Battlefield Pirates 2

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a game by Detrux
Platform: PC (2008)
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Battlefield Pirates 2
Battlefield Pirates 2
Battlefield Pirates 2
Battlefield Pirates 2

The First Pirates mod for Battlefield 1942 was such a success that they've gone and done another, this time for Battlefield 2. And once again it's Undead vs Peglegs.

This concept isn't just daft for the sake of it - having such visually distinct sides makes friendly fire, and the split-second paralysis that comes from fear of friendly fire, much less of a problem. Each side has five classes, kitted out with an array of old-time weapon such as the Musketoon and tools such as the spyglass, which is perfect for pacifist snipers, but otherwise a bit useless. As usual with BF2, it's an unfriendly installation process - if you've uninstalled the bloody game, you'll have to patch up to vl.41 and then tweak with the command line switches to activate the mod - and the help file isn't in the download, it's on the website, so look there. Also, remember to Run As Administrator if you're using Vista otherwise you'll get kicked by PunkBuster.

Once you make it in, you'll begin to see why the Pirates mod is so well-loved in the community. It takes the feel of BF2 and adds a whimsical theme, but keeps the fundamental gameplay that makes it all work. It's a balance that's well met, and there's nothing quite like watching a bunch of skeletons pegging it over a hill to be the first to get into a boat.

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