Jumping Flash

a game by Sony Imagesoft
Platform: Playstation
Genre: Action
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 1 review
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Jumping Flash
Jumping Flash
Jumping Flash
Jumping Flash

lf you are just expecting another variation of full-polygon Doom, get ready for a surprise! Jumping Flash! combines typical 3-D polygons with a first-person, platform-leaping game! You are the pilot of a goofy rabbit and are armed with different lasers that will help you reach the goal of each level--collecting the four big carrots that open up the exit. The fun part is that you m can learn (visual approximation) 20 feet into the air to get to items!


... very silly looking. As you start to wander around, you feel like you are in a polygon Doom-style game. That is, until you jump! Once you start up with that ability, the game then becomes an original and a cool visual blast!


Well, I'm sure that's a tough one! Definitely the Super Jumping! Just seeing yourself go 20 feet into the air, then landing on high objects or hapless enemies is extremely fun indeed!


Larger levels would have been a definite plus. But don't take it the wrong way, they are still adequate enough to provide a challenge (and some quirky fun, too!)


Hard to say, really. Some (like me) will love the silly atmosphere and the spectacular super jump ability. However, that gimmick may get old quickly. Some may just get motion sickness!

  • MANUFACTURER - Sony Computer Entertainment of japan
  • DIFFICULTY - Moderate
  • THEME - Action

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