Submarine Sea Battles

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Silent Hunter II

During WWII, Germany asserted its power by nearly closing the supply line to Europe, almost strangling U.S. forces of their supplies and resources.

Sub Culture

Lovers of action/adventure games set entirely in an undersea environment have been quite lucky in the past year.

Blood Wake

Betrayed. One minute you're calmly patrolling the Gulf of the Moon, thinking pleasant thoughts.

688(I) Hunter/Killer

Submarines have always fascinated me, especially nuclear submarines.

Harpoon Classic '97

The arctic wind whistles across the deck of your ship, sitting in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic strategically guarding the coast.

Archimedean Dynasty

Until recent video and audio advances in personal computers, it was nearly impossible to depict realistically and convincingly the underwater environment in computer games

Fatal Abyss

It’s April 18, 2067, and there is a war being fought in the ocean over Bacteria 241 (also known as B241), a strange new energy source.

Enigma: Rising Tide

May 9, 1937. Though the world is a much different place than the one we recognize today, many things are still the same.

Deep Fighter

We couldn't help but think of Wing Commander as we viewed Deep Fighter's stiff FMV mission briefings and goofy ingame character interaction.

Critical Depth

Gamers were wowed with the first generation title Warhawk for the PlayStation.

Deep Fighter: The Tsunami Offense

Despite having something of a crapola name, this 3D underwater shooter from Criterion Studios and published by Ubi Soft is actually a real looker.

The Hunt for Red October

The game is based on the same-name movie. The Soviet Union have been secretly building a Typhoon-class submarine with nuclear strike capabilities. The Red October is the name given to this war machine.