Battlefield 2142

a game by EA DICE
Genre: Action
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 review
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Battlefield 2142
Battlefield 2142
Battlefield 2142
Battlefield 2142

Remember when Activision put Call of Duty into the distant future with Infinite Warfare? Do you also remember how people lost their minds and planned boycotts and fires and so on? Ok so maybe not fires, but people were not happy. The funny thing is that Dice actually did this with their Battlefield series over a decade earlier with Battlefield 2142.

The Really Cold War

One of the things that is really cool (in fact ice cool) about Battlefield 2142 is the setting. The Earth has gone through another ice age and resources are at an all time low. Humanity has divided into two main factions. The European Union and the Pan Asian Coalition. The story is actually really cool and while this was released as mainly a multiplayer experience I do love what they have done here and wish that they had expanded it a little more.

Prepare For Conquest

Like the previous three Battlefield games that came before Battlefield 2142 Conquest mode returned. Like before you would need to capture spawn points and then defend them from the opposing team. Dice did change things up by adding different variations to Conquest mode. These were Head On, Assault, Conquest Assault, and No Vehicles. It was fun to play around with these different modes and like previous Battlefield games, picking the right role and playing your part for the team is key to your victory.

Behold The Titan

You may think this is a rip off of Titanfall, but Battlefield 2142 beat that game to market by many years. The big draw of Battlefield 2142, as well as the futuristic setting, is the inclusion of titans. The Titans are these massive and overpowered ships that cause a huge amount of damage. More often than not the first team to get their titan up and running will win the match. The team's commander can move the Titan around the map and there are anti-titan missiles around the map which if you can get to them you can use them to try and destroy the Titan. You can even get on board the Titan and try to take it down from the inside. The Titans made Battlefield 2142 feel like no other Battlefield game and it is one of the main reasons why so many people have such fond memories of it.

Stay Classy People

Like past Battlefield games, Battlefield 2142 has different kits that you can use to make your own dream class. It is picking the right kit for your playstyle that will dictate how valuable you are to your team. Even with the more sci-fi approach to war, Battlefield 2142 is still at its heart a shooter that requires teamwork. Working as a team and doing your role and doing what needs to be done over just getting random kills is the way you will earn a victory. The different classes have plenty of things for you to unlock and playing around and giving each class a try is the way to find what one suits you best.

Battlefield 2142 really was an excellent game, looking back now it does feel like a game that came out in 2006. Dice did support it well with some updates and great DLC, but I really do think this is a game they should remake or at the very least come up with another sci-fi futuristic first person shooter as they really nailed this one. While the official servers went offline a few years back, hardcore fans have kept the game alive so if you hunt around you can still play it online.



  • The new ice age setting is awesome
  • Futuristic weapons and vehicles are fun
  • The Titans!!!!!
  • Lots of classes for you to try out
  • A real thinking person’s shooter


  • Could have done with a more in-depth single player mode
  • Official servers are shut down

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