a game by Sony Imagesoft
Genre: Simulation
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 8.6/10, based on 2 reviews
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Wow! Warhawk is the best flight game I've ever played. I can't describe how cool this game is. Everything scales smoothly, and the enemies are intelligent. The missions vary, and each one is loaded with unique challenges. Warhawk looks as good as it plays. The controls are precise, and you have a wide variety of options at your disposal. The music is simply awesome. Warhawk is worth purchasing. No other flight game has this level of intensity.


I have waited my entire life for a game like Warhawk. It has everything you could ever want from a game. For one, the game utilizes every button on the PSX controller, and believe me, you will use them I have always loved a game with a challenge, and Warhawk requires more strategy and skill than even the most experienced players will have. Excellent control, killer graphics and smokin' sound effects are just the beginning. The only drawback is the small number of levels.


This game is by far one of the best games out for the PlayStation. The graphics are colorful and detailed, the sound Is crystal clear and the scrolling is as smooth as silk. The scrolling and perspective are so real that you can almost feel the G-forces pressing you against your seal. Although the game only has six missions, they are large and can last from five minutes to an hour and a half. I can honestly play this game over and over again and not gel sick of it.


Wartiawk is bound for glory. Outstanding visuals, sound effects and gameplay make it the most enjoyable sim on the market today. It requires a delicate balance of strategy and skill to complete the giant levels of previously unseen depth and realism. The only problem with Warhawk is the number of levels; the game is so good you find yourself looking for more. Warhawk has everything you can hope for in a sim. If you are only getting one PSX title this year, this should be it.

Game Reviews

At first glance. Warhawk may look like your average, run-of-the-mill shooter, but after playing through the very first level, it was obvious that there was much more to the game than meets the eye! First of all, many games of this type may boast some impressive graphics and cool features, but are very limited since you are always flying along a set course. Perhaps the best feature of Warhawk is the freedom to fly anywhere throughout the level. This way, if you're going in low for an attack pattern on a ground target and miss, you can then hit the thrusters, do a 180-degree banked turn and set up for a second attack. As far as the overall look, one could go on forever on how incredible the graphics are. but more important than that is how smoothly the game plays. Warhawk is among the second generation of titles that will be released for the PlayStation, which means that the programmers are starting to learn how to unleash the true powers of this incredible system. As far as controls go: superb! Warhawk is one of the few games available on the PSX that utilizes every button on the controller while in flight. One very unique feature of the controls that separates this game from all the other shooters or trench running-type games that have been released in the past is the throttle control. Other games such as Total Eclipse and StarFox may feature some limited throttling abilities, such as a boost or a brake, but Warhawk incorporates full throttle control in both forward and reverse. This advantage, along with the fact that you can fly in any direction, makes for one incredible game. For example, the Bosses at the end of the levels can be very tricky to defeat, and may need some strategic planning. Flying in just to unleash every weapon you have available may be fun, but also suicidal. Your best bet would be to come in low, raise your altitude, target the enemy and make the kill. Sounds easy, but it's not! Being able to hover is nice, but it also means you're nothing more than a sitting duck.

If you take a considerable amount of damage to your shields, you reverse your throttle, back off find a place to hide out while your shields recharge, then go back to finish off the enemy. Up until now, platform shooters have always been inferior to the PC titles that can offer brilliant graphics and features while still keeping the true "flight" integrity in the game. Warhawk is well on its way to closing the gap between the keyboard and the controller.

  • PUBLISHER - Sony Interactive
  • DIFFICULTY - Adjustable
  • THEME - Simulator

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