Flying Warriors

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a game by Culture Brain
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 5 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Flying Warriors
Flying Warriors
Flying Warriors
Flying Warriors


Eons ago there existed two very different worlds. One was a peaceful planet while the other cared only about war. Fortunately, each resided in its own separate dimension however, when the Red Star appears, a bridge would open up, cross the two dimensions, and connect the two planets. During the last merging an evil warlord named Demonyx crossed over and attempted to conquer the peaceful planet. At that time a brave warrior named Dragon Road drove Demonyx back into his dimension. The Red Star now appears again and Demonyx has returned. Only you and your four Flying Warriors can drive Demonyx back for good!

Flying Warriors continues the battle between good and evil originally started in Flying Dragon. In this updated version you begin the game with a test of your proficiency at various martial arts offensive and defensive moves in the Battle Mode. This practice prepares you for the upcoming fights you will have with the end of round bosses. Once you pass this practice session you begin your quest. Set In a side view perspective, the Journey Mode scrolls both horizontally and vertically and your goal is to gather the 5 pieces of the Man-dara Talisman as only with this special weapon completely assembled will you have enough strength to take on Demonyx himself. To get all the pieces you must find and talk to different messengers who will give you clues. In addition, many of the enemies you encounter will also be hiding important items and only when you have everything can you proceed. Secret rooms, locked doors and special power ups, are scattered throughout your quest. The enemies are strong and numerous and will have you relying on the password continue feature for quite some time.

People say:


While it's easy to appreicate what went into Flying Dragon, the training doesn't always help the action. The game play is decent, but the Boss encounters will appeal more to the realistic than the hack and slash fan!


This game is Ninja GaiDen with an obvious strategic overtone. While it is a change of pace, learning the attack moves is an interesting way to introduce them, it slows the game down more than I would have liked.


This is not your typical kung fu game, it has more features and a bit of roleplaying to keep things interesting. You'll find that FW has alot to offergood graphics, items you must locate to pass certain areas,plenty of.


Flying Warriors offers more than your typical action game, with advanced play technique that must be earned before its used. Won't win awards, but a solid entry that stands apart from similar efforts.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

Culture Brain will soon let the NES players experience the true meaning of professional martial arts. This game is packed full of moves, kicks, flips and much more!

Long ago there existed two major forces of power in the world, the Light Dimension and the Dark Dimension. One day Demonyx, ruler of the Dark Dimension, decided he no longer wanted to share the power, and he declared war upon the Light Dimension. Demonyx was unable to overcome the Light Dimension's hero, Dragonlord, but swore he'd return one day to seek his revenge. Unfortunately, that day has now arrived, and Demonyx is back in full force with plans to annihilate any resistors. Just when the citizens thought all was lost along comes Rick Stalker, kung fu expert, to save the day. The more than ten levels of high action/role play adventure put Rick into the heat of battle against hundreds of Demonyx's evil followers, but there's more than just hand-to-hand combat. Rick must also recover missing items and gain experience points (by battling certain monsters) before he can progress further into his journey.

Downtown Hong Kong, high noon. For weeks, a mysterious black fog has shrouded the city. Along streets snarled with traffic, headlights mix with the dull glow of streetlamps.

The fog signals the return of Earth's most ancient enemy: Demonyx. Centuries ago, Demon-yx was defeated by Dragonlord, the champion of the Light Dimension. Sealed inside the Mandara Talisman (a magical prison), Demonyx was exiled into the cold isolation of space. Afterward, Dragonlord recruited an elite team of kung fu masters, the Flying Warriors, to protect Earth from future attacks.

Flying Warriors is the call-to-arms of this specialized team. When Demonyx breaks out of his prison, only the Warriors can stop him. But the Warriors' leader, Rick Stalker, begins this mission alone. It's your job to help him find the other Warriors, reassemble the shattered Talisman, and defeat Demonyx in a final showdown.

That's a tall order, even for a Flying Warrior, so take advantage of the practice mode on the beginner level. There you can develop your martial-arts skills in a safe environment.

Once you're confident of your skills, enter either the tournament mode or battle mode. In tournament mode, you can compete against seven of your friends, but battle mode offers the greatest challenge. Hulking zombies, diving bats, and nightmarish goons spill out of an ominous landscape that scrolls horizontally and vertically.

Despite its exciting challenges, Flying Warriors has some disappointing limitations. For example, although flying is useful and the game's title suggests that it's used a lot, you can't fly until you've obtained a Windyshoes charm. Even then, the predetermined destinations to which you can fly are few, and the charm expires after one use. Also, the only time you use all of the characters is when you're fighting a boss or one of Demonyx's elite soldiers (pieces of the Talisman are won in these battles).

Flying Warriors is a big game, and it offers a nice blend of role-playing and martial arts. But the restrictions on flying and on using all of the characters might keep it from getting off the ground.

You are a student learning the martial arts from your teacher or Shingan. Not only must you master the skillful art of the punches, kicks and jumps necessary for a good offense but you also must learn how to properly defend yourself with moves which block an opponents attack. Once you learn the proper technique you can begin the quest your master has in store for you. Return victorious and you get promoted to the next higher level and given another, yet harder, quest.

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