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Get ready for some balls to the wall action with our awesome looter shooter games collection! Killing tons of enemies and getting loads of loot is what these games are all about! There is a real addictive quality about games of this genre that those who are into it know all too well. We are huge fans of this genre and we wanted to put together all of the biggest and best games the genre has to offer in one convenient place.

We have tons of great action packed games for you to check out, but we wanted to make sure you are on the right track with a few special mentions that we here at the site think deserve some special attention.

You cannot talk about looter shooter games without bringing up Borderlands 3 as we write this the movie is due to come out later in the year and this is a franchise that people just love! The 3rd game kicked things up a few notches and it has some of the best DLC that the franchise has ever seen. Now, we love the 3rd entry, but for some, it did go off the rails a tad. Do not worry, if you want a bit more of an older school type experience, we do also have the original Borderlands 2 which we are sure you will have a ton of fun with.

Another top and popular looter shooter is Risk of Rain 2 which is just so much better than the original Risk of Rain. The plot is simple, you are stuck on an alien infested planet and you need to do what you can to survive. Take down hordes of enemies, getting better and better gear and weapons as you go! This is a very addictive experience and a game that many people get hooked on! This is a 3rd person shooter which gives it a little bit more of an “arcade” vibe about it.

We highly recommend that you check out Deep Rock Galactic if you want a looter shooter that is fun and action packed! This game is an awesome looter shooter that is about dwarfs in space who are mining for all kinds of cool stuff. This is one of those games that is fun to play on your own, but like many other top games in this genre, playing this with friends is where this really shines. This one just has a very cool kind of style to it and what is there not to love about dwarfs mining in outer space?

What makes Payday 2 one of the more interesting games in our looter shooter collection is that we are sure that there are some who may dispute this being here! However, in this game, you have to shoot and get better loot as you progress… that is exactly the kind of thing we are talking about here. Try and pull off daring heists as you make plans and then have to rework your plans when it all goes to hell. This is action packed and it is the kind of thing that really does keep you on edge. When you make all that cash though and you can get better stuff, you just want to jump straight back in for another heist to see what else you can get!

Next up we have another two looter shooter games that some may think are not technically that, but we feel they more than have the characteristics of what looter shooters are known for. These are two Triple-A games, first of all, we have Remnant: From the Ashes which stands out thanks to its very cool dark fantasy/dark sci-fi kind of thing that it has going on. This is hard as nails, but it is so rewarding once you have figured out how to play the game. We also feel that Tom Clancy's The Division is a solid game and well worth a special mention here. Play with your buddies as you try and get to the end of each mission as you get better and more dangerous gear that can make you unstoppable on the battlefield.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our looter shooter collection! We have tons of epic shooters here that offer first and third person action! If you are looking for your next addictive shooter experience, we are certain you will find it here.

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