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Gore is your typical first person shooter in an atypical retro setting. Upon loading up and playing Gore, I was instantly reminded of an old Quake 2 look and feel. Although this type of old-school look may appeal to some gamers, most of us have been spoiled by the likes of Medal of Honor, Castle Wolfenstein, and Soldier of Fortune II. As the AI and realism bars are raised, my expectation is that the developers will continue to improve new and existing methodologies and in the case of Gore, this was conspicuously absent.

I have to give the developers kudos for putting out a solid game, albeit one that's not much to my liking. Multiplayer over Gamespy played well and lag was minimal' nice job on solid net code. Also, the graphics are decent and the weapon selection is perfectly acceptable. If I wasn't so nitpicky this would probably be a decent game, rating somewhere around a C+ to B-.

Unfortunately, I get easily disgusted the little things, such as the fact that the game touts a 'stamina? feature whereby your character can run out of juice and become dangerously sluggish. Great idea but poorly executed'it was never a factor during gameplay. There were only 5 or so different enemies to fight and the voices and music were abysmal. Enemy AI was just non-existent. Gore/gib effects were cartoonish to the point of laughable. Storyline? What storyline?

I shouldn't knock these guys because I'm sure they work their ass off to develop these games, but unfortunately, many of us are not satisfied with paying $30.00 in 2002 for a game that looks like it was made two to three years ago.

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