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For first person shooters to be successful these days, a number of key elements must be represented. Elements such as engaging plots, dynamic AI, high quality graphics, and a responsive easy to use control system are all required if there is any hope of giving real competition to games like Halo and Farcry. Although in development for some time, Breed seemed poised to follow in Halo's footsteps with an outstanding sci-fi FPS but ultimately appears dated and in no way can stand next to Halo or Farcry.

Breed has a number of similarities with Halo but has difficulty with the execution. The plot is based on an attack by aliens called the Breed on Earth's colonies in space. Although ultimately successful in defending the colonies, the attack had only been a diversion to take over the poorly defended Earth. The game unfolds with the surviving battle cruiser from the colony war cloaked in orbit trying to overthrow Earth's invaders. The problem is this great start to a sci-fi game is wasted on substandard mission design. Many of the missions are extremely repetitive and require little strategy to complete.

The AI isn't any help either. Your teammates, who are supposed to be an asset, are more of a nuisance then support. They won't take defensive positions well and are easily picked off. In addition, they often get in the way and can get 'stuck'? if you're not careful. The enemy AI is just as bad and can be taken out by standing still and picking them off.

The graphics aren't bad but appear dated. The textures are weak in some areas but the environments are semi-destructible. The general detail level appears to be a few years old but doesn't distract from the game as least.

Besides the already mentioned issues, Breed is also plagued with stability issues that will kick you out to the desktop in addition to long loading time. The vehicles do help to bring up the gameplay, but overall Breed will leave most waiting for Halo 2.

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