Ultima IV - Quest of the Avatar

a game by FCI, and Origin Systems
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platforms: Sega Master SystemSega Master System NESNES
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 7 reviews
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  • Type: RPG
  • Release: Dec 1990
  • Difficulty: Hard

The long awaited sequel to the popular FCI RPG Ultima has arrived! This new NES game is derived from the computer version of Ultima 4 - The Quest of the Avatar. In this you must first become an Avatar by mastering a code of eight virtues. Along the way you gather your 7 fellow party members, and then head out to the mazes of the dungeons to finish your quest for the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom.

People say:


OK, so it's for the RPG crowd. There's still no denying the fact that Ultima and how this sequel really allows the NES to explore role-playing in imaginative ways that introduce groups of characters into detailed fantasy worlds. I'd like more action, but for what it is, Avatar is great!


This is one BIG game! RPG players will work on this monster for weeks and it is good enough to keep serious players interested up to the end! Definitely not for the casual player as it requires total concentration, lots of maps and tons of patience. Still it's the best RPG the NES ever saw!


Avatar is a worthy sequel to Exodus, and Ultima fans should enjoy it the most. Another massive quest with tons of items to find and mysteries to solve. Not only is the quest bigger, but the graphics and sounds have improved greatly making Ultima 4 the best in NES RPGs.


Slightly better than most role playing games with a little more action in the fight scenes. If you really get into these types of quest adventures where you barely move very far before being confronted by weird creatures then you'll love this.

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Game Reviews

FCI's latest addition to their library of adventure and quest games continues the Ultima series with a video game version of the popular computer game Ultima 4-Quest of the Avatar. Boasting vastly improved graphics, a quest that is four times larger than the first and hundreds of new magic spells, potions and treasures, Avatar stands to be one of the best, and hardest, RPG's ever made for the Nintendo System. Another exciting title for FCI.

Anticipated to be the RPG extravaganza of the year, Ultima 4 promises to be the most complex and challenging adventure title ever released on the Master System. Adapted by Lord British himself, this 4-meg spectacle is bound to be a top hit.

Following in the footsteps of the highly successful Nintendo version of Ultima 3, comes this graphically enhanced translation of number four. The expanded game play includes conversational text, new character creation, and other familiar sights of the Lord British tales.

Ultima IV, the latest triumph of Richard Garriot (better known as Lord British), invites you to experience the very best that RPGs have to offer.

The computer mega-hit is coming to the Sega Master System. Utilizing a full 4 meg of memory, Ultima IV, like its computer cousin, stands to be the most challenging RPG game ever offered for an American game system. In this quest you must gather the courage and spirit to become an Avatar of Truth. This challenge will prove your worthiness but you can't do it alone. Along the way through the many villages and towns, you must gather a party of other brave adventurers and together set out to follow the magical path to Avatar. Surprises, puzzles and other challenges are around every turn as your quest takes you through one of the largest mazes ever created!

No bigger than the tiniest of flickers was the light of hope that remained in the hearts of the people when the evil, but fortunately now slain wizards, Mondain, Minax, and Exodus ruled the land. Alas, distraught and light of heart as the people were during those hours of near total darkness, they held tightly to their hope, and it was through this collective will of soul and the bravery of the soldiers who laid down their lives, that peace and goodness once again prevailed.

Now under the gentle rule of Lord British, the vast lands of New Britannia along with its people are free to prosper. Amongst these inhabited areas, there are eight extraordinary townships not to be looked upon lightly You see, not only do each of these eight towns specialize in a trade, they also have amongst their people certain members of honor who hold within them crucial information relevant to one of the eight sacred shrines of virtue. In turn, each of these most sacred shrines holds pieces of the puzzle that when put together will lead to the most revered symbol of ail, the Avatar, holder of all virtues known to man.

Welcome to the fourth Ultima saga. This super role play puts you on an incredible quest to find what no man ever has before, the Avatar.

The developer and the publisher of the game is Origin Systems. The year of the release is 1985.

Ultima IV is a rarity among role-playing games because of the fact that this game story does not focus on the mission of the main character to defeat a tangible ultimate evil.

After the triad of the evil was defeated, the world of Sosaria went through some drastic changes in the geography: three quarters of the world had disappeared, continents had rose and sunk. To replace the lost cities, the new ones were built. The world, unified under the rule of Lord British's, got the new name Britannia. The wise and concerned Lord British could depict the unhappy state of his people. As he got worried about their spiritual well being, he proclaimed the Quest of the Avatar. He just needed someone to step forth and become the shining example for others to follow.

The main goal of the game is to concentrate on the main character's, so to say, evolution in virtuous life. He must grow to be a spiritual leader and example to the people of the world of Britannia.

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