The House Of The Dead 2

Download The House Of The Dead 2 and step into a nightmarish world overrun by the undead! Save the world from a deadly virus, face terrifying creatures, and make split-second decisions in this thrilling arcade shooter. Can you survive the horror? Play now!
a game by Sega, and Sega AM1 R&D Division
Platforms: Dreamcast, PC (2001)
Editor Rating: 7.7/10, based on 3 reviews, 5 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 41 votes
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An arcade classic, The House of The Dead 2, was deemed one of the most successful arcade games of its generation. It was featured in lists that placed it in the Top 100 games of all time, and that success was felt all across the world, from Japan to the United States, the game was a hit.

This success not only propelled the game to popularity but the 1998 game found its way to Dreamcast, Windows, and even a remastered version for the Nintendo Wii, years after its original release.

Zombie Apocalypse

Story-wise the game doesn’t stray too far away from other popular zombie outbreaks portrayed in modern media. Mysterious sightings and events start occurring in the city of Venice, upon further investigation you discover that a zombie outbreak is what is actually happening. It is your, and your partner’s job to investigate this outbreak and its origins. Without giving any spoilers, the conclusion to the game itself is not new, or groundbreaking by any means, but the journey is satisfying enough to make up for it.

Mindless Fun

Like the brainless zombies, The House of the Dead 2, doesn’t provide puzzles, or intellectual challenges, and that is fine because the game delivers exactly what it set out to deliver. The game moves you around either as Agent James Taylor or Gary Stewart (Player 1 or Player 2), and your job is to shoot zombies in the brain.

It is a fast-paced, gory, horror, first-person shooter that relies on reflexes and aims to be played. While the main proposal of the game, kill zombies, is pretty simple, The House of The Dead 2 keeps the experience fresh with multiple types of zombies, that pose unique challenges, and different boss fights.

Additionally, the game was ahead of its time, because it provided multiple endings of your journey depending on your choices, and specific actions. Ending change based on the game being completed alone, or in co-op, if both players beat the last boss, the number of continues utilized and the points achieved in each level, this mechanic ensures that players have a reason to replay the game.

Hit and a Miss

Ultimately, this game is fun and provides hours of entertainment. The graphics might look dated to the average gamer in 2021, but to provide a fair description, we need to look at what it accomplished at the time, and for the time this was a very good-looking game. The game isn’t a masterpiece but is enjoyable throughout, the only terrible and sore part of the experience is the disturbingly bad voice-acting, it just pops out of the screen every time you hear it, and you can’t unnoticed it.


If you were ever a fan of arcade games, or want to scratch the co-op nostalgia The House of The Dead 2, will be nothing more than an entertaining game. Yet, if you enjoyed similar titles such as Killing Floor: Double Feature, Time Crisis, or zombie modes from the Call of Duty series, this title is right up your wheelhouse. Just keep in mind, it served as a starting point for those franchises, and it is a simpler, older, less detailed game than the ones it helped inspire.


  • Variety of Enemies
  • Fun Gameplay
  • Multiple Endings
  • Replayability
  • Graphics


  • Voice-Acting is Terrible
  • The story is extremely Generic

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Back in the 1970s when sideburns were in vogue, the Queen was still quite hip (hard to believe we know) and Slade had only re-released Merry Christmas three times, there was a car known as the Triumph Stag. It was a stunning car, a veritable totty-magnet if you will, and the public loved it. Loved it, that is, until a slight oversight in the design caused the engine to explode within a few thousand miles. A few fires, many returns and a lot of dented egos later, the Stag was consigned to the drawing board and only a few hundred of them survive today; the pride and joy of some bearded bloke in Essex. Had someone at Triumph taken the Stag for a serious test drive before it was launched all this could have been avoided. Enter Sega, stage left...

Forget The Mouse

You see, while House Of The Dead 2 is almost a carbon copy of the coin-op and the console version, somebody somewhere didn't play the game the way most PC players will. And that's with a bloody mouse. Games that require a light-gun are rare as rocking-horse shit, and HOTD 2 would have been the perfect light-gun/game bundle for PC players. This is coming in September, but until then we get the coin-op with all the frustration of using a mouse.

The game itself is the usual 'scary-scary-horror-brooding' affair, although the green-blooded zombies are none too impressive with little in the way of gore. If you added some stale smoke, a load of screaming school kids and some dodgy neon lights, it would feel like you were in a seaside arcade.

The game is true to its heritage, and has the same dubious plot involving a guy called G who you have to rescue/avenge (things get a little hard to follow), although there is sadly no mention of finding the G-Spot. Cue the obvious 'finding the button' jokes.

Get Your Gun

If you can wait until September when the light-gun/game bundle is out, will be a delight to play. If you have a good surround sound system and can get some mates round for a game, then a Saturday night will never be the same (you're liable to be single in no time). The boss monsters become weirder, and the onslaught becomes almost apocalyptic. It's kind ot like running through a shopping centre on acid. Apparently.

It's a cop-out, but we've given two scores to HOTD 2. One when playing with a light-gun, and one without. While we all understand the pressure on companies to release games as soon as they're ready, it is a foolish move to release it before the light-gun is available. In fairness, the light-gun is being developed by a third party, so Empire has little control over it. But discretion is the better part of valour. Something Triumph learnt to its cost - no doubt Empire will too.

Finally...our reviews of The House of the Dead 2 are know, that game that's been out in stores since 9/9/99? We wanted to make sure we test drove HOTD2 with the two light guns (the InterAct Starfire and the Mad Catz Dream Blaster--both were unavailable until this ish) before making any sort of judgement. After all, a light gun game isn't the same without a light gun, is it? Some of us had a lot of hassles calibrating either gun with HOTD2. We tried it on several TVs, including a 32" Magnavox, a 19" Sony Trinitron, a 13" Samsung gx TV, a 32" Sony Trinitron XBR Flatscreen and more. Most of the gaming sessions had problems, from the occasional shot wandering an inch away from where you're aiming to not recognizing the gun at all (this usually happened when aiming for the lower-right corner of the calibration screen). Some reviewers only got the guns to work properly if they sat just right (just right meaning perfectly lined up with the TV screen being only three feet away, something we've clearly learned as children will cause nearsightedness, premature baldness and don't try it at home). Other reviewers had no troubles at all. There's no rhyme or reason to any of it. No one (including the companies) could pinpoint where the problems lie, so we came up with one conclusion: If your light gun/H0TD2 combo works well, consider yourself lucky.

People say:


Here are two versions of my review, one for my office TV (on which I was able to calibrate the light guns properly), and another from my home TV (on which I was not). Shoe review #1 (without calibration problems): Boy does this game rock. HOTD2 is an exciting, fast-paced shoot-'em-up. The combination of surprise attacks, quick and slow monsters and larger-than-life bosses keep you on your toes at all times. Sure the dialogue, story line and voice acting have more cheese than Wisconsin and a season of Global Groove combined. The game in between the cutscenes, however, is pretty damn good. The graphics are topnotch, the gore is overflowing, and the replay value is sky high due to the branching levels and all the new stuff (Boss Mode, Training Mode and Original Mode, where you can find and combine all sorts of extra goodies not found in the arcade original) Shoe review #2 (with problems): Boy does this game suck. On my home TV, HOTD2 won't recognize either gun at all, no matter how close I sit or whether I use s-video or RCA...and playing with the standard controller is nothing to write home about (although there are some nice control options). Final score: 7.5. Add 1.0 if the gun works fine with your gaming setup. If not, subtract 1.5 points. HOTD2 just isn't as fun without proper light gun support.


I've heard a dozen stories about why the third-party guns don't work right with this game, and I've tried the guns on several TVs with mixed results. Some of you will have gun-calibration problems. And while The House of the Dead is a fantastic light-gun game with lots of nifty play modes, it loses a lot when you have to play it with the joypad. My advice: Buy the game and a gun and hope for the best. You can always return 'em if you have problems.


As a casual fan of light-gun shooters, this is the best I've ever played. It's quite an intense game on a number of levels: The 3D graphics, the gore, the the same time, a few things aren't so great. Gun calibration is tough, on top of that the trigger on the Mad Katz gun is too stiff (blister time). The InterAct gun is nice though. Overall, getting through using standard single-fire is very hard. It takes a lot of dead-eye accuracy.


You shoot stuff and it explodes really messily. You shoot the right stuff and you can open up cool features. The acting may be appalling and the plot pretty dubious, but HOTD2 is a classic gun game. Try not to spoil it for yourself by being tempted by the crazy features on the guns though...playing through with the shotgun with everything switched to auto will get you through it quick, but make it boring. Savor the experience as it was intended.

Sega of America has confirmed House of the Dead 2 for a U.S. release and will be available when the Dreamcast is released or shortly after. Everything from the arcade version will be present, as well as a few new modes.

Unfortunately, the Japanese House of the Dead 2 (which is currently out now) suffers from an incredibly inaccurate light gun (the calibration is really off). Sega plans on working on this before releasing the U.S. version of the game and gun.

House of the Dead 2 is another Sega arcade conversion that's sure to be a must for Dreamcast owners. And don't think this is just another lousy port--Sega plans on maximizing the Dreamcasts potential, promising that Dead 2 will have better graphics, speedier action, and a light gun, all of which were available at the games launch in Japan. Sega is also adding six brand-new levels, including stages that'll take place in an ancient medieval mansion. Gamers in the United States can expea to start shredding zombies in September.

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