Kabuki Klash

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a game by Red Company Corporation
Platform: NeoGeo
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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Kabuki Klash
Kabuki Klash
Kabuki Klash
Kabuki Klash

Developed by Hudson Soft, Kabuki Klash has a very interesting background. Sure, it's a Street Fighter clone like 99% of the Neo-Geo library, but the characters who appear in the game are actually very popular in Japan. They're the stars of Tengai Makyo (a/k/a Far East of Eden,) a multi-million-dollar series of popular RPGs for the PC Engine. In the U.S., however, most arcadegoers are just looking at the game as another bizarre Anime fighting game.

Throw out the seriousness you've become accustomed to with most fighting games. Kabuki adds a little spice from the twisted world of anime. Thrashing your opponent senseless will--instead of dizzying him or her--sometimes yield a poison (which dizzies whoever steps on the vial) or a banana peel (which causes one to slip when stepped on.) Periodically during combat, flying fowl will drop power-ups of varying effects.

Special attacks and new "magic" moves are way over the top. The button configuration is identical to that of Samurai Shodown. Of course, the expected options of losing your weapons, desperation attacks, and so on, are in the mix. Hudson even went as far as to include special effects rarely seen on the Neo-Geo. Some levels have reflection effects and underwater arenas. The color palette screams originality; the colors are very bright, like the pastel chalk you used to eat in kindergarten. The famous Neo-Geo color-mixing effect is nowhere to be found. Each color, be it background or character, is unique to its own territory.

Kabuki Klash does lack in the combo department, but most Neo-Geo titles do, anyway. The music is kooky and the and character design is solid. Dare I say that the cast of this game is far more interesting than that of Samurai Shodown 117 It can be argued that the Kabuki Klash squad is likely to be the most motley crew that a Neo-Geo fighter has ever seen. It provides more than enough gags and originality to stand among the elite fighters for this system. With its gimmicks and blinding visual style, Kabuki Klash is tremendously fun.

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