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Sega Genesis

Vapor Trail

Vapor Trail Game
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The game features 2 players controlling the jet fighters simultaneously for battle across numerous levels. There are 3 types of jets varying from different classes of speeds and firepower.
Sega Genesis

Bio-Hazard Battle

Bio-Hazard Battle Game
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  • Crying
    Crying Other wise known as Bio-Hazzard in Europe, It's side scrolling shooter with slightly better graphics.
  • Super R-Type
    Super R-Type Super R-Type is a shooter game, known for its high difficulty (even compared to other games in the series),...
Bio-Hazard Battle is a horizontally scrolling space shooter. You can choose one of the four ships, each one having its own attacks and ability to upgrade their weapons.
Sega Genesis


Gynoug Game
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  • Battle Mania
    Battle Mania Battle Mania is a horizontal and at times, vertical scrolling shooter. If you cannot endure playing little ships...
  • Dragon Spirit: The New Legend
    Dragon Spirit: The New Legend The storyline transports you to Kingdom Cloud, a medieval fantasy world filled with mythical wonders and prehistoric...
Gynoug is a side-scrolling shoot'm-up with six different levels. You play as the winged dude Wor and it's your job to make sure everything dies in your path and nobody lives.
Sega Genesis


Hellfire Game
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Sega Genesis


Gaiares Game
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  • Gradius III
    Gradius III It is a scrolling shooter arcade game. The player returns as the role of the pilot of the Vic Viper starfighter to...
  • Strike Gunner: S.T.G.
    Strike Gunner: S.T.G. Try your high flying, military skills with Strike, a series game that is a multi-directional shooters style, shown...
Gaiares (pronounced Guy-R-S) is a Japanese style side-scrolling space shooter released in 1990.
Sega Genesis


Verytex Game
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  • Gradius III
    Gradius III It is a scrolling shooter arcade game. The player returns as the role of the pilot of the Vic Viper starfighter to...
  • R-Type III: The Third Lightning
    R-Type III: The Third Lightning Gameplay is still the classic R-Type way with huge levels and bosses. With your detachable laser unit, you can fire...
Verytex is a horizontal scrolling shooting game that was only released in Japan. Players controlled the Verytex, a futuristic spaceship, on its journey to protect mankind from waves of enemies in six different levels.

Revolution X

Revolution X adds some innovations to a genre long thought limited.


Scrolling shooters are pretty hard to come by on the PlayStation, so fans of the genre tend to snap up whatever they can no matter the quality.

Lethal Enforcers 2 Gun fighters

Set in the Old West, your job is to rub out a band of gunslinging villains! This is obviously a lot harder than it sounds, though.

Panorama Cotton

Ever wanted to fly on a broomstick shooting my little pony's whilst chasing a half naked pixie? Well you'r in luck!
Sega Genesis


If you've played Sewer Shark or Microcosm, you've already played Novastorm.


While this is a definite improvement over the Sega CD version in terms of color and animation, Microcosm is still not all that fun to play.

Maximum Force

Maximum Force is a good light gun game, but not revolutionary.

1943: The Battle of Midway

This game is a sequel of a 1942 air shooter.

Silent Scope

Gun games have become a staple in most arcades.

Sky Shark

The arcade hit Sky Shark is coming to NES.

Zero Wing

Like other shoot 'em ups of the time, it featured no real plot except to distinguish that the player is a lone hero who will save the universe from an evil force.
Sega Genesis

Silpheed: The Lost Planet

But as with most action games, an involving storyline takes a back seat to pure adrenaline-pumping combat.

Deadly Tide

The game starts out with a nicely-done cinematic intro which leads the player into his/her role as undersea fighter pilot.


Axelay is a 2D shoot 'em up video game where you must get out there and head to the alien's homeworld.

Silent Scope 2: Dark Silhouette

One part gasoline, two parts methane, one part nitroglycerine. Shake well. Throw on fire.

Super E.D.F.: Earth Defense Force

It's a horizontal shooter game developed and published by Jaleco for the SNES. Originally an arcade game, it featured a two player cooperative gaming mode which was later removed during its port to the SNES. In its SNES incarnation, graphical adjus..

Dangerous Seed

Again crowds of enemies on your way, again sessions of dexterous maneuvering on the screen just only to destroy the dangerous alien seed.
Sega Genesis

Elemental Master

Elemental Master is a vertically scrolling shooter that has you controlling Laden in your eight-level fight against Gyra's creatures.
Sega Genesis

Gunbird 2

Or that have thrown so much at me that avoidance is not an option. But Gunbird 2 is such a game.


Not to get terribly nostalgic but I do miss those old style arcade games like Galaxian and Xevious.

Nova Storm

Nova Storm is loaded with power-ups from beginning to end, although it's easy to lose your ship in gunfire.


Darius was once a planet that boasted a highly advanced civilization, but fell into ruin after succumbing to the relentless assaults of Belser and his mysterious space aliens. Proco and Tiat, two survivors of Belser's evil quest, escaped and fled t..
Sega Genesis Sega Master System


Players pilot the Sol-Deace in a fight against strategic enemy fighters. Players use a dual cannon pick-up weapon that can fire shots in diagonal angles.
Sega Genesis


If you survive the fleet of enemy ships, you will reach the Red Planet, and you will have to engage the enemy on the surface.

Super Star Soldier

This is not your first battle across the stars!

Image Fight

It's time to climb behind the controls of the awesome fighter rocket, Daedalus, and do battle with the aliens who threaten the very existence of your race.

Image Fight 2

Off in a distant part of our galaxy, an intelligence system of unknown proportions has been enslaving inhabitants of other worlds and then destroying their planets.

Arrow Flash

Arrow Flash is a side-scrolling space shooter. You control a female spaceship pilot who is sent on a mission into deep space to save the Earth from an assault by an evil dragon from another galaxy.
Sega Genesis


This game is a real throwback to the classic 2D vertically-scrolling shooter.


Although it is superbly packaged in brilliant 3D graphics, Einhander really plays like a traditional side-scrolling shooter.


It is a vertical scrolling shooter arcade game. Like many other shooters, the game is set in space, where the player takes control of a small spaceship across several planets.
Sega Genesis

Raiden Trad

Like most shooters, in Raiden Trad you have a top down view over the country side as you move your plane across the screen and strafe shots at the enemy.
Sega Genesis SNES

Gun Nac

Space jockeys get ready! The Planetary Space Police need you. Prepare for the adventure of your life as you fire away at over 125 different bizarre enemies in seven levels.


Phelios is an oldschool 2d helicopter game, with a fast and furious action.
Sega Genesis

Panzer Dragoon Orta

Born into a world of dragons and biotechnology, Orta is confined in the prison of a crumbling stone tower.

GRIND Stormer

Your flying skills will be put to the test as you sit behind the controls of one of the most advanced spaceships in the universe.
Sega Genesis

Xevious 3D/G+

This is actually four games in one, and all should have your remembering the days of video arcades and hanging out at bowling alleys.

Tin Star

The game is set in a place called the Ol' West, which was inhabited by robots. The main protagonist is a mechanical sheriff name Tin Star, who rode on a stagecoach to a town called East Driftwood to stop the Bad Oil Gang and their leader, Black Bar..

N2O Nitrous Oxide

The recent trend for shooters seems to be geared toward fast action and bright, colorful environments.


The time setting is the near future and all is not as well as it seems!

Captain Skyhawk

It seems alien invaders have secretly landed on the Earth’s surface and are using a strange technology to drain the Earth of all of her power and transfer it to their own space stations.


This single-player horizontal scrolling shooter game features six different weapons to combat the BioMetals, an extraterrestrial race determined to destroy the human race.

Sewer Shark

Based on an upcoming movie, Sewer Shark is a CD-ROM shooter which takes you through the sewers of a futuristic city.

Task Force Harrier EX

Task Force Harrier EX is a Shoot-'Em-Up game, developed by Jorudan and published by Treco, which was released in 1991.
Sega Genesis

Sin And Punishment

The excellent Japanese developer Treasure (Gunstar Heroes, Mischief Makers) is finally back on the N64, doing this interesting shooter for Nintendo due October.
Nintendo 64

Cyber Core

Cyber Core cast you in the role of a rampaging robot, out to make the galaxy safe again.

Bioship Paladin

Bioship Paladin is a side-scrolling shooter game where you can play with one or two players.
Sega Genesis

Burning Soldier

Years and years ago. an alien race lived on Earth. Suddenly, a flood destroyed the whole civilization.

Radiant Silvergun

The good news: Great 2D shooters live on.

Planet Harriers

Who else has been praying for a Space Harrier follow-up?

Capcom 1942

This game is a famous 1942 air shooter by Capcom