Raging Fighter

a game by Konami
Platform: GameBoy
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Raging Fighter
Raging Fighter
Raging Fighter
Raging Fighter

After the overwhelming success of Street Fighter II, it was only a matter of time before a fighting game was created for the Game Boy. Raging Fighter by Konami treads much of the same ground as the other fighting games, and doesn't present anything unique to expand the genre. (How intellectual can you expect "street fighting" to be?) Sharp graphics, solid controls, smooth game play, and intense fighting action earn Raging Fighter respect in the Game Boy arena.

It's All the Rage

For seven millenia, the people of Alpha Universe have relied on a select group of martial arts masters, the Omega Croup, to defend them against foreign foes. An annual tournament to decide the Mightiest Mortal is held each year. Seven warriors, each with specific strengths and weaknesses, compete for the title. The ultimate champion must defeat the six other fighters, plus a duplicate of themselves!

Enter the arena and you'll discover that Raging Fighter is really four games in one. When playing solo against the computer, you fight as one of three preselected characters against six other challengers. Enter the Tournament of Pain by choosing one fighter to face every other challenger. The Story Mode empowers you with a team of three fighters to go against all the other fighters in a singleround elimination contest. Finally, link up with a friend for true head-to-head action with your choice of any of the seven fighters.

Raging Fighter plays similarly to Street Fighter II. Two laterally moving fighters are presented in a standard side-scrolling perspective. Power bars appear beneath each fighter and a timer keeps track of the length of each round. Several options enable you to customize the game to your individual preferences, such as trigger configurations, four difficulty levels, timer on or off, and a Practice Mode.

Every fighter has 2(M0 attack moves. All share the same repertoire of high/low punches and kicks, ducks, defensive stances, and jump-kicks. In addition, each character has a pair of awesome specialized attack techniques-some of which are extremely similar to SFII-such as the downward skull cracker with the heel of your foot and shooting fireballs. Characters respond well to the controls. However, the tiny Game Boy directional pad sometimes hampers combination moves that require multidirectional button presses.

Raging Fighter's detailed character and background graphics are impressive by Game Boy standards. Each character sprite is nearly half as tall as the screen. Fighters move smoothly. Special moves, such as flying kicks, shooting fireballs, and spinning kicks, are all well-rendered and cleanly animated.

Fight On!

Although it's a unique game in its own right, Raging Fighter's game play is bound to draw comparisons with Street Fighter II. It doesn't stack up head-to-head, but it wins hands-down as the best fighting cart for the Game Boy. Raging Fighter has everything necessary to make it a winner-sharp graphics and animation, challenging game play, plenty of options, an interactive two-player linkup, and the convenience of instant portability. This "Fight" sounds just right!


  • Jam an opponent into the side of the screen, and prevent him from getting up by repeatedly using your special move on him.
  • Jump up and toward your opponent to avoid the whirling kick.
  • Start off by playing Tao-the most well-rounded fighter.
  • Each character's strengths, weaknesses, and special moves are clearly explained in the manual. Study them!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Here's Konami's pocket-sized Street Fighter ll-style cart - a raging head-to-head beat-em-up set in the future. Play as one of seven fighters, some with up to 40 moves. During four different modes of play you'll go head-to-head against the CPU or another player, battle through three-round matches in the Tournament mode, or control three different fighters in the Story mode.

Raging Fighter by Konami will knock your socks off on the Game-Boy! It's portable fighting time! Select the character you want to play as from a cast of seven. Master your "special move" in the Practice mode before venturing onto the Story mode. Finally, compete against the other six players in the Tournament mode. The characters are about 50 percent of the screen. It's a portable fighter's dream!

People say:


SF 2 on the GameBoy has been a running joke ever since that game was set to debut on a home system. As strange as a fighting game may sound on a hand-held,! this one comes off pretty good, with some slick graphics and well-executed interaction. It's not in the same league as SF2, but it's good. Nice name, too.


Konami has turned up the portable heat with this one! I loved the attacks right from Street Fighter 2, but they can be tough to execute at times. One-player matches can get boring quickly, so be sure to link up with a friend. The graphics are very sharp for the GameBoy and the music is not too shabby either.


For some reason I didn't think a Street Fighter clone would work well on the GameBoy. The moves are similar but can be hard to do in the heat of battle. The graphics are good, but the action seems slow. With a two-player link-up, this is about as close as you can get to having a Street Fighter 2 portable.


Surprisingly, Raging Fighter is very impressive for a GameBoy fighting game.; The computer is very hard, and the techniques are difficult to master, but after some intense training, anyone can kick butt! Raging Fighter will not be for everyone, so don't buy it looking for SF2 on the go; you will be disappointed.

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