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a game by Mysta
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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I have been on a bit of a vore kick lately and that is what brought me to OpenVore. This is a very interesting game as while it is certainly a game, it is one of the most customizable lewd games that I have played in quite a while. Look, I get the vore thing is not for everyone and I would certainly describe myself as a casual vore fan, but this is honestly one of the better vore games that I have played. I think giving the player so much choice in what they experience is what really makes this such a good and fun experience.

Welcome To V-Ore City

The developer themselves says that there is not much of a story in OpenVore, but I think they are being a bit harsh on themselves, to be honest with you. Rather than there being this big narrative driven adventure that the player goes on. What we have with this game are a bunch of character specific scenarios that we get to play a part in. I liked this, it not only allows you to get specific with the kind of content that you want, but I found that it also gave me the chance to mess around and play with vore type stuff I have not tried before. The amount of power and control it gives the player is very impressive.

Get In My Belly… And Other Places!

The kind of vore that you can experience in OpenVore is ultimately up to you. There are many different scenarios that range from people being a more regular size to those where you end up shrunk and stuffed into the most intimate of places if you know what I am saying. Not everything was something that I found hot or appealing, but I did like being able to play around and see what the different scenarios offered. The writing here is not bad and it ranges from being very XXX and in your face to a bit on the cheeky side where it is more likely to make you smile and maybe even laugh.

By The Power Of Vore!

That was supposed to be a play on Thor, but I think it was a stretch! Anyway, OpenVore is a game that has a very cool visual style. For the gameplay, we have a top down pixel chibi kind of thing going on. Think your typical RPG Maker look and you will know exactly what I am talking about here. It is a game that is very easy on the eyes and if you are a vore fan, you are in for a real treat here as it does not hold back. The whole bulging belly thing does nothing for me, but it is here and done well, but the more XXX stuff was pretty interesting if you know what I am saying. There is a decent amount of variety here so if vore is a thing you are interested in, there is sure to be something that you like here.

Grinding To A Good Time

As I said about the visuals of OpenVore, the gameplay is very much your typical RPG Maker style thing (I am not 100 percent sure that is how the game was made to be fair) you get to play in these scenarios where you can choose what kind of content you will get. You can have fun interactions with characters where if you get on their bad side may result in you getting into a “tight spot”. There are things to find, stats to grind, and even a kind of combat type thing going on too. None of it is all that complicated or deep, but I liked it, I also really liked the character customization aspect. I saw a dude's stream of this and he was pretty much playing as Cloud from Final Fantasy VII and that was what initially drew me in here!


While I will be the first to admit that OpenVore is not the kind of game that is going to appeal to everyone out there, I enjoyed my time with this. The developer did a great job in making this a vore game that appeals to all kinds of fans of this rather niche fetish (that I think is becoming more popular). I would say that if you like vore and also like to mess around with your games, this is pretty much perfect for you.


  • This lets you play many vore scenarios
  • There are many interesting, quirky, and hot characters
  • I liked the RPG lite gameplay that was here
  • If you are interested in vore, this is something you will have fun with


  • I get that the vore thing is still not for everyone and this will not change your mind
  • While I liked the different scenarios, one big story arc would have been cool

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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