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Scrapland is a game that would have been nothing special except for one thing. Although the gameplay is good and the graphics are high quality, it probably would have ended with a more middle of the road performance expect for the story that is created. Its really remarkable how unique the story line is and how successful they are at delivering it. There are a few areas that could have used slightly more design time, but most will easily overlook them.

Scrapland is based in the future where humans have destroyed the earth and robots have moved in and further decimated it. The story follows a particular robot, D-Tritus, which finds his way to what's left of the earth and begins to look for work in this all robot society. As the plot advances, D-Tritus finds himself as a reporter researching robot murders that are particularly troubling. Apparently there is a great database that stores copies of all the robots and the only way to murder a robot is to delete them out of the database and then destroy the robot.

What's great about Scrapland is this robot society. The graphics take most advantage of this with unique imagery and high levels of detail. The audio also is impressive as the voice acting in particular gives these robots personality.

The gameplay is where Scrapland stumbles slightly as it's very linear in nature. If that doesn't bother you however, the rest of the gameplay is fairly solid. The controls for instance are smooth and easy to use both on foot and when flying your ship and other elements such as ship building and upgrading, earning cash from completed jobs, and interacting with this unique society all help to put together a solid experience.

Scrapland is a nice break from the traditional plots that are in many games and also manages to give a solid performance both graphically and for the overall gameplay. At the very least, it offers a unique experience that is different then most other options this season.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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