Warlock and Boobs

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a game by Boobsgames
Platform: PC (2018)
Editor Rating: 7.8/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.8/10 - 5 votes
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Warlock and Boobs
Warlock and Boobs
Warlock and Boobs

I remember first playing Warlock and Boobs when it was first released a few years back and I recently heard that it had been updated quite a bit since then so I thought I would check it out. To be honest with you, this is a decent game, but it is kind of frustrating as I see the potential for it to be great! This is a lewd RPG and one that has some of the best art I have seen, add to this a fun fantasy world and story and we have a game that I think if it were worked on a bit more could be awesome.

Living The Dream!

The premise of Warlock and Boobs is a whole lot of fun. We play as a young man called Krowly and he wants to be a warlock! He has dreams of learning the most powerful magic spells! However, he also wants to be someone that captures monster girls and go on all kinds of fun adventures. I think as a character Krowly is pretty fun and I also like this crazy big-boobed fantasy world that the game takes place in.

A Witty Kind Of Wit!

One of the things that I liked about Warlock and Boobs was that the story was written with tongue firmly in cheek! This is a game that is not trying to be all serious, as a matter of fact, it gets down right weird sometimes and I love that. This is the kind of game that has a great sense of humor and the delivery of some of the lines legit made me laugh on more than one occasion. I think the story being the way that it is actually made me more willing to forgive the rather frustrating gameplay.


Warlock and Boobs is a lewd RPG, but this is one of those games that I like to call a “where the hell am I supposed to go?” game! The reason I say that is there is nothing in this game keeping you in check or letting you know where you need to go. Accepting a new quest is either going to be super simple or having you walking around every inch of the screen hopeful that you will trigger something. The grinding of points feels tedious too! This sounds like the game would be a nightmare to play right? Well, there is a saving grace and that is you can use this cheat machine to skip a lot of the frustrating parts of the game, this is what I did and the game was way more fun as a result.

Monster Girls Are Always The Best Girls!

The best thing that Warlock and Boobs has going for it is the amazing lewd art! There are so many great looking monster girls in this game we have a green orc like chick, a demon, and my personal favorite, Clara… the barmaid who I guess is technically not a monster, but she is still hot! The character designs in this game are amazing, the boobs in the title is not messing around as all of the ladies in this game have monster, exaggerated breasts! I do wish that there were animated sex scenes as the animation here is the bare minimum, but as the art is so amazing, I can forgive it a tad!


I wish that Warlock and Boobs had a bit more of a linear and straightforward kind of gameplay to it. You take this art, this world, these characters, and that story and you slap it on a basic RPG and you have a winner. This game is just way too frustrating to actually play and if it were not for that cheat option, I do not even think I could give this a 5! However, it does have that cheat option so I feel comfortable giving it a higher score. Do not screw around with this! Use the cheats as soon as you can.


  • Krowly was a fun protagonist to play as
  • The boobs in this game are insane!
  • I loved most of the hot characters
  • I like how there is a super cheat system to avoid the BS aspects of the game


  • I really wish that there were animated sex scenes
  • Without the cheats, playing this game is way too frustrating

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Today I am checking out Warlock and Boobs which is a lewd RPG that is made with RPG Maker. It is a rather interesting game and one that I did have a lot of fun with, but let me tell you this is a game that while it can be fun, does require a great deal of patience from the player, a guide, or just a flat-out willingness to cheat!

He Is A Saint!

The story of the game is very much not meant to be taken seriously. The story of Warlock and Boobs is about a young guy called Krowly (not the dude from Supernatural) and he wants to have it all! He has a dream where he will learn magic, hunt down all kinds of sexy monster girls, and of course, he wants to get laid as much as possible too.

I found the story to be a great deal of fun, mainly because the different girls you come across, especially the monster girls were very interesting to deal with. It is the kind of story that I could see many of you guys getting very into.

Still, But Smooth

I must admit that I was a bit disappointed with how little animation there was in Warlock and Boobs. The game does say that it has animation, but to say that it is minimal is probably giving it more credit than it deserves. Still, the game looks like a million bucks. It has that typical RPG Maker style when you are playing the actual game of course, but the character portraits and the XXX images are awesome. I think a huge reason as to why the visuals of the game appeal to me so much is the boobs! This is a game where the majority of the characters have these massive and awesome boobs!

Grinding Or Cheating?

I feel that Warlock and Boobs is trying really hard to offer a compelling gameplay experience and it does kind of offer that. If you have experienced any RPG Maker game before, you will feel right at home here. From the quests, the tasks, the leveling up, the gear, and the fighting, it all has a very familiar feel to it all. The thing is, this is a game that requires some serious grinding and I flat out do not see how anyone can get through it without some kind of guide.

That is unless you are willing to cheat! You see in your basement you have a special cheat machine that will let you skip the grinding and always make sure that you know what you are doing. Granted this took out most of the challenge of the game, but I had way more fun when I started doing this.


I thought that Warlock and Boobs was a very interesting lewd RPG. The game has a great deal going on and I know that the grind may turn many people off. However, I found that the story and those giant boobed character models were more than enough to keep me playing. With the cheats of course! If you like lewd RPGs, then I think this could be one that you could have some fun with.


  • I loved the main character
  • The whole premise of the story is good
  • It has some interesting monster girls
  • Most of the characters have giant boobs
  • It allows you to cheat to skip the grind


  • Without the cheats, the game is kind of brutal in the gameplay department
  • The game has pretty much no animation despite claiming it does

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