Ninja Gaiden Shadow

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a game by Natsume
Platform: GameBoy
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 2 votes
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Ninja Gaiden Shadow
Ninja Gaiden Shadow
Ninja Gaiden Shadow
Ninja Gaiden Shadow

Ninja Gaiden a shadow of its former self. In the four vertically and horizontally scrolling stages of this one-player, action/adventure cart, you guide Ryu Haya Busa, the last of the Dragon Clan, through his training years. Jaquio is just a figment of his future as he develops his formidable fighting skills.

Not Just Another Ninja

Ryu's battles take place above, below, and on the streets of New York. Each 1 stage is overrun with the requisite bomb-toting, rifle-firing, napalm-tossing bad guys. Obstacles include spinning Fire Wheels, a Thunderstorm, and robot-controlled Laser Guns.

Each stage concludes with a big, bad boss, such as Stage 1's cantankerous Cyborg and Stage 2's muscleman Gregory and his pesky sidekick. In the final battle, you come face to face with the Emperor of Darkness.

The fighting's typical ninja style. Ryu defends himself with a sword and ninja magic (when he grabs power-ups). Ryu's only got the Art of the Fire Wheel this time, so your fighting decisions are pretty basic -hack 'n' slash or Fire when you're in a tight spot. Ryu can also use a grappling hook to rappel in and out of danger. Learning howto use the hook is the best part of beating this game.

Video ninja masters will note that although Ninja Gaiden Shadow closely resembles the NES games, it doesn't live up to its standard in length or challenge. However, the crisp, authentic graphics and that old black ninja magic make this a good cart for ninja wannabees and a nice afternoon's diversion for hardcore Ryu fans.


  • If you tarry too long trying to grab the 1-Up in Stage 3, you'll be smashed by the falling platforms. Fire ninja magic at the Orb and then run and grab the 1-Up on the fly.
  • Use the platforms in the Thunderstorm area to block the shots from the laser-firing Robots.
  • Beat Boss 3, Colonel Allen, by using the grappling hook to hang from the ceiling. Drop behind him while heb firing, slash him, and rappel back to the ceiling.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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