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Activision's Sin has been a long time coming (it was supposed to be out in March), and therefore has a lot to live up to. But if the one-level demo is any indication, it's going to deliver the first-person shooter goods in a big way.

Sin's already packing a gritty attitude, cool weapons, a great single-player experience, as well as the power and flexibility of the Quake II engine. The environments are ultra-interactive: Shoot down a billboard and it crashes through roofs and fountains, shattering them in turn, while enemies plummet through skylights and slide into battle on ropes. Sin's as exciting as it sounds--and it looks to get more so when the full game with its deep, branching story hits store shelves this fall.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Much anticipated, and intricately scrutinized by critics and fans alike, Sin is sure to carve its own niche in the realm of first-person shooters. What sets it apart from other blasters this season? It'd be a Sin to tell you so soon.

What Screams May Come

First and foremost. Sin succeeds because it closely follows in the footsteps of the grand-daddy of the corridor-shooter genre, Quake II. How closely? You'd swear it was a graphical upgrade or an enhanced mission pack of QII with its balance of great weapons, slick-looking locales, and hardcore trigger-happy action. Although not steeped in the eerie bio-mech corridors of QII (which is odd since the game is definitely diabolical in nature), Sin still manages to showcase some creepy locales, consisting mostly of sinister back-alleys, dangerously secure laboratories, and sterile but tricky office buildings.

You play as Colonel John R. Blade, a vulgar trash-talking cop who wants to know who's putting a dangerous new DNA-altering drug on the street He soon tracks down the person responsible, and readily regrets it Elexis Sindaire, the (ahem) robust villainess of Sin, is a voluptuous and vile vixen who wants to see her army of altered beasts rule the world with her as their queen. Oh, well--a girl's gotta dream.

This Just Sin

Does Sin offer more than the sum of its parts? Does it soar past Quake II to claim the corridor-shooter crown? Not quite. While Sin is unadulterated fun at times, it too closely resembles every other corridor shooter out there; it never breaks the mold or adds anything definitive to the genre. Sin's just your basic drone-killer with below-average A.I. (even on the normal setting, some enemies just stand there and wait to get shot).

But that doesn't mean Sin doesn't thrill the thumbs or tax the noggin--it's a lot better than other recent offerings for the genre. What a Sin--with a litde more work, it could've been the corridor-shooter champ.


  • Advise hostages to stay out of your way. if they die, they could screw up your mission.
  • Almost every beam in the alley is a pathway-even if it looks like it's a dead end.
  • In the construction zone, shoot the beams attached to the crane-they'll fall to the ground, breaking the water valve.
  • Blast your way through the vault area (after securing the key from another room), making sure to take out all the enemies on the first floor. When you reach the locked security door, blast the windows and lump inside.
  • Stay in the comer of the subway car and wait for the demonic Mancini to drop through the ceiling.
  • Stay low In the lab, get to the alarm, and take out the secretary. If she gets to the alarm before you, it's the end of the cyber world as you know it


How can you go wrong using the Quake engine? Sin's fast and smooth with minimal breakup (although its gready present in the first boss), and for the most part, it's a realistically gory splatterfest


Sound Blaster support was missing in the version we played (although this omission was fixed in a patch as we went to press), but even more annoying are the lame voice-overs. How many times can you hear smutty not-so-dever taunts before it starts getting really old?


You'll find crouching is a command you use extensively; Its useful when opening passages, checking for items, and more. Some items aren't automatically added to your inventory (in one room, you have to jump on the desk to grab the item), but gathering items from dead bodies is cool.

Fun Factor

Sin looks like Quake II, it plays like Quake II, it smells like Quake II--needless to say. fans of Quake II will love this game. The hi-res graphics and multiple-exit levels will keep players coming back for more.

Sin has everything you'd want in a first-person shooter: seriously hot-rodded Quake technology under the hood, nasty weapons, and 3D accelerated graphics to make you drool. But it also has a few things you wouldn't expect, like a logical, deep backstory and meaningful character interaction. As security expert John Blade, you're tracking the evil biogenetic doings of Elexis Sinclaire, and the actions you take affect how the game unfolds--there are various ways to complete each mission and exit each level. Sin looks to deliver one of the richest shooter experiences yet.

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