Universe in Cum 2

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a game by Octo Games
Platform: PC (2023)
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
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Universe in Cum 2
Universe in Cum 2
Universe in Cum 2
Universe in Cum 2

What a title Universe in Cum 2 is am I right? This is a direct sequel to the first game, but you do not actually need to have played that game first. If you have played the first game, great, if you have not, do not worry about it as you get up to speed pretty quickly. To be honest with you the plot is not all that complex anyway so it is not like you have to think too hard to be able to follow this. What we have here is a lewd visual novel that has some epic XXX content and a level of polish that you do not often see in a lewd game.

The Scent Of A Woman!

The plot of Universe in Cum 2 is something that I really did enjoy. It may not be all that complex, but as someone who loves sci-fi and lewd content, it has exactly what I was looking for. We play as a human character whose scent is so alluring to these alien species that we are pretty much irresistible. We find ourselves making new friends, getting into “sticky” situations, and also discovering that sex and pleasure can be greater than we ever imagined. It is not award winning stuff, but I enjoyed the story for the most part and found it to be quite entertaining.

Making The Right First Impression

Before I get to what I loved about the visuals of Universe in Cum 2 I do have to say that I nearly skipped this game! Look, I played the first so I had a vague idea what this was going to be, but the first images/video I saw of this were of the hot chick getting banged mercilessly by this big ass ugly tentacle monster. Look, tentacles and hot chicks are the perfect pairing for many people, but it has never done anything for me and it looked so good that it was kind of a turn off! However, being the brave and honorable soul I am, I powered through and decided to give the game a try.


Ok, so I had my little complaining session about Universe in Cum 2, now I can tell you that this game has some of the most amazing visuals I have seen in a lewd game over the last couple of years! The quality is just amazing, I am talking PS5 levels here, well PS5 of lewd games. There are some ugly alien type characters, but there are more than enough human or alien, but still hot looking characters that balance it out. Not only do the characters look great, they also move great too. I was very impressed with the smooth and slick animation that this game had.

Sometimes A Quickie Is Better!

One of the biggest complaints that you will hear about Universe in Cum 2 is that the game is only about an hour long. I will not argue with that, I beat the game in one play-through, but I have played it again as I loved the presentation so much. This is quite a linear kind of game, I guess you could say that the “puzzles” add a bit of gameplay to the visual novel stuff, but do not expect to be forced to think too hard about anything that this game puts in front of you. I have zero complaints with this, at the end of the day, this is all about showing off those amazing visuals and XXX scenes and it does that so well!


I was very entertained and pretty damn turned on while I was playing Universe in Cum 2. The fact that this does have ugly tentacle stuff that I usually hate, but the other stuff was so good I was able to overlook it, tells you this is a winner! While it is the amazing sex scenes that you will remember about this game, I honestly think that the story is pretty entertaining too. It may be short and lack replay value, but this is still a fantastic experience.


  • The visuals are truly out of this world
  • It has some of the most epic sex scenes!
  • I liked the sci-fi story
  • There are some interesting characters here


  • You can easily see all that it has to offer in one sitting
  • I sound like a broken record, but the tentacle stuff creeps me out!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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