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a game by Konami
Genre: Shooting Games
Platform: SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 9.1/10, based on 7 reviews, 8 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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  • Manufacturer: Konami
  • Machine: Super NES
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Available: November 1992
  • Number of levels: 6
  • Theme: Shooter


The Illis system has been invaded by a horrible race of bio-mechanoids and is in grave danger of being totally wiped out. After months of intense warfare, the system defense forces are completely gone. The only hope is an experimental star ship known as Axelay. This ship is lightning fast and the most maneuverable ship in the galaxy. A lone starfighter must pilot this ship through the harsh environments of the Illis system and destroy the oncoming armada. That starfighter is you, and with the help of the strategy guide we've put together on the next few pages, you should be able to blow through this menace and save your people from destruction. Use the maps and tips we've provided to help you get through the tough spots in the game. We'll also tell you the best ways to beat the bosses and which weapons to use in certain situations.


  1. You'll start out your mission in the cloudy skies of the planet Illis. Small formations of enemy ships will encircle you. Use the Round Vulcan to destroy them all.
  2. Some of the floating islands have laser cannons built into them. When you destroy them , they will break into many pieces of rock. Shoot the debris before it hits you.
  3. This mid-level boss will shoot lasers, homing missiles and spray shots at you! Stay to the left or right; if you are directly in front you will be hit. Use Straight Laser for maximum damage.
  4. These laser-firing ships appear and move very fast. Stay to the sides and use the Round Vulcan.
  5. You will fly through these narrow sections at high speeds. Stay at the bottom of the screen and make sharp lefts and rights to survive. Watch for exploding bombs.
  6. Before you face the boss, destroy the floating mines.


The first boss you encounter is a giant spider. At first, it will launch four baby spiders that will fire at you in a pattern. The shots are easy to avoid; stay to the back before they fire and then just move forward and they should miss you. Concentrate your fire into the boss's eye. Be careful! It will shoot out a laser web to slow you down and then shoot at you. Don't get caught under its legs or you will be crushed. Stay to bottom and aim for the eye to win!


  1. Many large enemy ships will attack with heavy missile fire.
  2. Use your Round Vulcan to get rid of the small cannons on the ceiling and ground.
  3. As you fly through this next section, enemies will surprise attack when there is nowhere for you to go. Use the Round Vulcan to get rid of them.
  4. Make sure that you fly under this ledge quickly, or else! Watch for enemy cannons on the underside of the moving ledge.
  5. Small enemies will use wires to position themselves for attack; destroy them and their wires vanish.
  6. These enemies try to crush you with their arms. You can shoot their arms, but if you shoot their middles you'll destroy them.
  7. Relax, these gates don't close.
  8. If you shoot the blocks, the ceiling with come crashing down. Shoot them and fly through quickly.


  1. As you engage the enemy on the planet's surface, move from side to side while using the Needle Cracker. This helpful weapon will seek out and destroy the smaller enemies.
  2. These ships will fire heat seeking photons at you. Move to the left quickly and then go up to dodge the shots. Try to blast the enemies.
  3. In this section, you must shoot through the barricade structure to make a path to safety. Stay to the left and shoot the cross sections to destroy the structure in front of you. Watch for moving pieces of the barricade!
  4. Rotating ships will try to crush you with metal arms. If you aim for the center, you can blow them away.
  5. This mid-boss is very aggressive. Stay at the bottom of the screen in the center. As it approaches, move to the side and go behind it. Damage it and it will lose its guns. Only a few more shots until it is finally gone.
  6. These ships fire beams of intense electricity. Be sure to stay between the ships before they fire and you'll be safe. 7. Enemy ships will attack you from under the city streets.
  7. You will have to fly through another barricade structure. This time you must blast through the cannons in the structure to make a safe path.
  8. Fire shoots from the surface more intensely, so be careful.


This robotic walker is equipped with heavy artillery. He can rotate his cannons to almost any angle except backwards. You can destroy its cannon first to give you a better chance of surviving. Position your ship at the diagonal line to shoot through its shell and hit its weak spot. Watch out for the super laser it will fire. When you see the laser forming, get above it if the boss aims down and below it if it aims up.


This boss is much more intense than the previous ones. The first form it attacks you in is a flying eye with four drones around it. Destroy it and the second form will emerge. The boss then turns into a cone-shaped flying saucer and fires tons of shots at you. These shots can be destroyed if you can hit them. Try the Needle Cracker for best results. After you destroy all of the cannons on the saucer, it will change into a giant warship. The boss will now fire huge beams of electricity at you. Watch the cannons to see which ones light up, so that you can avoid the beams. You must shoot the boss in the eye that opens up in the center of the ship. Use the Straight Laser or Round Vulcan here.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

Game Reviews

  • Manufacturer: Konami
  • Machine: Super Famicom/ SNES

If it comes from Konami, you know it is going to be good and Axelay is no exception. Probably the best shooter ever made and, best of all, it will probably make it over to the U.S. later this year as officials at Konami U.S.A. state that they are seriously considering doing this game!

Forget about screen flicker and, forget about slow down. It didn't take Konami long to work those bugs out of their games. We were able to log a couple of hours on this super cart and even Martin was impressed with the special effects that Konami was able to do with Mode 7! More on the U.S. version very soon!

One spacecraft remains after a vicious assault by an alien task force. That ship is Axelay. You have been selected as a top ace, capable of flying the ship deep into enemy territory! However, you will not be alone because you will have a pilot's best friends (missiles and guns) to help you! Blast through six exhausting levels of hyper-intensive play with various weapon choices appearing at the start of each level!

People say:


Axelay takes shooters to all new heights with play mechanics and spectacular graphics melded into a single interstellar blast-a-thon! The game utilizes a wide variety of Super NES special features and provides a wild array of weaponry in both the pseudo-first-person and side-scrolling perspectives. Absolutely incredible!


Wow! This is the game that all shooter fans will want to have. Spectacular, and I mean SPECTACULAR!, Mode 7 effects, along with HUGE intimidating bosses. The graphics are about the best the Super NES can do and there is no trace of slowdown. It's a tough game on its hardest difficulty level.


Axelay is everything that I expected it to be, minus a few more levels. The graphics are mind-blowing and the 3-D effects are among the best I've seen on the SNES. The music is cool and sounds great in stereo. Each level is intense and the gameplay is almost perfect. With only six levels though, it's over too soon.


Axelay is the most innovative shooter I've seen since Gaiares! The unique three-dimensional scrolling is incredible! Without a doubt, the mode 7 effects are going places in the future. The scaling is a little choppy, but who cares? If you like shooters, then Axelay is a must. Besides the phenomenal graphics, the music jams.

The Universe Is Calling

The lllis solar system has been attacked by a mysterious enemy force. After many long months of constant battle the solar system's small but tough forces are almost completely gone. Only one spaceship remains, Axelay. You must successfully pilot the Axelay, destroy the enemy forces from the source and regain freedom for the lllis solar system and the entire galaxy. The Axelay spaceship is one of the fastest and most maneuverable ships in the galaxy and it is also equipped with eight special weapons in addition to the main cannons.

Levels review:

  1. Stage 1 Stage one is an overhead level in which you maneuver Axelay through the enemy infected planet lllis. Boss one is a huge mechanized spider that will shoot out it's web to slow your ship sown and then shoot bursts from it's cannon.
  2. Stage 2 After completing stage one it is time to breech the atmosphere of the planet and rocket your way into outer space. Making your way through the nebula is not an easy task either You will constantly be bombarded by enemies and also Boss two.
  3. Stage 3 While in space you receive a distress message from one of the largest cities on lllis. You must return to the planet immediately and make sure no harm comes to the city. As you come to the city limits, Boss two's huge ship awaits. Defeat him and move on.
  4. Stage 4 The enemy has also infected the oceans of lllis. It is your duty to destroy all alien life forms below the surface. Underwater you can find all forms of enemies and worst of all, Boss four, an alien squid that uses energy tentacles to disable your weapons.
  5. Stage 5 After receiving repeated attacks on the surface of the planet, a crack has appeared that descends all the way into the fiery depths of the planet's core. Risking complete vaporization you fly bravely down into the planet's core and there is plenty down there.

Another 'secret project' we ran across in Japan was a new super shooter from the experts at Konami. This one is going to make up for all that was lacking in Gradius 3 as it contains even more intense shooting action. Expect to see the very best the Super Famicom can do as now the programmers have had time to figure out the system! The game was in a very preliminary alpha version but what we saw was equal to an arcade machine. The power ups are designed like those in the Gradius series but the weapons are all new and much more powerful. The backgrounds are unbelievably detailed and even exceed those found in Super R-Type. The end bosses are full screen and even when the action gets intense there is not a trace of flicker. The U.S. Konami has not decided whether this shooter will appear on these shores, but we hope they take a long hard look at the ultimate in shooters!

Limber up your thumbs, galactic hot shots! Kona mi's sending their latest space shooter for the SNES, Axelay, into orbit. This six stage shooter, which tore up the Super Famicom in Japan, features forward and side-scrolling action with spectacular graphics and sound.

Your D117B Axelay fighter's arsenal includes standard issue air-to-air and air- to-ground missiles, as well as a few unusual new weapons like the Needle Cracker. In many standard shooters, you snag weaponry by blasting enemies and grabbing power-ups. In a nice Axelay twist, you begin armed with three different fully powered weapons. During successive stages, you recapture five other weapons for a total of four air-to-air and four air-to-ground devices at your disposal. Use your own space shooter skills to decide which weapons to use in which stages. Other features include customizable control settings, five different trigger speeds, and three levels of difficulty. In combination, all of these features give Axelay a good range of challenge from beginner to advance.

From the clouds in Cumuluses to the crystaline life structures in the Cavern, each level has eye-popping graphics. Check it out while you kick back and enjoy the cool tunes. During your quest to stop the Armada of Annihilation, you'll find that slowdown is very minimal in comparision to Gradius III. Interesting weaponry, gorgeous scenery, and lots of fun, what more could a dedicated video game space warrior want?

Axelay is a 2D shoot 'em up video game developed by Konami of Japan and released on the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console service in Australia on October 12, 2007 for the Super NES (SNES).

You must get out there and head to the alien's homeworld. With some luck, you may just be able to take them out at the source...

The lllis system has been invaded by a horrible race of bio-mechanoids and is in grave danger of being totally wiped out. After months of Intense warfare, the system defense forces are completely gone. The only hope is an experimental star ship known as Axelay. This ship is lightning fast and the most maneuverable ship in the galaxy. A lone starfighter must pilot this ship through the harsh environments of the lllis system and destroy the oncoming armada. The following four pages is part two of the ultimate strategy guide designed to help you win faster and score higher. Use the maps and tips we've provided to get through the tough spots in the game. We'll tell you the best ways to beat tha bosses and which weapons are the hottest in each situation. Remember, though, the best way to master a game this intense is by practicing!


  1. Round Vulcan works best in the first part of this level. There are many enemy pods on the ceiling and bottom of this huge cave. Shoot the pods to stop them from replicating.

  2. These pods have mutant,bamacles in them that are released when you fly by. Don't get too dose or you'll be crushed. If you shoot the pod, amoe-bas will come out and cling to your ship, causing it to sink. Just shake your ship quickly to get rid of them.

  3. If you destroy these jellyfish, they will explode into many shots. It is best just to avoid them if you are too close.

  4. This section is full of giant cave snakes and swarms of deadly bugs. If you shoot the swarms, they will fire twice as many shots at you. Just try to avoid the shots to survive.

  5. If you fly near these ledges the spiked ball will explode and the spikes will hunt for your ship. Destroy the ball before it explodes.

  6. The cave will split here: read the next two tips to choose your path.

  7. If you happen to have the Round Vulcan, then go through the top passage. Don't even bother if weak.

  8. If you've lost your best weapons, the bottom passage is a lot easier to pass through. Defensive maneuvering is the best way to survive.

  9. The gel on the ceiling will stretch out and try to crush you.

  10. These fish head straight for your ship; just dodge them.

  11. These creatures hurl rocks at you and are very hard to destroy.

  12. Blow through the rocks and watch out for "friendly" amoebas.


When you first enter the area that the boss is in, it will shake the screen and large rocks will fall from the ceiling. Stay towards the bottom and use the Round Vulcan to shoot the rocks above. Use the Explosive Bombs to cause the most damage to the boss. Stay above it and shoot the giant wasps that it sends after you and continue bombing the boss in the eye. The boss will shoot out purple electric beams that will change your weapons randomly. Be careful that you are not touched, or you may be vulnerable to attack and die. If you can't bomb, just shoot the boss in the red eye.


  1. Giant lava worms will leap at you. Be sure to stay out of the way. You can go under the worm as it dives, just avoid the area directly in front of the creature as it returns to the lava.

  2. Do not fly over the ground installations or you will be fried. Stay as far from the fire as you can.

  3. Go all the way to the top and use your Round Vulcan to fire behind you. You will be untouchable and can easily finish them off.

  4. These giant fire dragons break out of the structure at certain points. Shoot one in the head and it's body will explode into many pieces. Relax, the pieces won't hurt you.

  5. Shoot these satellites as soon as they appear. If you're not fast, they will explode into 8-way lasers.

  6. The rock climbing enemies will fire homing missiles at you. You can get rid of the missiles and enemies with the Needle Cracker.

  7. When you first get to this point, stay to the back because large flares will erupt in front.

  8. After the first flare erupts, get into the center of the screen. The next few flares will erupt in front of and behind you. You should be safe in the middle, though.

  9. If you make it past this island you'll meet the fifth boss. A group of rock climbers will launch homing missiles at you. Use the Needle Cracker and blow them away!


  1. At the beginning of the level, you must fight against a whole armada of these huge battle cruisers. The easiest way to destroy them is to go for the cannon on the underside of the ship first, and then take out the two pods on top.

  2. This probe awaits you at the entrance to the fortress. Fly directly above his head and you'll be safe.

  3. Make sure you go through the narrow passage first to survive.

  4. The walls will close in all around you so be sure to be out in front.

  5. In this section, shoot the barriers to make them go down. Once you stop shooting, they pop back up again.

  6. When you go through here, use the Round Vulcan. You can't destroy the pods, but you should be able to shoot your way to safety.

  7. These missile launchers can be taken out by your Round Vulcan.

  8. The Mid-boss is a real pain in the afterburner. He'll rip chunks out of the wall causing deadly space vacuums. Destroy the two drones that fire lasers first. If you shoot at it enough, you will expose his eye which is his main weak point.

  9. These pesky enemies will try to crush you while you avoid the lasers.

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