Mr. Domino

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a game by Artdink
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Mr. Domino
Mr. Domino
Mr. Domino
Mr. Domino

People say:


Mr. Domino brings something new and refreshing to the puzzle game genre. Despite its unique gameplay, however, this game never seriously hooked me as some other, more traditional puzzle games have. Mr. Domino plays a bit like a racing game, only you have to lay down domino pieces behind you. If you can place them efficiently, they'll knock each other down and activate certain switches, which can cause another row of dominos to fall. The goal is to hit all the switches in a level, but it's really no fun unless you hit them in one massive chain reaction (where falling dominos hit switches that will cause more dominos to fall which hit more switches...). With that in mind, I found the game to be overly strict. You can tell the programmers had very specific paths in mind for you to perform these chain reactions. Mr. Domino really gives no room for freedom or choices: either run this "racing line" or score poorly. This isn't, however, as bad as it sounds. Since you'll need perfect reflexes to hit all the switches properly, you'll be dying a lot...but you'll always feel victory close within your grasp, so you may find yourself trying again and again and again. In other words, the high challenge level keeps bringing you back for more. Good thing too, since the game only has six stages.


More addictive than smack and about as weird as you've probably come to expect from lapanese games. Mr Domino is a surprisingly excellent puzzle game. Don't be fooled by the fact that it's only got six levels--it's a tough game that gets really tough pretty early on. It's a genuinely unique experience that is superbly designed. It's easy to control, easy to grasp the concept of...but difficult to beat. Superb.


If you're a fan of simple, yet addictive games that can keep you mindlessly glued to your TV for hours, you've gotta check out Mr. Domino. Its feverishly addictive play and wacky Japanese humor combine to make for a truly entertaining game, especially considering the low price point. The only downside? With only six stages, you'll likely be able to get through it in under a day or two. Still, it's so unique you just have to try it.


What planet is this game from, and why can't I stop playing it? From Artdink, the undisputed masters of oddball titles, Mr. Domino is an insanely addicting and--at times--insanely frustrating puzzle game that's as fun as it is different. Although I wish it had more stages, the later levels are so convoluted it'll take lots of time and patience to perfect them. But you'll be rewarded with some of the weirdest stuff you've ever seen in a game.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Japanese game developers come up with some of the coolest (and weirdest) ideas on the planet. Mr. Domino is one such example--it's a clever, if linear, puzzler unlike any other. As the titular piece of gaming equipment, you run around 3D obstacle courses made up of food packages and other strange stuff, activating traps and puzzles by laying and toppling dominoes into triggers placed on the floor. All is well animated, and the upbeat tunes are as quirky as the game. The 3/4-overhead perspective makes controlling Mr. Domino challenging but surmountable.

Though the one-false-move gameplay may turn off some puzzle fans, and the linear problem-solving makes it merely a solid renter, Mr. Dominos unique charms make it worth playing.


  • Set off two traps at once by laying out dominoes from where one puzzle ends to where the next begins.
  • You can still steer after you step on a blue zipper-tile.

Leave it to Artdink to create one of the weirdest, most addictive games to hit the PlayStation in a long time. At first glance, Mr. Domino looks incredibly lame--what's so fun about controlling a Domino man around a 3/4 perspective 3D board? Must be one of those strange Japanese games that most of us just can't understand, right? Well, when you pick up the controller and really learn how to play, you'll find that there's much, much more to this game than meets the eye.

As Mr. Domino or one of his Domino friends (or enemies, five in all), you control him around various circuit-based tracks, laying dominoes behind you. v Once you've gone around, you go back and tip ) over the dominoes you've set. The trick is that the tipped dominoes have to set off traps throughout the level. Each trap can be made to set off another round of dominoes falling, until all these traps have been set off, thus completing the level. Setting up combos, or multiple switches set off by tipping only one row of dominoes will nab more points and a faster time.

The premise may seem simple, but it's not. On each track there are blocks which slow you down, speed you up (throwing your dominolaying ways into a tailspin), or reset the entire level and anything you've previously done. The tracks also have obstacles that interrupt an otherwise perfect domino trail and moving objects that will screw you up as much as possible. That's where it gets really difficult. There is a time limit, but luckily health blocks give you a few precious extra seconds.

Graphics are fairly simple, with nicety detailed levels and trap animations (some you have to see to believe). Gameplay takes some getting used to but quickly becomes second nature. Later levels bump up the difficulty and strategy a couple notches each time. Levels include a casino, a park, convenience store shelves, an amusement park, a house, a sewer, a city street and more. Each gets progressively more difficult. Keep your eye out for Mr. Domino!

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