Sticky Business

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a game by Spellgarden Games
Platform: PC (2023)
Editor Rating: 10/10, based on 1 review, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.2/10 - 13 votes
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Sticky Business
Sticky Business
Sticky Business
Sticky Business

You know, Sticky Business might just be the most charming and adorable game that I have played so far in 2023! On the surface, this is a store management game with a creative twist, but it is just so wholesome and charming that it is impossible if you like it in those first five minutes, not to be completely addicted to this. This was one of those games that I ended up playing into the wee hours of the morning, having a blast designing stickers while drinking my cup of tea and stuffing my face with biscuits!

Your Own Etsy Store

The whole premise of Sticky Business is that we are running our own little online store that designs and sells stickers. It is kind of like running your own little Etsy store and that is just so charming. The game has this very appealing, friendly, cute, and wholesome vibe about the whole thing, and while you want to grow your business. Designing cute stickers and making people happy is just as important to you as growing your little sticker empire.

It Is All About The People

Perhaps one of the most charming (notice I have used that word about ten times already in this review?) aspects of Sticky Business is the people that we deal with. Our customers will send us messages not just telling us the kind of stickers that they are looking for, but we get to learn a bit about their lives and how our stickers have helped them with a project, make a friend happy, or even help them at work. It may not sound like much, but you really do get a boost and feel great when a customer tells you how happy a sticker you have made for them has made them feel.

So Many Sticky Possibilities!

If you are a creative gamer that loves to make things in your games, Sticky Business is going to take over your life! You have thousands of options at your disposal for making stickers and you can add special features like glitter or shine to them to make them extra special or to really meet the needs of a client. At the end of the day, this is still a video game and the progression system is great as the more successful your sticker empire is, the more stuff you will be able to add to your arsenal! There is also a bit of strategy at play here as you try and manage your resources the best you can too as well as managing all the orders and ensuring they are delivered in a timely manner.

That Pixel Charm

While pixel art is something that has been overdone to death at this point, Sticky Business simply had to use this style and it is so charming. The whole presentation and vibe of the game kind of reminds me of another charming game, Unpacking.

The pixel art stickers that you can make are so freaking adorable and the game has this very chill soundtrack that fits it perfectly. The bright and vibrant colors just add to the charm and the whole game is just so much fun to experience and a huge part of that is those lovely visuals that the game has.


Right now, I am pretty confident that Sticky Business is going to be very near to the top of my indie game of the year list. Hell, I had so much fun with this and it was so addictive that it probably will be on my general game of the year list now that I think about it. I truly cannot say enough nice things about this game, it is pretty much perfect and that is why I am giving it a perfect score.


  • This is the most charming game I have played this year
  • The whole tone of the game makes you smile
  • I found dealing with the customers to be very wholesome
  • There are tons of options when it comes to designing your stickers


  • This is a game that I 100000 percent want a physical copy of at some point
  • Now that I think about it, I want a special collectors edition of it, someone make this happen!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Sticky Business is a store simulator with colored stickers. Create unique stickers and invest in your small business. Match the price of materials to the price of the finished product and grow your production, drawing inspiration from the high demand for your creative stickers. Unique designs with a pinch of glitter will sell for more, and simple designs require less cost and fees. When you look at it that way, trading isn't such a complicated process, right?

Pros of the game:

  • Create unusual designs.
  • Learn how to run your business

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