3D Girl Custom Evolution

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a game by Bullet
Platform: PC (2014)
Editor Rating: 7.2/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 6 votes
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3D Girl Custom Evolution
3D Girl Custom Evolution
3D Girl Custom Evolution

3D Girl Custom Evolution is a lewd game that is based on the concept of you making a dream girl and doing what you want with her. It is a similar concept to what original game offered, but they are trying to make more of a “game” out of it rather than just a sex simulator. Speaking of sex simulators, I do not think that they have a weird masturbation device attachment for this game like they did the first version. If you like creating characters then this is a game that you are probably going to have a lot of fun with.

The Girl Of Your Dreams

3D Girl Custom Evolution has you creating the girl of your dreams. There is more of a story here, but the version of the game I played was all in Japanese. Games of this style do not usually have a story, but they have really tried with this one as there are many NPCs that you can interact with as well as the main girl. I think there are some neat ideas here, but as I could not understand what I was doing I did struggle to follow what was going on.

Making The Girl Of Your Dreams

Before you can start the journey that 3D Girl Custom Evolution is going to take you on, you have to create her. The character creation in this game is just amazing, the amount of choice that you have here is staggering and features a ton of options. No matter what kind of girl gets your motor running, you are going to be able to create her in this game. Those who love to make their own characters are going to spend hours here, I am not that skilled at creating characters, but even I was able to make a real cutie with this.

Bring Me The Mods

What I liked best about the 3D Custom Girl game were the mods. In that game, you could use stuff that other players had made. You could make her look like a famous porn star, an actress, or a hot chick that lives in some guy's building! It was amazing how dedicated the modding scene for that game was. Well, 3D Girl Custom Evolution does not have that. As I write this there is talk of allowing modding at some point, but right now there is no way to download other people’s characters which is a real shame as the community for games like this is usually really dedicated.

I think what we have with this game right now feels more like a demo. I am very interested to see the game when it is translated so I can understand what is going on better, but I do think there are some interesting ideas in this game. The number of customization options that you have are just insane!


I also like how they have tried to make this more of a game as you move around the map and interact with your dream girl and other characters. My score may seem a bit low, but to be fair, the language barrier here was a real issue for me.


  • This is a great looking game
  • I liked the anime style of the game
  • You can create some great looking characters
  • I appreciate how they have tried to make this more of a game


  • There is no English in the game
  • There is no modding scene for the game yet

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Today we are checking out 3D Girl Custom Evolution which is more than just a sex simulator. This is a fully fledged lewd game where you take your created girl on a wild sexual ride to try and get her horny level up. It is certainly a very interesting game and it is shown as completed so what is here is the finished article, but I still had a lot of problems with this game. I first played this a few years back and just recently went to give it another try to see it in its finished state, it is decent, but it could be so much better.

It Always Starts With A Girl

Before you can “play” 3D Girl Custom Evolution, you need to create your girl. The creation suite here is pretty solid and it was very easy to figure out how to create my girl. The game has an amine look to it which I am fine with and I had no trouble creating a cute girl that looked like she had walked off the set of One Piece! Once I had created my girl, it was time to actually play the game.

Building Up That Meter!

The whole point of 3D Girl Custom Evolution is to make you feel like you are dating this girl and you are trying to get her as horny as can be. There are various NPCs around the place, things to see and do, and of course, lots of sex to have as well. You need to treat her right as she has a horny level that you need to raise in order for her to be willing to pretty much let you do what you want with her, you can even make her pee herself, although I never got that far when I was playing the game!

A Powerhouse For 2016

Some people are pretty critical of the look of this game, but I think 3D Girl Custom Evolution looks pretty damn good. The anime style they gave the game gives it a kind of timeless look if you ask me as this type of look does not age badly at all. Now, back when I first tried to play this a few years back, it required a pretty hefty PC to run right from what I remember, well I have a pretty powerful gaming PC, but for some reason, the game stuttered and felt like it was struggling to run! I play stuff like Warzone and NBA 2K on the highest settings so it is definitely not my PC!

Save The Date

The biggest problem that I had with 3D Girl Custom Evolution and this is a major one was saving my game was such a chore to do! The game pretty much has no tutorial at all and I had to resort to jumping online to learn how to save my progress. I played the game for a couple of hours, turned it off, and assumed that what I had done had been saving as I played, nope, not even the girl I created was saved and I had to start from scratch! Make sure you do your homework and learn how to save if you do decide to give this game a go!


The fact that I lost all of my progress (even if it was just a couple of hours) really soured my experience with 3D Girl Custom Evolution. I do not remember this happening when I played an earlier build a few years back! The idea of the game is great, but it needed much more direction to help the player out once they had created their girl so that they knew what they were supposed to and could actually do. I think this game had a lot of promise, but that save issue really did spoil this for me. Saving is such a chore, I am not sure I have the desire to jump back in again!


  • I like the anime style that they went for here
  • Creating your character is fun
  • There are lots of choices when it comes to creating your character
  • This is not just a sex simulator, it is an actual game


  • The save issue sucks and spoils the entire game
  • It does not teach you how to play the game which can be frustrating

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