Jumping Flash 2

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a game by Sony Imagesoft
Genre: Action
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Jumping Flash 2
Jumping Flash 2
Jumping Flash 2
Jumping Flash 2

People say:


The first play-through is a lot of fun. In fact, the second and third time aren't so bad either. After a while though, the game gets to be too easy. Don't get me wrong, it's so fun to play and explore that it's worth the price. Be aware that it can be easy. The graphics look to be a step up from the first, but the play and control are along the same lines. There are a lot more neat background elements to interact with and the levels are huge--in the X, Y and Z-axis. The cinema and voice-overs are hilarious, though sometimes confusing because of the weird Captain Kabuki. What is that guy supposed to be anyway? This one is super fun.


When I first popped this disc in, I thought I was playing the original Jumping Flash! Disappointed, I pressed on. It wasn't until some of the later levels that I got to experience something different and new. These levels are a lot of fun to explore, but in general, I felt I was playing extra bonus stages off the old Jumping Flash!. Nothing really new was offered to poor me. I wished the enemies were a bit more challenging, though the Bosses were impressive--especially the final Robotech wanna-be. So what's my review? Pretty obvious: only buy this if you couldn't play enough of the original.


Jumping Flash! was one of the PlayStation's best first-generation titles, and JFI2 is even better. While its graphics (and cinemas) are a step ahead of the original's visuals, the game's huge levels are what really make it shine. Each level has more animated terrain features and is larger than any of the first game's stages. JF!2's only flaw is that, like the prequel, it's over too early The game's enemies are a bit easy, and it doesn't take too long to zip through JF!2's 12 levels and six Boss stages Still, the levels do repeat--with a new story line and at a higher difficulty--once players beat the game, so JFI2 should keep players busy.


Great graphics and control worthy of legend, Jumping Flash! 2 brings players a perfect continuation of the original. Gamers who have fallen in love with the mechanical rodent with aerial rocketry capabilities will be quick to identify with the original controls and play style. Little has changed in any aspect of the game except for the new Bosses and levels for the player hungry for more to feast his teeth on. Most players will find JFI2 nothing more than a continuation disk with the same difficulty and taking the same amount of time to complete as the first one. Good fun for players of many ages in true Japanese gaming style.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

One of the early sleeper PlayStation titles, Jumping Flash was more than another corridor shooter--it also challenged you to strategically jump and find items. JF2 adds some awesome new elements like underwater travel and the ability to ride different objects, including a flatbed train car, conveyor belts', and an awesome roller coaster that speeds you around the screen. The interface is still the same, but a few new weapons have been added to your arsenal.

This time, you're pitted against Captain Kabuki, a big phallic destroyer of planets who--oh, who cares about the story. The objective is to hop from world to world and save the Muu Muus before time runs out.

The only real quibble with JF2 is that it's too short: Six worlds simply aren't enough. However, upon finishing the game the first time, another version opens up--Two Faces of Baron Aloha. The worlds this time are a little different, and some of the Muu Muus have been moved.

JF2 is a sequel worthy of its predecessor. It's not just a jumping flash in the pan.


  • Save your special weapons for bosses such as the giant spider. You can easily defeat most of these end-of-worid menaces by jumping on their heads while you're firing.
  • Throughout the game, one-ups and other icons can frequently be found underwater.
  • You can defeat enemies by jumping on them. The higher the Jump, however, the more damage you inflict.
  • If you finish the game, you can continue playing. The levels are almost the same, but the Muu Muus are in different locations.
  • Having trouble locating the Muu Muus? Jump to the highest area in a level and look around to find their location.
  • Whenever you see the Baron's face on any of the structures, shoot it There is usually a plethora of goodies behind it.


From smog-filled skies to dark underwater depths, the landscapes are very atmospheric. There's also no pixelization when you get close to objects, and the fully rendered cinematics are awesome.


The deadpan voice has to go, but most of the music selections are excellent and well chosen (especially in the early tropics). Some of the explosions could be punched up a bit, though.


The jumps are executed perfectly, but things get a little awkward when you look up and down in the stages.

Fun Factor

The only unfavorable aspect about the game is that it's too easy. If you played the first game, chances are you'll finish this in one sitting. It's a blast while it lasts, though.

Improved graphics, smoother backgrounds--yeeha!

It's no secret that Jumping Flash was one of our favorite games of last year. Actually, one of our favorite games of all time. Imagine our delight when our pals at Sony called up and said they were considering releasing the sequel over here. We were stoked! The sequel is somewhat mysteriously entitled Jumping Flash 2: Save Baron Aloha. Presumably, Baron Aloha, the twisted fiend from the first game, is in some kind of trouble.

Now this is where we get confused.The Baron is supposed to be a bad guy. so why are you, a notoriously kind and sensitive robo-rabbit, out to save him? OK, so some of the plot details are sketchy at the moment, but the classic gameplay is intact. Jumping Flash 2 looks like being just as enjoyable, and a whole lot bigger than its predecessor.

If you have played the first game, then you'll know what to expect, but for Jumping Flash virgins, here's a little run-down of the physics.Your robot-rabbit can perform a three-stage jump. The higher he goes, the further he can "drift." This allows you to reach those seemingly inaccessible platforms and goodies that the game revolves around. Although the new game is a little way from completion, there are a lot of new treats to spark your interest.

The graphics have been cleaned up and generally improved. The always smooth scrolling is now even smoother and the impossibly colorful graphics are (impossibly) more colorful.The music is even wackier than before and the gameplay (thankfully) remains intact.

A two-player mode is included and a link facility has been suggested, allowing to players to compete in an arena, sort of like Joust. As with the first game, the graphical appearance of the game varies, depending on which location you're in. New locales include ancient Japan, a soaring city and lots of water!

New weapons and power-ups have been added to the fray. These allow our hero to perform even more dangerous stunts. So, all we need is a release date, which Sony won't commit to yet. Which sucks, because this is one of the more exciting releases of the year. Write to 'em, and demand they release it.

Baron Aloha. Perhaps the most twisted criminal mastermind the Universe has ever seen. His planet-stealing antics were stopped once before by Galactic City Hall and by the talents of Robbit--a robotic rabbit. But now it's Baron Aloha who is the victim, and Robitt must save him.

The even more evil Captain Kabuki (a giant fruit-creature in a tu-tu) has stolen planet parts for his "Planet in a Bottle" collection. (Look, I'm telling you this the way it is; it's not my fault if it doesn't make sense--Ed.)

Robbit must reassemble the planets as well as rescue their inhabitants, the Muus. Muus are called "Muus" because they go, "Muu" a lot. Seriously. Stand next to one and listen. I bet you 50 bucks it says, Muu." Yes this is creepy and stupid. The game, however, is a masterpiece, but perhaps a little too similar to the first outing. Jumping Flash was brilliant and original. This is just brilliant.The graphics have been improved slightly, but not as much as they could have been.There are new effects, such as underwater levels and cooler explosions. This is a tougher game too.

Many readers complained that the first Jumping Flash game was too easy and too short. Jumping Flash 2 players will be pleased to note that this is bigger and harder. The sound effects and music, as with the first game, are top notch. A ton of wacky sound effects accompany the equally wacky music and drive the game on at a stupendously frenetic pace.

The rendered intros are amusing and good-looking, and the cheesy commentary never grates.The inclusion of "Time Attack" mode gives players a little something extra for their investment and, ail in all, this game represents good value for money.

If you don't already have a copy of the original, I'd suggest buying this instead. If you do have the original, get this too. It's better and it's bigger.


Mastering the difficult three-stage jump is all-important. Without it, you're destined to fail.Timing is everything, and once you've developed the correct rhythm, you'll be unstoppable.You should also note that killing the bad guys is a complete waste of time. You'll get more bonus points from completing the levels in a fast time than you will for destroying critters. Also, don't spend time exploring: Use the radar!

Graphics - 8

Sound/FX - 9

Gameplay - 9

Rating - 9

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