Succubus Covenant

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a game by Olympus
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8.3/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 6.9/10 - 11 votes
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Succubus Covenant
Succubus Covenant
Succubus Covenant

I have finally played all the way through Succubus Covenant and I have to say that this is a pretty solid lewd RPG. I am not saying that it is perfect as there are some issues here. However, if you want a solid succubus story, you can do a heck of a lot worse than this. I got a real kick out of how this was not just a “fantasy” type story like I thought it was going to be as it has a sci-fi twist that I thought was really cool. I know that this game does not have the best reputation, but I still highly recommend that you check it out and make up your own mind about it.

The Succubi Are Coming! The Succubi Are Coming!

I always love a good succubus story and Succubus Covenant has one that I feel is awesome. Actually, I would have liked it if they had gone into things a little bit more than they do. The hero is a young demon hunter that needs to put a stop to this succubus invasion, but that is easier said than done as we all know, it can be hard to resist the temptations of a big thick, and sexy succubus when she sets her sight on you. I thought that it was really cool how the game started in outer space, I was not expecting that at all!

A Story To Tell

The biggest complaint that you will hear about Succubus Covenant is how linear it is and I must admit, I can see why that would be an issue. We do get to go around talking to people, making decisions, and other RPG like stuff. However, the game has a clear path that it wants the story to go down and it is going to ultimately go down this path no matter what choices you make. I was ok with this as I was digging the story that was being told, but I do know that the “illusion of choice” can be something that bothers people.

RPG Lite?

I know that I have called Succubus Covenant a lewd RPG, but it is a very basic RPG in terms of the gameplay. Yes, you will be walking around towns, talking to people, finding items, doing quests, and battling succubi. However, the game is very linear in its gameplay, no need to grind and level up, the game makes sure you are at the level you need to be. It can be hard to know how to trigger the next story event/battle, but it never got to the point where I found it frustrating. However, I can see why those who want a beefier lewd RPG may find the gameplay a tad too simple.

Succubi With Thick Thighs

I am a massive fan of the character designs in Succubus Covenant! This game has gone for an anime style and I love it! The succubi are done in a much thicker and larger style and seeing them take what they want from men is very hot! I do wish that the game had fully animated sex scenes as it would have been awesome to see these monstrous beauties in motion. I also like the way the actual game looks, going from what was like a space station to a fantasy world was something I thought was really neat.


The more I think about it, the more I can see why Succubus Covenant did not click for some people. Yes, the gameplay is basic and it does keep you on a tight leash for an RPG, but I had a lot of fun playing through this. I thought the story was fun and had some nice twists to it and of course, those big thick succubus chicks were awesome. As this one does have a bit of a mixed reaction to it, I really do feel like it is the kind of game you have to play for yourself so you can make up your own mind.


  • This game has amazing succubi in it!
  • I loved the whole anime style of it
  • I found the story to be very interesting
  • The fact this is a more linear experience made it click with me


  • I can see some people not liking how basic the gameplay is
  • The story may not have enough choices for some people

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

After I played through what I could of Succubus Covenant I jumped online to see if people were as into it as I was and I was kind of shocked to see that this is a game that has a bit of a mixed reception out there. Granted, we all like different things, but I really thought that this was a super fun RPG with a great premise that manages to mix both sci-fi and fantasy which is something not too many things will try and do.

The Succubus Invasion

The story of the game is great in that it starts out in space and you are trying to stop a succubus invasion… well that is the way I took things as I played Succubus Covenant. You soon move from your futuristic looking location to a more fantasy type place and this is where it all goes down.

You need to fight off this succubus invasion and these sucubusses need humans to fill them with their energy and I am pretty sure you do not need me to go into any more detail in how they get “filled”!

I Love Big Thick Ladies!

The presentation I will admit is what drew me to the game. This features succubus’s that are more “thicker” than normal and this is something I really do like. Each one that you encounter has her own thing that is special about her and I found that the game got to the sexy stuff pretty quickly which is really all that you can ask for in a lewd game. I would not say that the art in Succubus Covenant is full on anime, but it is perhaps just a step below it. The actual “gameplay” is done in your typical top-down RPG Maker style and I think it works very well for the world that they have created here.

Getting To The Good Stuff

Look, I will admit that the gameplay of Succubus Covenant is a tad unbalanced. When you are actually dealing with a succubus it is awesome and very engaging, but it is the stuff in between that which I feel some people find a tad on the tedious side. The game is not the best at telling you where to go or what to do so I am sure some people may lose interest. To be fair this is something that many lewd RPGs are guilty of.

However, I do think that I was able to overlook that here as I was very into the story and of course, I so wanted to get to the next sex scene with a nice big and thick succubus!


I had a fantastic time playing this and I think that the reason for that is the whole premise of Succubus Covenant was something that really clicked for me…. Plus, did I mention that I love thick ladies? As a lewd RPG, truth be told it is not offering anything groundbreakingly new to the genre, but I still had a lot of fun with it and think that if you dig the art style, you need to check it out and stick with it as it gets better the more you play it.


  • I loved the character designs
  • The sex scenes in the game are fantastic
  • The whole premise is pretty neat
  • I liked the way some of the succubus’s would talk to me


  • I am sure the story will not click for some people
  • You have to be down with the thicker ladies!

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