Low G Man

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a game by Taxan
Genres: Action, Platformer
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review, 5 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.7/10 - 3 votes
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Low G Man
Low G Man
Low G Man
Low G Man

The year is 2284 and humans have perfected the use of anti-gravity and hyper-space travel. Now by using robots and robot-generating colonies people could soon populate the entire galaxy. But not if a group of hostile aliens has their way. After discovering a robot-manufacturing plant in the Orion sector they infiltrate the robot-computer databanks and repro-gram the robots for war against humankind. CUE (Countries for United Earth) must somehow stop these human hunting death machines. Enter you as Low G Man. The Low G Men are a highly trained group of warriors, experts in the use of low gravity backpacks. Your assignment: Infiltrate the manufacturing plant and destroy the warmongering robots.

The Mechanical Menace

To stash the robot population in the junk yard you'll have to battle your way through five levels with a total of 15 sectors of fast-paced multi-directional scrolling adventure action. Each sector is patrolled by a crew of metalloid monsters both big and small. If you succeed in short-circuiting them, you face a boss at the end of each sector. These bosses range from the Supertank, a huge enemy robot, to Fourarm, a creature with six limbs who uses them to toss poisonous potions at you.


  • In Sector 2-2 kill Spiron by stunning him, jumping on his head, and then stabbing down on it. When he blinks you'll fall through. Stun him again and repeat until he's dead.
  • In Sector 2-3 kill the alien in the Supersub by standing below it (if you jump up it fires at you) and waiting until it sweeps down at you. Now, stun it and hit it with your spear. Repeat this move until it's defeated.

Low G Weapons

As a highly trained Low G Man you're proficient in the use of an armor-piercing spear and an electro-magnetic disrupter pistol (EMDP). This makes you the perfect human can-opener. The EMDP stuns marauding robots in their tracks, and the spear pierces their metallic shells. Using your low gravity pack you can jump fantastically high. Grab AGM (anti-gravity matter) capsules to power-up your pack and jump even higher (almost two screens).

Your rampaging robot enemies have weapons of their own such as Bombs, Waves, Fireballs, and Boomerangs. But when you blast the robots you can grab their weapons and use them yourself.

  • When you first attack a boss monster, stun him with the EMDP and then hit him with every special weapon you've got until you find the right combination to do him in.
  • If you stab the robots with your spear without stunning them, you'll always get a special weapon. If you stun them and then stab them, you'll have less chance of getting a special weapon.

Some robots are vehicles. If you can manage to destroy the drivers, you can hijack the vehicles and drive them yourself. Different vehicles have different abilities. Climb into the Spider and you can creep up the sides of buildings. Fly above renegade robots and drop bombs on them from the Hover Vehicle.

Other special items to grab include 1-Ups, special life medicines, shields, and power-ups for your weapons.

Mind Over Monsters

Low G Man is one shoot-em-up adventure that exercises your brain cells as well as your reflexes. You'll have to team where to best use the different kinds of weapons and how to most effectively attack the different kinds of robots. Designed by Ken Lobb at Taxan USA, this title features tough action as well as exerting graphics and some of the biggest boss monsters you've ever seen. Yes, Mother Earth is once again in danger of being wiped out by evil aliens. But with a little help from a friend (namely you), and a heavy dose of low gravity, Mother Earth will be flying high in no time at all.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

  • Manufacturer: Taxan
  • Machine: NES

Phil Gartman of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, was the first person to send in the location of a special warp that can be found in Chapter 1, Scene 2. To find the warp, you must first get to the Walker, freeze it and kill the driver to get in. Then move a few steps to the left and use the Walker's special jump. You'll reach the top of the screen, at which time you should see a ledge. You'll find the door to the warp on this ledge.

Phil also included the password for Chapter 5, Scene 1. Type in BILL to reach the next-to-last scene in the last chapter. Thanks to Phil for these eggs.

4 Joystick Jason Hilton of Eagan, Minnesota, also sent in codes for Low G Man, for Chapters 2, 3 and 4.

For Chapter 2, type I MICH; for Chapter 3, type in ELLE; and for Chapter 4, type in ISAC. Thanks for the passwords, Jason.

  • Number of Levels: 7
  • Theme: Action
  • Difficulty: Average/Hard
  • Number of Players: 1
  • Available: August '90

In Low G Man you are a mercenary star soldier who was called in to restore peace to a once peaceful robot producing exploration planet. At one time it was like many others with large cities, calm oceans and beautiful sunsets. But then, without warning, THEY came. Swiftly and unmercifully they took over the planet. That's where you come in. It's your job to defeat the aliens and restore peace.

It's no easy task as the aliens are everywhere but as you progress through each vertical and horizontal landscape you can use the aliens own power-ups against them. You'll need them all too as the alien bosses are nearly indestructible!

The World Bosses are the Most Powerful!!

The third portion of each level in Low 'G' Man provides the battleground for some of the most ultimate super-Bosses ever to appear in a video game! These mechanized monsters tower the Taxan super-hero, rising sometimes as high as four screens tall! Different target areas must be eliminated in each of the Bosses, making Low 'G' Man's mega-enemy encounters play much more like a search-and-destroy mission as opposed to a standard one-on-one.


The first Boss is two screens high and is protected by roaming electrodes. Shoot them to freeze and then go up and fire at his head!


Blast your way through the enemy submarine below the ocean! You must find the goal before you can attack!

Low G Man: The Low Gravity Man is a futuristic action video game developed by KID for the NES. The year is 2284. The human race has chosen space travel and now is colonizing the galaxy. And robots of all types are used in exploring new planets. There are another planets that are dedicated to producing new robots. But in a while some alien race has captured one of these planets and has reprogrammed the robots to destroy all the human beings. Now it's your main mission to go in and take back the planet. Using a low gravity backpack, you can jump higher than it is normally possible. You have a wide range of weapons to battle the robots guarding the planet. Destroying certain robots, you can find additional weapons. Some of them will be riding in vehicles, so if you manage to destroy the driver, you can get that vehicle.

Taxan's challenging Low-G-Man puts you as a soldier of fortune willing to take a chance to save the countries of United Earth from hundreds of war-crazed reprogrammed robots. Use your special ability of defying gravity, able to jump almost 2 screens up, along with your awesome firepower to rid the planet of some of the most ultimate super-Bosses ever to appear in a video game.

People say:


Low G Man is a game that has all the ingredients of a great Mega Man style fighting game. The graphics are good, the round definition well done and the play mechanic original. Animation, however, is choppy and detracts greatly from overall enjoyment. Not bad, but not outstanding.


A very unusual yet challenging game. The 'super jumps' are wild but nothing when compared to the end of round bosses which are so huge they extend up to 4 screens high. Very good graphics, multidirectional scrolling, and a wide assortment of different scenarios to add variety.


Slightly above-average action game that could have been a rippin' cart if it wasn't plagued by choppy animation and tiny characters. The main Bosses are big, but seem like nothing more than backgrounds with weapons and weakpoints.


This "LOW" gravity man fails to keep his legs on the ground! Smaller than normal while facing GIANT end enemies, this hero also steals their vehicles. Strange color choices and less than smooth animation are distracting, but Low-G-Man's soul was left back in the can, man!

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