Juno's Task

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a game by JoJozz
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Juno's Task
Juno's Task
Juno's Task
Juno's Task

Juno's Task is a naughty visual interactive story where the player will become an eighteen-year-old raider of women's hearts who has just graduated from high school and wants to spend the vacations having fun. The player will look at quality renders and pick out answer choices for the dialogues - that's what the visual novel's gameplay looks like.

The Right Life

School time is a complete bore, because you constantly have to go to lessons, to a tutor, to different sections, electives. At home you have to do homework, and when there is time, parents immediately fill it with household chores. This is how the school years pass. Young people want to walk a lot, meet with the opposite sex, violate the daily routine, not prepared for classes. Many climb on roofs, meet sunsets, spend time at alcoholic parties, but the main character of Juno's Task was not of this kind. He was dedicated to doing serious things, but inside all the time there was a mature desire to break the rules and have all the fun. The main character is an eighteen year old enviable young man who has just graduated from high school and is now entering adulthood. The vacations are upon us, the guy plans to spend them beautifully, but unfortunately a strange incident happens.

Lack of money and a new phase

Despite the fact that the main character's family was living quite well lately, the main character's father was having financial difficulties, debts were piling up. While the son went to college and had fun, the father mortgaged the house. To take care of his kin, the head of the family decided to settle everyone in different places with acquaintances. The son (let's call him Jack, but the player can call him by his favorite name that he likes. Even his own) was sent to Veronica, a close friend of his father's. Veronica is a middle-aged woman who looks very sexy:

  • A huge bust that looks fresh
  • A trim body that smells good
  • Wide hips

Other than that, Veronica dresses great. At home, she can be seen wearing a strappy silk nightie or a lacy white robe. When Veronica dresses up for a party, everyone around her drools. The short and tight dress accentuates the good figure, the makeup with red lipstick draws attention. In Veronica's apartment, a young girl Valerie rents a room. She, too, is notable for her beauty:

  • White hair that makes you want to grab it
  • Pretty face, begging to be kissed
  • Big, juicy breasts with coffee-colored nipples
  • Clear blue eyes

The character will live with two women and carry out the most depraved sexual fantasies. Most importantly, the naughty bed scenes are animated, so the player will be able to have real fun. How everything will go - only the user decides, so be patient and choose the right line of behavior to get a beautiful cohabitant young and adult bodies.


Juno's Task is a game that shows what adult visual novels should be. The recipe for a good result: extremely realistic renders, professionally written plot, and girls with good breasts. In addition to Juno's Task, we recommend Treacherous Desires and Daddy Daughter Love.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

The main character of the erotic three-dimensional visual novel Juno's Task is the one who can bring back to the sinful love-hungry city all those things that are not supposed to be told in front of the children. Try on the role of an eighteen-year-old teenager who turns out to be the very hero from the ancient and very strange myths.

Wise decision

It's like your childhood is over with the last school bell. The main character has already turned 18, school is over and the last summer vacation is left before leaving for college. His father seems to be having financial difficulties, and the old house is going to be demolished. Therefore, the hero goes to spend his summer vacation at his father's colleague and friend, Veronica, along with her daughter, Valerie.

Legends come alive

However, the town in which Valerie and Veronica live is steeped in myths and legends. According to one famous legend, only a chosen lustful hero can bring fertility, love, and sexual desire back to the town. The protagonist thought the legend was nonsense, until the goddess of marriage and birth, Juno, appeared right in front of him. Juno gave the protagonist the task of bringing back the city's former desire and impregnating as many women as possible. Only the protagonist, who has emerged from adolescence, does not have to ask twice. He throws himself headlong into fulfilling the goddess's task.

Duty is good, but relationships are better

In the process of performing the task you can find a lot of entertaining and beautiful personalities, but you can't create a relationship with all of them. The main contenders for the heart of the protagonist will be the first girls who met him:

  • Valerie - young, beautiful and, importantly, free in every way. Not constrained by monogamous relations and the rules of morality, the girl is always ready to experiment
  • Veronica is Valerie's mother and very conservative in terms of relationships. A supermodel whose heart and soul can only belong to the main character, well, isn't that a dream

The erotic three-dimensional visual novel boasts elaborate bed scenes and a fascinating plot, which in any case thrills encounters with the most irresistible women of a small town run by the goddess Juno.

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