Black Clover: Quartet Knights

Download Black Clover: Quartet Knights and join the magical battle royale! Unleash your powers, team up with friends, and fight for victory in this thrilling action-packed game. Ready to prove your magical prowess? Play now!
a game by ILINX, Inc.
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review
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Black Clover: Quartet Knights
Black Clover: Quartet Knights
Black Clover: Quartet Knights
Black Clover: Quartet Knights

Fans of the anime series will be delighted by this homage to the genre. Black Clover: Quartet Knights looks and feels like the anime. In this game, the main character is Asta. Asta has no magic in a world filled to the brim with it, and to rub salt in the wound, his childhood friend, Captain Yami, possesses very powerful magic.

Although Asta has no magic itself, he does possess an anti-magic ability. This ability occurs in the form of a greatsword that can slice through any magic sent at it.

A familiar plot line

If you were hoping for a unique twist on a familiar plot, you’ll be disappointed. Black Clover: Quartet Knights embraces all that classic animes are, and doesn’t add anything new. It’s a very typical anime plotline complete with four character teams you can use to layer various battle strategies on the opposing team. It’s very similar to Dissidia in that regard.

The game is set after Asta beats Mars, but before the most recent episodes in Black Clover. In it the bad guy, who doesn’t appear in the anime, is a father who possesses his daughter and sends her into the future. In order to win the game the player must figure out what happened and stop the kingdom from being torn apart.

While the plot is unoriginal, it doesn’t really need to be in order to be enjoyable. The power of this game comes through in the individual interactions. These interactions are truly authentic to the anime series, and provide a rich experience that make it worthwhile.

While most of the supporting characters aren’t well developed, Asta and Captain Yami engage in funny dialogue, and Yami experiences some real character development as the plot progesses. The player usually sees these in the form of beautiful anime cutscenes, with the occasional text both and still image instead.

Fast gameplay

To play the game you will play Asta through a series of 10 short missions, and then 8 playing Yami. To give you a picture of how brief these missions are, you can play all 18 of them in about an hour and a half—without rushing.

There’s also a multiplayer option to occupy the players time, but this option has a lot of errors and are often filled with bots rather than people. Feedback during multiplayer is also troublesome, with players not knowing they’ve been hit until after they’ve already died.


For diehard fans of the manga and anime adaptations, this game is a fun way to see more of Asta and Yami, but it has a lot of problems. The game is very short, and an unintuitive multiplayer mode detracts a lot for the game. If you’re not already a fan of Black Clover, this may not be a great game for you. Those that appreciate Black Clover and simply want a game that remains true to the story will love this game.


  • Remains true to manga and anime style
  • Great voice actors


  • Game ends too soon
  • Unoriginal plot
  • Problematic multiplayer

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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