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Survival Horror games are becoming something of an odd collective. Relying often on the same themes and premises, the games are almost reaching the breaking point of boredom.


Ehrgeiz attempts to enrich the concept by adding multitiered backgrounds, destructible objects and individualized projectile attacks.


I have to give the developers kudos for putting out a solid game, albeit one that's not much to my liking.

Curse: The eye of Isis

Horror video games - either you love them or you hate them.

Emergency Fire Response

As kids, I think we all dreamed of being a firefighter at one time or another.

Rock Manager

There are several missions that you have to complete and specific goals within each mission.

Enigma: Rising Tide

May 9, 1937. Though the world is a much different place than the one we recognize today, many things are still the same.

Jewels of the Oracle II: Gems of Darkness

It's hard to believe it has been almost three years since this archeological site was first discovered.


The Harbinger: Destroyer of worlds. This monstrous spaceship has destroyed countless planets, and any survivors are used as experiments and slaves of the Overlords.

Iron Storm

No, I didn't write that wrong, you actually have the ability to switch between first person and third person views.

Post Mortem

1930's Paris. Two wealthy American tourists are grisly murder victims and you have been hired by a mysterious, beautiful stranger to investigate the crime.