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a game by Dual Corporation
Genre: Action
Platform: PC Engine
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 2 reviews, 4 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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What evil lurks in your mind?

It is said that both good and evil exists in our mind and that society teaches us to suppress the evil portion. But what if that which is evil overpowers us? You now will find out what happens!

The evil within us, called Ugar, has taken control of your mind and you have been transported into one of your worst nightmares! Somehow you must overcome your fears and defeat all of that you consider deplorable. Whatever you hate will be there. The weird, bizarre unexplainable all will now be part of you! And you must battle for your life just to retain your sanity.

If you dare, prepare to enter the dark side of the living world of nightmares!

Third Cause - The Maze of confusion

The colorful checkerboard background forms a maze filled with hideous bugs and monsters.

FOURTH CAUSE -The Outer Tomb of Ugar

As you progress deeper into your mind the enemy takes on even more bizarre forms! Take aim at an all-new assortment of monstrous creations of your sub-conscious ranging from plasma-spitting elephants to devilish goddesses who spray the screen with pulsating rings of death! Here's where you separate the men from the boys and the dreams from the nightmares!

FIFTH CAUSE - The Resting Place

You're almost there! The resting place of the Devil Ugar is in sight! Defeat him and your mind will be returned to you.

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PC Engine

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

It's all a state of mind. During your consciousness your thoughts are of good things. But slip off into deep sleep and your mind wanders into the evil part of your existence. That part which is controlled by the devil Ugar. And that is just what happened! You are trapped in a bizarre world of everything which you are afraid of. You have also gone past the point of no return and must fight to free yourself from Ugar's control.

People say:


Psychosis is a good shooter in the same vein as R-Type, with options, weapons and an alien armada large enough to take out even the best players. The pastel look of the game needs to get lost, but the play is the thing, and in this department it wins!


NEC has really been coming out with some great games lately. Psychosis is no exception and is very, very different. While still a shooter it's the totally weird graphics, shapes, and colors which make the game this good. Has to be seen to be believed.


One of the most bizarre shooters I've ever played. Backgrounds are made up of optical illusions that will trick you, attack you and drive you nuts! I love it! Tough from beginning to end Psychosis is one shooter that makes others look too normal to be inter-esting. Too short, I need more!


Super shooter with graphics ranging from weird to abstract! Good weapons and power-ups as well as eerie music! The alien will taunt you along in between rounds of play. The 'distortion' effect that announces each round is also cool! If R-Type is your game, so is this!

Beware the devious thoughts which pass through your minds, fellow humans, Ugar's watching! Goofy name or not you'd best take this creature seriously 'cause he's the devil himself, and he's out to play games with your brain in Psychosis, a new cart for the TurboGrafx-16.

With Ugar making the rules and using your mind as his pawn, it's a terrifying fight to the finish when you become trapped inside the darker recesses of your own imagination. There's virtually no escape, so you've little choice but to climb aboard a super-duper, mind-powered jet and battle your way out of the evil dimension in which Ugar has you trapped.

"Causes" and Effects

Jetting your way through five horizontallyscrolling levels called "Causes," the name of this one-player game is to upgrade your vessel's arsenal whenever possible. This isn't easy because the brilliant colors and the psychedelic 3-dimensional setting can sometimes make it quite difficult to distinguish between what's an enemy or merely part of the terrain.

The Devil Makes You Do It

Waggling a bony reptilian finger, Ugar beckons you (between causes) to come even further into his demented world. He probably thinks teasing you is quite clever, but, if anything it only doubles your determination. You'll need it, too, as the creatures multiply in number and fierceness in Causes 4 and 5, the Outer Tomb of Ugar and, finally, the Resting Place.

A Major Head Trip

From a purely visual standpoint this cart is worth its weight in gold. The graphics are gorgeous. A minor hitch: Without a TurboStick's slo-mo option, surviving certain scenes is a bit questionable. You may collapse in a heap as you attempt to survive the wrath of Ugar, but you won't get bored trying.


  • F. Y.I. weapon power-ups are pretty scarce in the third cause. Moral to the story: Do your best not to miss out on any in Causes 1 and 2.
  • To avoid damage from the flying mask-faces that appear in the Gardens of the Dead, stay at the far left side of the screen and fire at them in a direct line as they move towards you.
  • Dodge the multi-linked bubble creature (Cause 1) by letting it move in an upward arc over your ship. Then, as it begins to come down again back your ship up a few inches and you'll have a clear shot at its vulnerable spot, the gold colored bubble in the middle ot its snake-like body.
  • To avoid getting munched by the Japanese Noh mask monsters in Cause 4, stay as tar ahead of them as possible then fly down to the lower right hand portion ol the screen and keep firing. The Noh masks will breeze right over you. By continually firing you protect yourself from any smaller creatures that may be lurking down below.
  • The final big boss has a definite pattern. To kill oft the first half of its two-layered face fly up to the very top of the screen (don't hit the ceiling) and stay there without moving. Sure enough, all the balls it spits out won't hit you. Now, as the mask starts to retreat into the second half of its face, lower your ship down and fire at it head on. Repeat the process and half number one Is a goner. As for the second half, well, that's up to you.

You Innocently Let Your Mind Wander to the Evil Side of Its Own Existence. You Didn't Mean Anything By It, You Just Wanted to Take a Peek At the Other Side. But the Devil Ugar Has Other Plans--He Plans to Be Your Keeper. You Can't Think, You Can't Cry Out, the Only Thing You Can Do Is Fight. Wlth the Incredible Fighting Ship Your Mind Has Created, You'll Stop At Nothing to Be Free Again.

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