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a game by 3DO
Genre: Action
Platforms: Nintendo 64Nintendo 64, GameBoy Color
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review, 4 reviews are shown
User Rating: 5.0/10 - 2 votes
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People say:


3DO has achieved something truly unique--they've produced the world's most average game. So average is BattleTanx, it will be held up as an example for years to come as a shining hope for all people striving for mediocrity. A moderately enjoyable but simple tank game with average graphics, adequate sound, average controls and a story line akin to something John Carpenter would have produced when going through the crap phase he had that spawned Escape From L.A. It's not at all's just that if you ever wanted a perfect definition of a game that was destined for rental, this is it. As a singleplayer game it's OK. I wouldn't want to go overboard about it or anything, but it's an adequate way of killing a few hours if you've got nothing better to do. As a multiplayer game, though, it is actually pretty enjoyable. Those of you keen on Namco's Tokyo Wars will appreciate it's "big tanks, big bangs" theme. However, just like Tokyo Wars, you soon learn that although all your average guy needs to amuse himself for five minutes is the opportunity to blow the crap out of something, this amusement doesn't really last longer than five minutes. Rent it. may even end up renting it a few times if you dig the whole apocalyptic vibe. Just don't buy Jt. It's not worth the investment.


As a one-player game, Battletanx is a decidedly ho-hum experience. And the story line itself--which involves saving female queens from the ravages of post-apocalypse America--is so ridiculous it's nearly funny.But it's the two- to four-player modes that kept me playing this game. You get quite a few modes here, as well as the option for team play. Multiplayer lends the game a very much-appreciated Tokyo Wars feel.


I kind of like this one for the same reason I like Chopper Attack--mindless destruction. After that it's pretty mediocre. The thrill is in blowing stuff up, rather than in trying to win the game. I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but even mindless destruction gets old after a while. Multiplayer is really the best way to play the game, although it's tough to read the radar screen. Overall I could see buying this for its decent multiplayer action.


BattleTanx may seem like a below-average, play-it-once-and-forget-about-it type of action game, but once you make it into some of the middle levels, it gets decent. Granted, blowing up tanks and placements becomes repetitive at times. But the varied objectives and scenarios in each level helps spice things up. The graphics and sounds are decent; what this game relies on is solid gameplay and an addictive multiplayer mode.

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Nintendo 64

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Get ready for some rip-roarin, bam-bumin' expbsive tank action from 3DO. BattleTanx blows up the N64 with great gameplay and ferocious multiplayer action.

Tanx for the Mammaries

Only a few scantily clad "virus-resistant" women are left on post-apocalyptic Earth...and you must defend them with tanks! Although the cheesy story line doesn't do the game any favors, you may find yourself battling for the controller of this season's sleeper hit

The single-player action is simple--you blast through various strongholds, trying to take back territory from vicious street gangs who won't let go of it easily. You command a standard MIAI Abrams-type tank (as well as a Goliath Rail tank) through 17 territories, blowing up buildings, opposing tanks, enemy fortresses, and even some familiar landmarks, like Fisherman s Wharf in San Francisco.

Solid Metal Gears

BattleTanx has lots of explosive graphics and cool weapons effects, like guided missiles that take the camera for a short ride or lasers that turn batde structures into rubble in one shot Unfortunately, the copious amounts of fog dampen the experience, causing the environments to look pretty much the same, especially during the heat of battle.

The game's sound kicks ass, though, as it should in any tank title worth its weight in ammo. Bass-heavy quaking explosions, grinding metal gears, and the annoying ping of bullets hitting your vehicle all satisfy the genre's prerequisites.

Tanx's controls are simpler than you may expect Although the turret moves independendy, it's easier to steer the tank and fire at the same time. Thankfully, you have only one button to deal with when cycling through your weapons.

Battle for Your Money

Although the battle for this season's holiday dollars may have wavered between Turok 2, Zelda, and Rogue Squadron, let's hope you saved some dough to enlist in this fine derby of destruction. Don't let BatdeTanx get lost in the shuffle.


  • Blow up abandoned vehicles. If you leave them In the street, you may have trouble crushing them when you're running from another tank.
  • Whenever you find a shield in the Queenlord Rescue missions, proceed directly to the opponent's fortress and take on the Goliath tank.
  • In The Tunnel, take the path on the right side of the screen. Destroy the abandoned police cars at the end to receive an extra tank.
  • If you're at full health, try nudging a land mine with your tank, then quickly back off (you'H take some damage). You'll probably set off a chain reaction that will destroy other mines, which in turn will reveal power-ups.
  • Always watch the radar for new tanks. Go to the point of origin and destroy the bunker to stop more tanks from regenerating.
  • Discolored wails are destructible and usually conceal power-ups. Go In with your turret hot-there's always a gunner behind the wall.
  • In dense urban areas like State Street, destroy as many buildings as possible to get a bead on any oncoming enemies.


Fog. It's everywhere, and it really interferes with the respectable scenery and awesome-looking explosions. Although you may recognize some areas and be able to distinguish the sharp enemies, a little far-sightedness would have helped BatdeTanx.


Your TV will tremble at the bass that Bat-tleTanx has in store for it The only thing missing is some voice-overs--especially some well-placed screaming.


Although you won't have any trouble picking up the "plug and play" controls, you'll find getting out of tight spots annoying. Maneuvering around land mines is a hassle, too.

Fun Factor

BattleTanx is one of the better multiplayer games out there, but even in Single-Player mode, the tank-based mayhem gets brutally intense. Nothing beats an afternoon or two of all-out destructive action, and BatdeTanx handily fills that void on the N64.

3DO's first foray on the N64, Bat-tleTanx, is all about destruction. Starting out in another post-apocalyptic future, you play as a BattleLord protecting the few surviving women from marauding Tribesmen. In terms of gameplay, this means you get in a tank, drive around, and blow absolutely everything to pieces. The massacre takes place in eight cities, including San Francisco, New York, and Chicago, all of which have recognizable real-life layouts despite the apocalypse. Up to four players can wreak havoc via split-screen action in tanks armed with guided missiles, nukes, flamethrowers, and mote.

It's 2100 A.D. and the world has been blasted by a nuclear holocaust. Ninety-nine percent of the worlds population has been decimated, and the few surviving women have been raised to the status of QueenLord, holy entities. Because they're the last hope of longterm survival, it's your duty as BatdeLord to use your BattleTanx to protect your QueenLord from rival gangs.

BattleTanx will be the first tank warfare game available for the N64. As you might expea with a tank game, booming explosions are frequent as you obliterate enemies and the surrounding environments.Tanx has four gameplay modes, three of which allow up to four players to play at a time; in the Campaign scenario, you fight through 17 levels as you single-handedly attempt to save your QueenLord.

Unfortunately, terrible draw-in and jagged controls plagued this preview version of BatdeTanx. But if these ailments are cured by the time of its release, BattleTanx could prove to be a solid action hit.

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