Firepower 2000

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a game by Storm Sales Curve
Genre: Action
Platform: SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 7.8/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Diesel fumes from your engine singe the hair in your nose as you roar past enemy ground positions. Your nerves are fried, your hands are shaking, and you're down to your last few super missiles. So why are you smiling?


In Firepower 2000, a blistering one-player or simultaneous two-player shooter by Sunsoft, an evil underground race of beings has developed a deadly arsenal of weapons that makes them a sinister superpower. This game's unbelievably gorgeous graphics, superior game play, and cool tunes (piped in via your in-flight radio) make for one awesome shoot-em-up.

The first thing you're gonna notice about Firepower 2000 is the beautiful, ray-traced graphics, which are backed up by cool scenic images and nicely detailed visions of dune blaster armor divisions bearing down on you. Despite the furious onslaught of sprites there's no trace of slowdown, even in the two-player mode. Don't spend too long gazing at the scenery, though, 'cause if you take your eyes off the action in these six stages of nonstop combat, it'll be the last time you use 'em!

Don't Fly Solo

Firepower 2000 really soars as a simultaneous two-player shooter, especially since one player fights with a copter and the other with a jeep. Each vehicle has different weaponry and maneuverability. Playing together takes teamwork under-the-gun, but playing with a partner is also twice as fun. When you roar through the big blue open sky looking for trouble, you'll find you're definitely not alone. The skies are seriously unfriendly, loaded with blitzkrieg bombers, juiced-up jets, killer copters, and other enemy aerial forces. The ground ain't any sanctuary either, so watch out for tanks, floating land mines, and gun turrets.

ProTip: With the Jeep, make sure that you've cleared ditches before you fire on enemies. Also, watch out for the automatically scrolling screen; it will push you off the edge and you'll lose a life.

Armed and Dangerous

Don't start groanin' about getting overwhelmed... there's some weaponry on your side. Each vehicle has standard weapons with seven settings of increasingly destructive power, including Plasma shots, a Laser, and an Ionic weapon. You can grab Red Tokens for three special emergency weapons: X Missiles, Scorch, and Homing Missiles. Shoot objects to uncover power-ups and 1-ups, and peg glowing mines to uncover Bubble Shields. Grab the Bubbles for protection, or blast them for a screen-clearing megaton of fun.

  • The minute you start flying, you'll find the first power-up in the right-hand comer of the screen.
  • Flame is one of the most effective weapons, but it has the shortest range.

Locked and Loaded

Firepower 2000 has no continues and wave after seemingly endless wave of merciless opponents. This is no game for SNES sissies! Bring along a cohort for maximum fun. Power up those vehicles, say your prayers, and get those thumbs poppin' for this, the Mother of All Combat Games!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

Game Reviews

Fighter planes are mysteriously disappearing off the coast of Bermuda... and you must find them!

It appears an evil race of underground warriors is plotting world domination, and they've begun their quest by taking control of the world's military capabilities. Pilot an attack chopper or an assault jeep and blast your way through the skies in this high-flying adventure to save the world from destruction!

People say:


If you look at this game from two sides, as jeep battle and heli battle, you get two different scores. The jeep action is awkwards and difficult to control - but the overhead helicopter mode dishes up some of the best vertical scroll action the Super NES has ever seen. Not a lot of Mode 7 flash, just solid, solid game play.


Now this is a spectacular shooter. Only Space Megaforce top this hot action cart. Great power-ups, intense action, and a very difficult mission make this a shooters paradise. Lots of things to blow up and not for the inexperienced player. Definitely the Super NES game to get this month.


I really liked this cart. This is the first overhead shooter for the SNES that plays as fast and aggressive as the best the arcade has to offer. Incredible graphics and animation and a slew of power-ups are sure to please most shooting fans. This is one tough cart, and only the elite will be able to survive to the end.


Quite frankly, I was torn between hating and loving this title. Breakup is a BIG no-no in video games at the 16-bit level, and hardly acceptable. Still, the action was great, and it handled quite well. It needs more variety, but so does almost every other shooter out there. I feel it is above average, but not spectacular.

Sony's Extra Innings is a big-time baseball game for your SNES with small-time players. Cute, pudgy character don't holdback the full range of hardball options. One or two-players can engage in an Exhibition game, an All-Star contest, or a full-season Pennant Race. Diving and jumping grabs, a fatigue factor, and lead-offs for base runners.

A fighter jets across the skies off the coast of Bermuda. Suddenly, its instrument panel goes haywire and the plane disappears over the horizon. Behind this devious act, an underground race of warriors begins its quest for world domination, stealing the world's offensive military capability! It's up to you to stop these ruthless dictators.

Choose from an attack chopper or assault jeep in this one or two player shooter. You'll find plenty of weapons complimenting the detailed graphics and sound! Superb game play and excellent scrolling effects round out this blast-a-thon.

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