SkulJagger: Revolt of the Westicans

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a game by RealTime Associates
Genre: Action
Platform: SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 5.6/10, based on 5 reviews, 6 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 3 votes
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Okay, swashbucklers, here's your chance to grab your swords and storm through Westica as a gum-chewing hero, Storm. American Softworks wants to sink their new hack 'n' slash adventure game, Sküljagger: The Revolt of the Westicans, into your SNES.

Sküljagger Comics

Captain Sküljagger and his evil Kiltish army have ruled the island of Westica for 10 years. Storm Jaxon has had enough, so he steals Sküljagger's powerful sword.

You'll get to read all about Storm and his trials fighting Sküljagger in an 80-page color comic book/manual. As a new twist to the gaming industry, the manual's comic style makes it as much fun to read as the game is to play. Don't skim it, however. It's loaded with tips that help you master the game.

You may find that the letters in the top left-hand comer on each page of the manual spell out a way to beat the game.

Fighting Action, Chapter by Chapter

Swelling music accompanies the side- view, multi-scrolling game play. It helps to keep you running, jumping, climbing, slashing, and blowing gum bubbles through seven gorgeous and colorful Chapters. Each lengthy Chapter consists of three parts, with a game total of 21 main terrains and over 50 hidden areas to explore, including boat docks, ships, and cliffs.

The Chapter endings vary depending on your actions during the game. Pick up the right box or slash the right object at the right time, and you're sucked into secret alternate endings. With your lightning fast sword, you'll have lots of fun uncovering all the secrets in this game. No matter how many times you play, you'll probably never find them all.

In Chapter 1, you'll find a secret warp after you leap to the second dock. Head right until you reach the third small barrel. Don't jump on the platform with the small brown barrel. Instead, push Y and you'll warp underground.

Yo, Ho, Ho, and a Bottle of Gum

The weapons in this game are a bit unusual. You start out in possession of Sküljagger's stolen sword. Use it to slash your way through any object you run across. Some will open up to reveal Jemeralds. Red Jemeralds transform your sword into a long range weapon.

Storm Jaxon's also known for his homegrown gum. Each flavor (Cherry, Grape, Apple, Orange) has different functions. For example, when you blow bubbles with the Cherry flavor, you can float to previously unreachable heights. When you chomp on the Grape and Apple flavor, you blow an invincible bubble around yourself.

  • Chapter 4, the second part of Part 1: Strike the first pillar and you get a Cherry bubble gum icon. Blow a bubble and float up to the top pillar. You'll find a plethora of JemeraIds.
  • Rearrange this sentence -- A MEAN BIRD CLAW IS NEAR THE BIG DOCK! -- and you might find a code that'll catapult you to Chapter 3: Part 1.

Aye, Aye; Owww, Owww

Don't let those skirts fool ya. Capt. Sküljagger is not an easy one-eyed creep to fight. You'll die often! Luckily, you have five lives and one continue.

This is an innovative action/adventure that almost sails the SNES to its limits. The clever comic book manual adds a fun extra dimension to the game. If you're looking for action, land on Skuljagger and play up a storm.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

Game Reviews

Don't miss your chance to hear Super Nintendo's newest and hottest superstar - Captain Skuljagger -- as he dishes out a string of his patented insults!

It's a FREE number, and Skuljagger is standing by 24 HOURS A DAY, ready and willing to insult your pathetic gaming skills, your heinous pimply girlfriend, your cheese-ball clothes, and every other aspect of your snivelling, worthless existence.

That's right, he's talking to YOU, pig-slime.

And in between withering insults, Skuljagger might even give you TIPS to help you discover tons of hidden stuff in the amazing new Super NES game, "Skuljagger: Revolt of the Westicans".

That is, if you're not too brain-dead to figure them out, you miserable pus-filled imbecile.

Can you handle it? Can you handle the killer Super NES game, you spineless pantywaist? Are you big enough?

Remember, it's 24 HOURS A DAY, and it's FREE... because Skuljagger wants you that bad, you contemptible worm!

It's your chance to strike back at Skuljagger!

Your puny little video-life is about to become Skuljagger-chow. The reason?

You - and ace rebel Storm Jaxon - are spearheading a massive revolution against Captain Skuljagger's fearsome forces. And if you think Skuljagger's going to take this revolution lying down, then maybe you've forgotten how hacked-off a maniacal Kiltish despot can get!

Skuljagger is the first game ever to combine an awesome action game with a clue-filled, fully-illustrated story. You'll battle in spectacular comic book color and phantasmagorical detail! Skuljagger's Kiltish troops will leap off the screen and into the deepest, darkest recesses of your mind!

Your one hope for survival - the secret game play clues hidden throughout the pages of your story book.

It's going to be a war to end all wars. But it can't start without you.

On page 11 of the book for this game, you will learn that Wits' name is really R.L. Wright. This is actually a code name for a sequence of commands to do on the controller. When you see the island and the text at the start of each chapter, press the following buttons in this order: R button, L button, R button. A secret text paragraph will be revealed that will give you clues for certain levels.

This is a method to reach one of the alternative endings. In Chapter 1, Part 1, make your way to the end of the second brown cliff face section, jump on the first rising platform, and then to the next platform. Ride this platform all the way to the grass at the very top left. There is one brown box to the far left of the grass.

Pick it up and you will go into a tube that will take you to an alternative ending to this level. Now on page 9 of the book for this game, Storm meets a Black Mask on a stone bridge. There is a sign that says "Danger" just before the bridge. Storm gets rid of the Black Mask by throwing a brown keg at him and knocking him off the bridge. (Refer to the illustration in the book.) Now, when you are in the alternative ending, start running right, and look for the stone bridge that has the sign saying "Danger" in front of it. There will be a brown keg next to the sign. Pass in front of the keg to kill the flying bug, go back and pick up the keg, and carry it with you to the right. Jump onto the stone bridge, and you will see a Black Mask coming at you. Throw the brown keg at the Black Mask (just like Storm did in the book) and another tube will come up and take you to a secret Fantasy Zone. Exit via the blue gem and go back to finish the rest of the alternative ending to complete the level.

Skuljagger is a ground-breaking Super NES game, combining a fully illustrated 80 page action/clue book with a superb side-scrolling action game. Skuljagger is the first video game to use the manual as an integral part of the game play!

The story takes place on an exotic jungle isle called Westica and features Storm Jaxon, a sword-swiping, bubble gum chomping rebel who sparks a revolution against Captain Skuljagger.

Look for Skuljagger this fall!

For ten years the people of Westica lived under the tyranny of the Kiltish Skuljagger. He forced the people to work like slaves mining their own jemer-alds for his fiendish use. As Storm, the leader of the rebellion, you must defeat the evil Skuljagger and his gang of bandits to release the people from his strangling grip.

There are seven levels, each with three parts that compose quite an adventure. Screens are loaded with power-ups and extra items to aid you on your quest. As an added incentive in the game, there are several fantasy zones that are reached by performing a certain action in the correct location. These ares are bonus rounds where you can power-up until you are hit.

One special feature of this game is an 80-page booklet, drawn like a comic book, filled with clues and a great story. Combined with cool backgrounds, this one is aimed to please!

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