The Divide Enemies Within

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a game by Viacom New Media
Genre: Action
Platforms: PC, Playstation
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 6.7/10 - 3 votes
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People say:


Can a video game win a Hugo Award? If companies work on their story line as hard as Radical Entertainment (the developers) did on The Divide, then they would have a shot. The Divide has a deep and involving plot that should instantly pull you into the game. The sad part is. this is not a graphical adventure or an RPG, (where a good story matters). Outside of this well-crafted sci-fi tale and the excellent music, you'll find that The Divide is only a sub-par action game. The game is done in full 3-D (complete with full freedom of movement), but its frame rate is so poor that perhaps The Divide should have taken it easy on the PlayStation's processor and been made a partial 3-D game (like Pandemonium! or Spider). Or it could've taken Bubsy 3D's route and skipped the texture maps. The choppy animation isn't the only thing hurting this game. The graphics, without a doubt leave plenty to be desired. The weapon effects and explosions are so uninspiring; it affects the gameplay seriously. Looking past these problems, you can find an average platform game that will neither excite nor bore you. Simply put: The Divide can't compete with the numerous other better-looking and better-playing action titles on the PlayStation. Rent it and see what I mean.


This one has undergone some major changes since early demos long ago. It has improved since those, but it still doesn't do much for me. The graphics are pretty good but have a strange, grainy quality. The game has some great ideas but it didn't keep me interested for a long time. It'd be a definite rental with a possible buy if I had extra cash.


There's nothing about The Divide that'll knock you out of your socks. It's just an average-as well as average-looking-action title that's a little hard to control. Still, the game gives you lots of sprawling, maze-like areas to explore. And you get plenty of cool power-ups for your 'bot, too. You just have to find them first. But, of course, that's half the game's fun.


Honestly, The Divide does excite me, but not in the way you'd think. The three-fourths perspective was interesting, and really shows off the levels nicely, but the gameplay suffers with low gun accuracy. Also, some areas are very large, yet have no enemies or puzzles, causing boredom to set in quickly. Who knows? The Divide could end up being this year's sleeper hit.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

With a grandiose story line that's worthy of a Hugo award, The Divide: Enemies Within prepares to take on PlayStation powerhouse action games like Spider and Pandemonium!. The difference, however, is that this new sci-fi platform game is fully 3-D with complete freedom of movement.

The gameplay borrows some elements from other titles. The layout of the levels look a bit like Bubsy 3D's, but with a darker, more foreboding feel to them (and with texture maps, unlike Bubsy 3D's flat-shaded terrain, Metroid fans may experience a sense of deva vu too. Some of the weapons and power-ups seem to be taken right out of the popular Nintendo series, to the point where The Divide could almost pass off as a 32-Bit Metroid sequel. This was not a coincidence. "I loved all the Metroid games," says Ian Verchere, director for Radical Entertainment, the developers of The Divide. "Knowing that Metroid is a Nintendo exclusive, I designed a game for the PlayStation which I hope captures the great balance of action and adventure that made Metroid so great."

As we said before. The Divide has a fantastic story line. It's an involving plot which we won't go into much detail here (to summarize it would do it injustice).

The story, combined with the computer-generated FMV sequences, should pull you right into the game. Before you even start out on your quest, the game will put you through a training level. This first stage will show you how to use the various power-ups for your Terragator Unit (the armored mech body you are placed in), how to fire primary and secondary armaments and how to use the basic controls (like aiming up and down, or switching camera angles). This initial lesson is not comprehensive, and a few tidbits of help will pop up later in the game as well.

After the lesson, the game will start you off right after you wake up from an eon-long cryosleep. Before your extended nap, you were injured in battle. So you begin the first level with very little in terms of equipment. In fact the first to-do on your itinerary is to pick up something to fix your injured legs (until then, you'll have an annoying limp). Slowly, as the game progresses, you'll pick up other parts vital for survival, like missiles, jumping attachments, heating and cooling units, etc.

As you traverse the alien worlds, you will run into a myriad of strange creatures. The levels are pretty standard fare-you'll find an ice level, a desert level, a jungle level, etc. Remember though, the game is fully 3-D, meaning you can explore wherever you want (you can even go back to visit old levels). But don't be under the impression that this is a Tomb Raider-type of exploration game. The stages are pretty straightforward and confined.

Even though you can't call The Divide the most original title around, it still has enough going for it to make it stand out. The story line and the unique levels and enemies may prove the game worthy. Check out this month's Review Crew to see what the game experts have to say.


As mentioned in the main text. The Divide has things in common with Nintendo's Metroid games. Here are a few of the things (some more important than others) that you'll find in both games (all except one. can you guess which one?): -Bombs and missiles as secondary weapons -Power-ups. such as a super jump-Enemies that leave lO-point health-up balls when killed -Canisters of energy (health) that hold 99 units apiece -A rainy level -A main character who almost bears it all in the end -Play set in an alien world -A descending elevator that brings you into the first level of the game.

  • MANUFACTURER - Radical Ent.
  • THEME - Action

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