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Baseball Simulator 1.000

In Baseball Simulator 1.000 you can choose from any of 18 different teams or you can build a team from scratch.

Kung Fu Heroes

Only the two young friends, Jacky and Lee, can defeat the monsters and save the Princess.

Ultimate Fighter

Ultimate Fighter is a fighting video game released for the Super NES platform, which was designed by Culture Brain and published by Natsume.

Flying Dragon

Two games in one: Flying Dragon is the ONE and ONLY game that will entertain the entire family. Create your ideal fighting game using the most customizable interface yet offered. Choose between RPG-style and "virtual" tournament combat. Flying Drag..
Nintendo 64

Super Ninja Boy

Super Ninja Boy (Super Chinese World in Japan) is an action role-playing game released for the Super NES. It features random encounters with side-scrolling battles, although some boss battles are fought with a traditional menu-based system. There a..

Super Baseball Simulator 1.000

Another basball video game.