Enigma: Rising Tide

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a game by DreamCatcher Interactive
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.9/10 - 7 votes
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Ooh, Cold Edition. This must be something special. Actually this gold edition of Enigma: Rising Tide is just a reheat of a sub-standard (ho ho) 2003 naval sim with some upgraded texturing and I environmental effects, a selection of new missions and, for some unfathomable (ho ho) reason, new tunes.

Trouble is the game's remained the same. Command a selection of watery vessels - frigates, torpedo boats, submarines, giant inflatable hotdog sausages - as you fight just prior to the second of our most recent world wars for either the Americanos, das Miitiland or us beautiful British types.

Which sounds quite good, eh? It would be if there was any sense of depth (ho ho) to it. Instead, everything is on a surface (ho ho) level of complexity. I expect the idea was to make it accessible to everyone. Instead, it just sinks any interest (ho ho) quicker than a torpedo up a porthole.

Worse, though the graphics have been made shipshape (ho ho), the interface is more cumbersome than ever and you spend more time fighting against the controls than the enemy. On the plus side, there's a voice command system that lets you shout "Dive! Dive! Dive! at your screen, there are a lot of ships to choose from and you can-play online against thousands of others. At least you could, except that feature hasn't been implemented due to some legal action in the US. Not that it would have helped much anyway. Enigma is a leaky vessel at best (ho ho). I'll stop now.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

May 9, 1937. Though the world is a much different place than the one we recognize today, many things are still the same. Germany, the victor of the Great European War, seeks to consolidate and expand, while England's Government in Exile resides in Japan, looking for a time when they can return to their homeland. America, untouched and undamaged by war, looks to carve a piece of the world out for themselves. So choose your side, and get ready to experience alternate reality with a twist!

Enigma: Rising Tide bills itself as 'the most realistic naval combat simulator ever created,' and in many ways it can back up its claim. As a captain in the army of your choice, you will have access to a large variety of naval vessels, both above and below surface. Gameplay is rather straightforward, as you will receive a briefing and instructions during campaign missions, or just learn how to control your ship during patrols. Graphics for the most part are up to standards, while lagging a bit behind the FPS genre. Audio is also well done, though not exceptional.

Where this game really stands out is its controls. Most strategy fiends and armchair captains will pick up keyboard and mouse commands right away, but the real treat in this title is the ability to use voice commands via microphone. The microphone commands were actually quite responsive, if spoken clearly, and all commands for every ship can be spoken rather than typed if one wished. I thought it an excellent touch.

Enigma: Rising Tide will also soon be offering players the ability to test their captaining skills in an MMORPG format online. This service is not yet available, and unfortunately no other multiplay options are bundled with the software. An added multiplay option is sorely missed here, and is the only real glaring flaw in this title.

However, multiplayer aside, Enigma is an excellent game in itself. All strategists and alternate history buffs will want to add this one to their collection. I haven't enjoyed a naval simulator this much since Silent Hunter II. A great title!

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