his gang of thugs.

Last month we took a look at Levels 1 through 3; this month we'll finish the game. Look in the Easter Egg Hunt section on page 32 for a complete rundown of codes for Quests 1 through 3. The only noticeable differences between the quests are that you can only choose two of the five characters in the second and third quests to enter each mission instead of the three you can choose in the first, and the checkpoints where you'll set the bombs in the second level of each mission are in a different location.


Level 4-1 End Boss

If you have made it to this point with the Cobra Pogo, you can defeat the A.G.P. fairly quickly. Your biggest obstacle will be the homing missile fired at you by the A.G.P. But battling it out on foot isn't that much more difficult - it just takes a little longer. As long as you dodge the homing missile and concentrate your fire power on the active A.G.P. (not the shadow), you'll be fine.

Road Pig

Level 4-2 End Boss

Work your way up the conveyor belts to this point, and wait to see where Road Pig is going to throw the boulders.

If he throws the rock against the wall, wait until it bounces off, and as it reaches its highest peak after the ricochet, jump to the conveyor belt above. Try to stay on the right side of the conveyor belt so that when he throws the boulder straight down at you, you can move to the left side of the conveyor belt and jump to the one above.

Once you make it to the top conveyor belt, it's time to blast him with as many shots as you can - probably two - before you have to move back down to the conveyor belt below, which is where you'll want to wait for Road Pig's next move. The easiest way out of the fight is to have three fully powered players with full health. Then you can stay on the ledge and blast him. As one character gets low on health, switch to another, but be ready to pound Road Pig with at least 25 shots.

Cobra Bugg

Level 5-1 End Boss

Cobra Bugg is split into three sections that you must defeat. The first is this gun position, which shouldn't be much of a problem.

Once the center section comes into play, you might want to switch to Rock&Roll (if you haven't already) to take out the guys on the scooters.

For the third section, the only serious problem you'll have comes from the grenade-thrower in back. Simply jump to avoid, and blast away at the gun position and the guy in back.


Level 4-3 End Boss

Voltar starts off at the bottom with you at the top. If you jump up in the air, this will cause Voltar to also jump up onto the next level.

Once Voltar is on the second level, move your character to the side that Voltar first lands on - in this case, to the right. Now jump so that Voltar will jump up to the top level and blast him. Once he reaches the end, Voltar will fall back down to the second level.

Move your character to the opposite side, and jump to bring Voltar back up. If the laser on the top lights up, quickly get down to the second level, you're about to get zapped.


Level 5-2 End Boss

It really doesn't matter which side you start working your way up on, but for the most part it will need to be in an "S" motion for you to make it to the top. Once there you can set your character on a perch, like the one shown in the picture. It's just a matter of repeated jumping and firing when you're on the perch. Another option is to leave a block in the same position that the white one in the bottom left-hand corner is in. Then you can stand and fire without fear of being hit by Golubulus' shots.

General Hints

There are only three helpful tips that will be of any real use:

When one of your team members is about to die, switch to another team member. Don't let a team member die if you can help it. If you do, his weapon-power level will go down.

Try to get all your characters' weapon-power level to the maximum. When the character you're using is at the maximum and you come to another power-up, switch to a lower-level character to build his power up. Running around with all five characters at their peak will obviously make the game a little easier.

Check every inch of each section. There's no telling when you'll find a secret passage that will lead to a Cobra Pogo, Cobra Interrogator or a Cobra Buzz Boar.

Cobra Commander

If you have General Hawk, you can hover at about the same position in the photo and blast Cobra Commander. The only thing you have to worry about is the ray that the eye behind you shoots.

However, if you don't have the services of General Hawk for the last battle, you'll have to have someone that can jump and has some decent fire power - Duke and Rock&Roll are good back-ups. Then it's just a matter of staying in the left-center of the screen while you jump from platform to platform. Your best chance for a shot at Cobra Commander will come when you're on a large platform. Once you defeat him, you'll get a special message and a password for the next quest.


Level 5-3 End Boss

Destro will get into his vehicle and fly back and forth at the top of the screen. Note which direction he's facing, and when he comes down to shoot at you, move behind him and let him have it.

Once you've destroyed the vehicle, you'll have to face Destro one on one. You've got three things working against you here. Destro is firing laser waves at you, and you have to stay on the pillars and keep from falling. To make matters worse, the screen is scrolling to the right, forcing you to jump, avoid and move all at the same time. Obviously, timing is critical.

Even when Destro isn't on the screen, you still have to be ready to jump as he fires at you from off the screen.

Jeepers -- it's G.I. Joe! And he's parachuting into your T.V. screen via the NES. It seems the Cobra Organization has terrorized the world for decades. Now the G.I. Joe Team is mad, and they're not going to take it anymore!

Ahead of the team lie six levels of vertically and horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up combat action for one player. Each level has three different areas. In the first, the crew has to fight across hazardous terrain ranging from the Amazon jungle to the Antarctic snows. The second area of each level, the Mission Zone, is a maze where the team must find and set a certain number of bombs before they can clear out. In the final area the Team battles a big, bad boss.

Joe Knows G.I.'s

The G.I. Joe Team consists of five crack agents, each with different strengths and specialties. During each mission you get to control three members of the Team -- the computer selects the team leader and then you pick two other G.I. Joes. For example, Capt. Grid- Iron, a former West Point quarterback, packs a mean punch and specializes in hand-to-hand combat -- great for close quarters fightings. Blizzard led an experimental security team in Greenland and specializes in arctic attack techniques -- he'll captain your Antarctica squad. Each team member can jump, climb, and fight hand-to-hand as well as fire a weapon.


  • Get to know your team. Each G.I. has different skills and is best-suited to different combat situations.
  • Don't forget that each G.I. can toss grenades. These are great when you have to get at an enemy who's above you.
  • Remember that you can use your fists on use your weapon, but not both at the same time. Check out each G.I.'s strengths and use what works best, but remember: your ammo's limited. For example, when you're lighting the boss at end the end of level 2-3 and you've got Capt. Grid-Iron on board, his punch may do more damage than your other Joes' weapons -- and he won't run out of ammo.

During a mission you can swap G.I.'s as needed. If you reach a tricky jump, switch to the best jumper. Facing a nasty boss? Find the team member who can do the most attack damage and put him in the middle of the action.

Anyone for Spam?

Along the way your Joes can snag all kinds of helpful power-up items including Ammo, K Rations, and even a Bullet Proof Vest.

  • Grab weapon symbols to power-up your characters' weapon power, up to four levels. Also try to keep your characters powered-up themselves (if you lose them during a mission they lose one power-up). They must be strong during the later levels.

  • If the G.I. you're using loses all his energy, you lose him. Try to switch. If he's even got one energy bar left, you can power Mm up later on when you reach a flashing K Ration.

You'll also find vehicles such as the Cobra Pogo and a copter called the Cobra Interrogator hidden in different levels. Climb aboard and enjoy the ride because you're invincible when you're on board, and each vehicle is equipped with special weapons.

  • Use the Cobra Interrogator on Level 2-2 to reach the bomb in the deep pit.

  • Use the Cobra Buzz Boar to easily make it through Level 2-3 by zooming across the top of the screen - but remember, you won't grab many power-ups this way!

Missing in Action

Combat-wise this game is inconsistent, with very difficult areas and very easy areas -- it's not up to par with some of the challenging combat games currently on the market. However, figuring out which members of the Team to use in which situations is fun, and the maze-like Mission Zones combined with the standard run and gun scenes make for an entertaining mix. Come on, you knew G.I. Joe, an American original, was bound to hit a video screen near you sooner or later. Just an average video challenge for an average Joe!

One of America's best known heroes is taking on a new adventure in Taxan's newest Nintendo cart. G.l. Joe, is off on a perilous mission which takes you all over the world including deep into the hot, steamy jungles of the tropics. In this adventure you are Duke the leader and your patrol includes a varietry of soldiers, each with special traits and abilities. Depending on the nature of each mission you must select the best cantidates to assist you. Each person is rated in four categories - stamina, jumping ability, punching force and weapon strength. The game is long and difficult but with the password feature you can begin at any time where you left off. G.l. Joe is not just another side scrolling action game. The designers at Taxan have gone all out by incorporating the newest MMC 3 technology and supplementing it with additional memory chips.

The "Real American Hero" strikes out to defeat the fiendish plans of the ruthless Cobra alliance in his first video game adventure from Taxan! In Gl Joe you command a five-member assault force of five of Joe's most powerful members, including Duke, Rock & Roll, Grid Iron, Blizzard and Snake Eyes. Using each of these commandos special abilities, you must fight your way into the mission zones, locate and place your explosives, find the exit and escape the mission zone before it's too late. Each level begins with General Hawk selecting a mission specialist and you choosing a support staff of two Joe members.

Once the Joe group enters the mission zone, the game introduces a new goal to the side-scrolling action theme. Maneuvering within environments that measure up to 56 screens horizontally and vertically, you must locate specific areas and place bombs to destroy the Cobra enemy.

During the action you can switch to your other Joe fighters at any time. Along with the exceptional round definition and the usual assortment of power-ups, vehicles and Boss attackers, Gl Joe delivers all of the explosive combat action you'd expect in a package that takes a conventional approach to the action theme.

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