Risk of Rain 2

a game by Hopoo Games, LLC
Platform: PC
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Risk of Rain 2
Risk of Rain 2
Risk of Rain 2

Even for the bigger names in the industry, going from 2D to 3D is a scary jump. This is especially hard since fans tend to be loyal to a favorite game type. There's always a big difference between these two types of games. If it's tough for big companies to do the shift, imagine how tough it can be for indie developers. That's the case of Risk Of Rain 2, the sequel of the 2D roguelike title. So, did the extra dimension help the game? Let's talk about that.

About the game

In Risk Of Rain 2, a lot like the first game, we play put on these series of different protector suits of the survivors of a spaceship crash. After surviving the accident, we are immediately on a hostile planet, and we'll have to survive however we can. Each survivor has different abilities and weapons unique from all the others.

Once we are out in the wild, we have to hurry up and kill the aliens, while looking for treasures, objects and anything that can earn us extra points. It's a pretty tough world though, and the enemies are constantly getting stronger until we get to each level's boss.

The tridimensional exploration will make survival a bigger challenge as if the first game wasn't hard enough. You'll need hours of practice to beat this game up, but it's fun to do it.

A bold jump

Going from the pixelated-roguelike experience the first Risk of Rain was, to the beautiful 3D world of Risk of Rain 2 was a huge bet. It could have ended up terribly, and the developers knew this. Luckily for us, they went ahead and did it anyway.

The result is a big evolution for the playability of the title. A lot of the mechanics from the first one are back in here, and they adapted perfectly to the new style. The visual style of the game is overall nice, it reminds us a little of Abzu and some other games with that sort of visuals. It ends up being a natural evolution to what was already an amazing title.


Reviewing Risk of Rain 2 is a bit unfair at this point since it's still an early access title. But pretty much all the aspects of the game are already there and ready, so we can go on and tell you how everything works out. It's an overall excellent evolution to the first title, most of the basic mechanics and survivor classes are back here. Of course, it's pretty different in the visual style, but it has pretty much the same spirit.

  • Graphics and Visuals: The visual style is beautiful, and the designs are amazing too. It's simple yet complete. The problem is with the atmosphere, as the planet feels really dull and dead, there's little to no movement aside from the characters, and that's a problem. But it's still a great looking game nonetheless.

  • Gameplay: You're going to die a lot in this game. There's no shame in starting playing this title in easy mode, it can be incredibly tough. Once you master the basics and get a grasp of all the things you can do, only then you should turn up the difficulty. The roguelike experience from the first game is still here, and it converted perfectly into a 3D environment.

  • Sound: It could be that it's still an early version of this, but the sound could definitely be improved, both in quality and in variety, The music is boring and the sound effects not so great either.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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