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a game by Accolade
Genre: Shooting Games
Platforms: Playstation, 3DO
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 5 reviews, 6 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 3 votes
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If Wolfenstein didn't satiate your Doom jones, PO'ed will. This first-person corridor thumper is a funny take-off, but flawed controls dull the humor.

Hallway to Hell

You play as Ox, a cook on a space marine freighter. When your ship comes under attack and the crew is captured, you take it upon yourself to find and free your comrades. Can all this be done before the souffle is ruined?

You don t come equipped with brass knuckles or a double-barreled shotgun. Oh no, that would make things too boring. Instead, you start with a frying pan, and along the way you find a meat cleaver, a power drill, the "Meat Seeker" (which fires flesh-consuming meatballs), and other meaty weaponry.

You battle a barrage of foul-looking creatures like the Butthead (you picture it), Cyclops, and the amazon. They come after you in a fast and furious rushj and they don't wander around or let up on the cruelty-they seek you out and kick your ass.

Meet My Little Friend

The sharp, clean graphics are better than Wolfenstein, but not as smooth as Doom on the PlayStation. The graphics, however, lose their luster in the close-ups, where pixeliza-tion takes over. Still, healthy doses of gore and detail will make you say "Yeccchhh!" over and over again.

The music and sound effects are suspiciously reminiscent of Doom. Eerie footsteps, moaning, and unearthly cries of pain abound in PO'ed. It almost sounds like a party at the Kennedy compound.

The control is inconsistent. In some levels you careen wildly while in others you'll fall off ledges or be unable to turn in crucial combat scenes. The areas where you1 climb ladders are also annoying:

You must position yourself directly in front of the ladders before proceeding...and they're almost always mired in dangerous laYa.

Shoot Hits the Fans

PO'ed is a great Doom clone, but not as much fun because of the obvious control problems. If you have a 3DO, you don't have Doom (yet), so PO'ed is the next best thing. Although the control will get you PO'ed, the rest of the game is okay.

  • PROTIP: Odd abutments or ledges Inout-of-the-way places are usually entrances to other areas.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

This game, the first action/adventure from Any Channel, uses a play style that's similar to Doom, including fully rendered 3D graphics.

You're part of an elite space marine squad on a mission to a far-off world. Something goes wrong. Now you're the only marine left of your squad, and you're stranded on a hostile planet. To survive, you must hunt for weapons and artifacts and, of course, fight off scads of nasty aliens. With more than 40 levels, PO'ed looks like an excellent first game for Any Channel.

PO'ed plays like Doom with wings. Aliens have ripped a hole in space, and they've sucked you in! You repair the damage via a first-person view and mucho firepower.

To survive, you must search for weapons...especially since you start off with just a frying pan. At least you can find a jet pack that enables you to fly.

Your flight skills are vital in order to reach and survive the 40-plus levels. The aliens assume many bizarre forms. But they all have one thing in common...they're PO'ed.

PO'ed is a first-person shooter that doesn't have the grit of Doom or Alien Trilogy, but an interesting array of innovative features make it worth a shootout.

As the cook (and sole survivor) in a space transport, you try to fry a horde of invading sci-fi uglies. The enemy's aggressive A.I. pumps up the Fun Factor as weird creatures constantly hunt you down.

You'll have a blast with ten wicked weapons, especially the low-tech frying pan and bloody meat cleavers, plus a jet pack that enables you to fly into aerial combat. PO'ed does a nice job of tip toeing between fierce and funny.


  • Before you run into Robot Maxes, be sure to have the missile cam.
  • The Wailer Gatling gun, the pulse gun, and the BFD90 are the best weapons when you're engaged in aerial combat


The nicely detailed monsters, such as the hilarious-looking Buttheads and the musclebound Arnie army, show noteworthy imagination, but they aren't scary.


The sounds feature sweet ammo effects. But they're nowhere near as effective at creating atmosphere as the eerie, scary audio in Doom and Alien Trilogy.


Crisp button responses keep the action hot in the air and on the ground, but you take an above-average number of falls in the multilevel platform-style terrain.

Fun Factor

A light-hearted attitude dampens the intensity level, but at least the relentless A.I. keeps you on your toes. Hardcore Doomers may consider this a fun weekend rental.

Recently unveiled at the Winter CES, Po'ed for the PlayStation promises players a well-rounded and worthwhile first-person shooter. Many players were not impressed with the 3DO version; feeling it was lacking play speed and overall ability to bring a fast-paced game into the hands of players. The PlayStation release, however, utilizes the system's added processing power to force players into one of the fastest-paced battles yet in first-person view.

Po'ed features 25 diverse levels with unseen vertical height mapping techniques that shock many first-time players. In these many levels, there are ladders that allow you to ascend into the vertical plane as well as rocketpacks. These mechanical devices give you a power-assisted jump as well as hovering capabilities to soar up to an enemy's level and stick it full of meat cleavers or any other projectile you have equipped.

The enemies in Po'ed are each unique in its own right. These imaginative creatures are all different from each other and bear no resemblance to the evil hoards in other first-person games. Many players will find their looks at first to be unusual and laughable, but this initial thought is quickly replaced when you have five or more of the villains on your tail chasing after you.

Running from enemies is part of the game, but nothing can replace the feeling of beating enemies with a bloody frying pan or tracking them down with a guided missile from a bird's-eye view from inside the nose of the projectile. Meat cleavers, single shot new-wave pistols, flamethrowers and "flare shooting" rapid-fire heavy weaponry are all available for wannabe Rambos out there. Whichever is chosen, it will never be enough. Even with the difficulty set on Easy, players will still be staring uncontrollably up at the ceiling due to an unplanned demise.

EGM will be the first to mention that the preproduction version received in the office came equipped with many collision errors. Looking past these minor problems (that are bound to be cleared up before final release), Po'ed showed spirit. For players looking for a new type of first-person shooter with an exotic approach to common flat levels, Po'ed should not be missed.

  • MANUFACTURER - Accolade
  • THEME - Shooter

Nowadays, when you develop a first-person action game, everyone will undoubtedly compare it to Doom. Is it as gory? Does it have the same eerie atmosphere and wild cast of characters? Are the weapons punishing enough? Why not compare? Anyone who isn't trapped in a third-world country (and some who are) has played it. So what better reference-point could a lover of this genre want than the almighty Doom?

If you're a Doom nut, chances are you've seen this game on the 3DO. PO'ed, like all members of this genre, is full of rude, crude and disgusting creatures that, when dying, will give you a baptism of blood and carnage. You play this guy who, armed only with a frying pan, must vanquish hordes of beasties from mobile rear-ends to the foulest of Lovecrafcian evils.

For the PlayStation, the scrolling has been smoothed out, as have some of the graphics. Also, there are dozens of cool weapons ranging from the finest of Comings dinnerware to rocket-launchers and meat cleavers.These, along with numerous health and body aids, can be found scattered about 25 levels of over-the-top carnage.

A nice feature in PO'ed, which hasn't been seen in other games like this, is a jet-pack which allows you to fly above the world you're in, adding an ariel attack to your battling options. This is especially nice, because it gives you a fresh look at what's becoming one of the most uninspired and repetitive formats in the gaming industry.

At this juncture,The graphics of PO'ed are still inferior to Doom for the PlayStation, but the game's not finished yet. As with Cyberdillo, Killing Time, and Castle Wolfenstein, PO'ed will surely have enough gusto (and guts-o) for those of you who can't seem to see anything beyond the world of Doom.

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