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Sega Genesis
"Eins! Zwei! Drei!" In the murky dawn the tyrant's troops scuffle towards foxholes and tanks. Taking battle position, they quickly check their equipment and load cannons. Then they hunker down, awaiting the cry: "Attacke!" "Hup! Two! Three! Four!" On your order, rebel soldiers race to their war machines! Jets blast into the dawn, afterburners roaring. Convoys rumble toward the advance bases. Their single purpose: attack! War! You and your opponent face off for control of the world! You're equally matched, man for man, weapon for weapon. You sweat as you order out heavy metal, mobilize troops, and plot the attack! You collide in dogfights, ground frays, and naval clashes! At last, you advance to their home base. Now! Crush the enemy - and become Supreme Commander of the free world!

BattleTanx: Global Assault

The year is 2006. The world has become a post-apocalyptic wasteland. While Griffin and Madison struggle to rebuild society, they realize their young son possesses telekinetic powers that are the key to the future. But the evil QueenLord, Cassandra,..
Nintendo 64

Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs

Exploit secret alien technology as you beat the Americans and Soviets at their own game in this action-packed, cold war thriller! Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs features advanced space-based tank combat, sniper capability and death-match intens..
Nintendo 64


Help your forces in the front-lines by dropping troops, tanks and more in Sony CE's Dropship.


The Super Strategic Defense Initiative of the 1990's banned inter-continental ballistic missiles and nuclear warheads. Now the year is 2016. Weapons today are limited to super strategic mobile weapons. Enter Granada. Hypertek-Cannon Tank. (HCT). ..
Sega Genesis

Hybrid Front

In response, the player must fight a futuristic war using infantry, aircraft, tanks, and other surprises.
Sega Genesis

iM1A2 Abrams

You command a minimum of four M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tanks that comprise your platoon.

James Pond

When oceans are threatened, only Pond has the guts to save the day! From plugging oil tankers to rescuing mermaids, no mission is too dangerous. He's fearless, he's daring, he's ozone friendly!
Sega Genesis

Crayon Shin-chan

Crayon Shin-Chan is a 2D Platformer game, developed by Sims and published by Ma-Ba, which was released in Japan in 1994.
Sega Genesis

M1 Abrams Battle Tank

The best of all the tank games of that era!, A strange breed of fun and at the same time a simulation game.
Sega Genesis

M1: Tank Platoon II

Take command of a tank platoon and supporting units in a variety of topographies and campaigns or single combat missions.

Panzer Elite

Panzer Elite takes World War II tank enthusiasts through North Africa, Sicily, Italy, and Normandy as commander of a German or American tank platoon.

Rampage 2: Universal Tour

Your 3 favorite human-munching badly-behaved mutants have been captured! Unfortunately, for the humans inhabiting Earth, brand new mutants have been sent to rescue George, Lizzy, and Ralph. You'll meet Ruby the Lobster, Boris the Rhino, and Curtis ..
Nintendo 64


Tanks patrol desolate city streets. Turrets and missile sites threaten the skies.

Red Dog

Argonaut's first Dreamcast title is a tank-based action shooter called Red Dog.


The M1A2 Abrams battle tank sports a 120 mm cannon, depleted uranium armor, and sophisticated battle management systems.


It was a 3D tank battle reminiscent of the arcade game Battlezone, and was one of the first multiplayer network games.

Super Battletank 2

Battle tank simulator.

Surgical Strike

Surgical Strike is like an action film that never lets up. You drive a tank down city streets annihilating targets.


MEKs are deadly, hovering tanks of unequaled destructive power. Nasrac the Eliminator is the undisputed MEK Master. You must defeat him at his own game during the ultimate MEK battle tourney. Master the battle with 6 different murderous hover craft..
Sega Genesis

Tiny Tank

You're probably wondering why we're reviewing Tiny Tank again.

Tiny Tank: Up Your Arsenal

Just when you thought all of the games with smack-talking mascots were gone, Tiny Tank: Up Your Arsenal comes along and kicks you right where it hurts most--in your funny bone.

Twin Hawk

Tanks, ships and mad war machines are everywhere, and they're all gunning for you! Fire, dodge, and fire again! If the fighting gets too intense, call on one of your support squadrons and increase your firepower! There's no half-speed in this battl..
Sega Genesis

Armored Fist 2

Until recently, Interactive Magic held the Distinguished Service Medal for its IM1A2, the only serious simulation of the M1A2 Abrams battle tank.


2001 A.D. - The world as you know it is no more. A deadly virus has wiped out 99% of the female population and the few surviving women are now worshipped as QueenLords. You are Griffin Spade, warrior and Battlelord in a post-apocalyptic future. Wit..
Nintendo 64

WDL: Thunder Tanks

Don't have a PS2 yet to play Thunder Tanks on? Fear not, it's coming to the original PlayStation this fall.