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a game by Sega
Genre: Action
Platform: Sega Master SystemSega Master System
Editor Rating: 6.3/10, based on 2 reviews, 5 reviews are shown
User Rating: 5.0/10 - 2 votes
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  • Theme: Action/Adventure
  • Difficulty: Average
  • Number of Players: 1
  • Available: 1990

Battle On and Become a Spell Caster

At one time labeled the follow-up to Phantasy Star, Spell Caster is a four-meg adventure title that concentrates more on action scenes and Boss encounters that puzzle-solving and role-playing etiquette.

Spell Caster places you in the role of Kane, a martial arts master on a mission of peace. You must overcome dangers and obstacles within several kinds of side-scrolling screens as well as text screens that accompany animated "photos" of your character and the opponents you converse with. Some of these people and creatures provide you with useful information needed to solve the Spell Caster quest, while others will award you specific weapons and magic!

Don't let the title or the hype confuse you into thinking this is an RPG. While it may contain some of the elements found in Phantasy Star, it is definitely not a sequel.

People say:


Spell Caster is Sega's Simon's Quest. It's not a conventional RPG, but it does have some of the best action/adventure features to appear in a Master System game. Full screens of text are also incorporated to move the game along. A good addition to the Sega library!


Spell Caster is a disappointment. The name implies a RPG and it isn't. It definitely is not a Phantasy Star sequel. Except for the pyramid maze, Spell Caster is just a straightforward adventure with great graphics and a long quest. This cart will have to do, however, until Ultima 4.


Your standard scrolling action adventure that has been woefully lacking on the Sega 8-Bit. Spell Caster is a good game that shares the same adventure overtones and action scenes that are found in Strider and Simon's Quest. Not fantastic, but it's nice to see this on the Sega.


A four-meg disappointment. Spell Caster doesn't take advantage of its high power, instead you get an addition/adventure with a quest that's too short and doesn't offer a lot of options. For seasoned players, there's very little action and the Bosses aren't as difficult as they should be.

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Sega Master System

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

  • Type: Adv./RPG
  • Release: 09/30/1989
  • Difficulty: Avg.

Spell Caster is not your typical action/adventure nor your common RPG. Spell Caster blends elements from all of these gaming genres together for a four-meg tour-de-force that may be hard to label, but is never short on play.

You assume the role of a lowly warrior out to prove his good on a quest of utmost importance. To reach your goals you must interact within text screens, side-scrolling action scenes, and do battle with enormous Boss opponents!

An evil army of Otherworld gods and demons are sweeping the countryside. You are Kane, a warrior and SpellCaster from Summit Temple. Your mission is to discover the identity of these enemies and the nature of their diabolical plans. It's a journey that takes you from outer space to the Land of the Dead., .in one of the most awesome Sega 4-Mega adventure role-playing games ever created!

Two Games in One

SpellCaster is actually two games in ohe, with both Action and Adventure sequences. During action scenes search for four different magical items and special clues. Conversations with different characters reveal different facts about people and places., if you ask the right questions!

Adventure scenes test your speed, timing, and courage. Use your moves and magic to battle the full forces of the enemy! Run, jump, duck, and fire "Ki" force from your fingertips! Or, if your magic energy is high enough, use spells to battle your foes. As the game advances you'll battle shape-changing witches, creatures that defy description, and even powerful demons from the Otherworld! Only by beating them can you advance.

Weapons and Armor of Power

Although you begin SpellCaster armed only with your knowledge of spells and the Ki force, you'll joon acquire weapons and armor that make you more and more powerful.

The first weapon you'll receive is the Dokko, a hand-held steel spike with sharpened ends. Your 4 attack strength increases with this and each of the other new weapons you get such as the Vajira, a steel claw, and the Trident, which is forged from magic metal.

Kane's armor is magic, forged in centuries past by his ancestors. Search for the different parts of the armor. Each piece increases Kane's defense strength by a factor of one.

Magic Spells

Besides the Ki force, you'll also have the power to use nine magic spells. Casting spells uses energy but can make all of the difference between winning the game and being overcome by the forces of evil. Spells range in simplicity from tfie simple Password that lets you save your game to Hakuji, which concentrates your Ki force into a beam of destructive light.

Use a spell to call on Mars, the God of War, and he'll restore your life strength to its fullest! To beat SpellCaster you'll have to find several special items and figure out how to use them. The Sword of Kusanagi comes from the eight tails of the Serpent God and is used to defeat a certain enemy.

The Sword of Seven Branches frees a god, if you know where and when to use it! Keep track of the items you've got. Sometimes trying to use them on certain characters in action scenes gets you an important clue toward solving the game.

The Lands Beyond Space and Time

SpellCaster begins in the time and place known to us as ancient Japan. But in the course of learning the true nature of the enemy your adventures will take you across the stars to lands that until now were only myths and legends.

An ancient spaceship transports you across the light years to a distant planet where evil once was trapped.

Befriend the ferryman at the River Styx and you'll enter the Land of the Dead to learn about ancient relics of mystical power...and your own destiny as a warrior and a magician! If you accomplish your quests and can free a certain God, you'll be sent into the void with more power than you ever dreamed of.. .for a battle that decides the course of history fa time ever after!

Are you up for the adventure of a lifetime? Take a journey into the land of SpellCaster, where magic and adventure await your every move.


  • If you find the restless ghost of the monk on the sea floor, use the Hannon spell to put him to rest. His spirit rewards you with an item you really need.
  • If you can't get the spaceship to go, you need to find the robotic hand to tit the control port! Find it by deteating an enemy beyond the cave ol fire.
  • Using the Maklri spell to lly often keeps you above the attack line ol many creatures. But remember: if you're touched, the spell is broken and you fall. Watch where you tall!
  • The Passage of the Well Is a good place to increase your store ot energy by defeating the creatures there. Simply moving back and forth down the passage keeps the creatures coming. Blast away and collect the energy spheres that fall about every tenth creature!

You were raised by your parents, simple farmers, in the hills of Japan. But now you've journied to the Summit Temple to learn the ancient arts of battle and become a great and noble warrior. Because of your skills the leader of the Summit Temple selects you to lead a group to visit other temples that have reportedly been attacked by a strange group of evil creatures. SpellCaster takes place in two for-mats-action and adventure. In action scenes you'll use all of your powers to battle attacking enemies. In adventure scenes you'll use your mind to piece together the clues given to you during conversations with other characters. You'll need these in order to unravel the mystery behind what is happening to the temples. Along the way you'll search for the weapons, special items, and powerful magic spells to help you succeed in securing the safety of the temples.

The first thing you notice about Spell-Caster is that it combines side-scrolling action sequences with role-playing adventure scenes. The two formats alternate, so SpellCaster plays like an action game while your character travels between locales, and then plays much like the Nintendo version of Shadowgate when you arrive.

SpellCaster tells the story of Kane, the son of simple farmers, whose great ambition is to become a noble warrior. At the tender age of 13, Kane joined the Summit Temple where the ancient arts of the warrior are taught. As the years passed, Kane's knowledge grew enormously. He eventually learned magic and became a Spell-Caster, the most powerful kind of warrior. The game begins as Dai-kak, Master of the Summit Temple, dispatches Kane to discover the fate of the soldiers that were sent to guard some remote mountain temples.

This kind of story line is becoming awfully common in video-games. This one in particular — with the master, the temple, and the central character named Kane — sounds much like a rerun of the old TV series Kung Fu.

But the combination of the two gaming styles is unusual, and it leads you to think that SpellCaster can't help but be a great game. After all, it offers both action and role-playing. The problem is that neither the action sequences nor the role-playing interludes really stand out. The action is pretty standard, even a bit slow, and your control of Kane's movements is limited. The graphics, though, are top-notch, and your magic spells and their effects add a lot to the game.

In the role-playing sections of SpellCaster, you select your desired action by pointing a hand symbol at a menu. You can talk to other characters, move from place to place, look around you, use objects, and take objects. These parts of the game are more involved than the action scenes, but they fall far short of the role-playing in similar games like Phantasy Star and Shadowgate. Together, the two styles make for a good game, but not a great one. Overall, SpellCaster is an average effort.

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