BattleTanx: Global Assault

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a game by 3DO
Genre: Action
Platform: Nintendo 64Nintendo 64
Editor Rating: 6.5/10, based on 2 reviews, 5 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 3 votes
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BattleTanx: Global Assault
BattleTanx: Global Assault
BattleTanx: Global Assault
BattleTanx: Global Assault

People say:


Easily the best thing about the original BattleTanx was its four-player mode. 3DO apparently realized that; they've gone and supercharged this sequel's multiplayer capabilities. You need never play this game alone, because--and this is the best thing about BattleTanx: Global Assault--two players can go through the story mode cooperatively. In fact, you can even play through most missions solo, if you like, and only have a pal jump in if a particular stage gets too tricky. I ended up having to do just that with the two escort levels, which have you protecting a convoy of cargo tanks. These missions are far too difficult and frustrating when played alone, but when I had Shoe join in, v/e got through 'em just fine. It's the huge selection of multiplayer modes--seven in all--that's the real life of this party. You can play them by yourself against Al drones, or play with a second player and team up against the computer. But do yourself a favor: Get three friends and split into teams of two. It works great for the capture-the-flag-like Battlelord Mode and the Hold-em game, both of which require teamwork. I also like the Convoy Moce, which has players splitting into teams of attackers and defenders of a tank convoy. And while the graphics are just so-so, they do keep a smooth frame-rate for the multiplayer games.


3DO has obviously paid attention to what people liked about the original Battle Tanx and has really put a lot into the multiplayer aspects of the sequel. The team based play is especially fun, and I got a bigkick out of the capture-the-flag style games as well as the Deathmatch modes. Unlike Crispin though. I thought the convoy (protect and attack) game had some serious play-balance issues which prevented it from lasting long enough to actually be fun.


BattleTanx was a nice surprise-an actual tank game that doesn't suck. The real strength behind this title is its well-implemented multiplayer mode. There are enough deathmatch variations to keep the the party going for a while. I did find the level design to be boring and uninspired. Every stage felt like an empty shipping dock with square warehouses. Still, I gotta give BattleTanx props for maintaining a smooth frame-rate in the heat of battle.


Forget grandiose story lines and epic adventures and deep gameplay for a second. Let's visit that primal bit of ourselves that just loves to blow s*** up real good. BattleTanx: GD is just the perfect game to satisfy that destructive inner child in all of us. Sure it's shallow, but it's a ton of heavy-duty arcade-action fun (don't expect any more depth than that). The multiplayer stuff (esp. co-op) is fantastic, making this one of the better group games around.

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Nintendo 64

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Look for the sequel to BattleTanx this holiday season from The 3DO Company. It features another goofy plot, but makes up for it in its robust selection of gameplay modes and nice-looking graphics. There's a one-player mode of course, but it seems as if multiplayer is a huge part in the overall experience this time. In addition, there is an array of new tanks and weapons to use, and 20 new levels to play through.

The year is 2006. Five years ago the apocalypse released the X2 virus which killed most of the world's women -- the female population became almost extinct. In an effort born of panic and self-preservation, the governments of the world rounded up the remaining women to hide and protect them. This led to rioting which eventually led to a nuclear war that ravaged 50% of the world. Governments collapsed and bands of survivors came together to form tribes and gangs. Women in these tribes and gangs are now called Queenlords and have become almost sacred. You, Griffin Spade, acquired a M1A1 tank somewhere in all of this, have formed your own tribe, and have rescued your wife, Madison, from the government's secret "relocation." Now you have a son, Brandon, and at this point keeping him safe is the most important thing in the world to both you and Madison. This will become difficult, however, as those nightmares you've been having recently about an evil Queenlord abducting your son are about to come true...


The concept of this game is relatively simple: you drive one of many different kinds of tanks in an effort to defeat your enemies. Some missions require annihilating all enemies that come at you, others require you to escort other tanks, get from point A to point B, or rescue hostages. Getting through each mission is not always a question of who has the most firepower, but rather who knows how to use it properly. The firepower in this game is very widely diversified. There are 11 different tanks that can be used. Each has very definite strengths and weaknesses. Some are quick and weak while others are very slow and very strong with everything in between. Some have the ability to strafe or flip over their sides. All tanks have a primary weapon, which is usually a machine gun, shells, or a flame-thrower. There is also a wide variety of special weapons available to you. These range from mines and Bouncing Betties (mines that float in the air and rain lasers on passers by) to grenades to plasma bolts to various types of missiles and even a nuclear warhead. I particularly liked the guided missile as I could control exactly where I want it to go. These are great for corners. Other items include the turbo boost, health, shields, radar, teleporter, and one item called The Edge that will either stun or, in some cases, capture enemy tanks so you can turn them against your enemy!

The tanks themselves all handle very responsively (or as responsively as a tank can handle, anyway). In fact, these tanks handle better than you would expect a real tank to handle which I felt made the game more exciting and fun. There are several different control configurations that allow you to set up simple controls to more complicated functions. This allows players of many different experience levels to effectively play the game. There are also three difficulty levels to suit your handicap (or lack of one) even more. I felt the difficulty levels were a little harder than they should have been for each level. The gameplay is simple enough that you should be able to get the hang of it fairly quickly.

How many tanks you can use depends on how many Tank Bucks you have. Each tank you take into battle costs a certain amount. Typically, the better the tank, the pricier it is. After using these tanks you will likely choose a favorite or figure out which work better in certain situations. Tank Bucks are earned by either picking them up or by obtaining 10,000 points (yes, there are still games that use points, believe it or not). When your tank is destroyed, you use the Tank Bucks to purchase another and continue your mission until you're out of Tanks and Bucks or until you finish the game.

The interface is pretty standard. If you can read, you should have no problems with it. There are several modes of gameplay that range from the Campaign (main story) game to specific types of missions such as protecting convoys or rescuing hostages. These other missions can also be played with up to four players simultaneously (depending on the number of controllers connected to the system) on a split screen. The multiplayer game plays essentially the same as the single player.

This game contains the long lost feature of passwords. In case you don't have a Controller Pak, or if it's full, you can write down the password and continue later on where you left off. I was impressed with the addition of this feature as well as being able to use the Controller Pak. The game also makes good use of the Rumble Pak.


The graphics are a little above standard for an N64 game (unfortunately the screenshots we managed to get really do not do it justice). The general look of the game has a nice bright atmosphere and is a little crisper than many other N64 games. The effects from explosions or smoke streams from passing missiles are very nice. Each different style of tank is simple enough to differentiate, however, at times it is a bit difficult to tell if they are friendly or enemy tanks unless you have radar. The oddest graphic in the game is that people appear on the battlefield as only heads floating in midair. This makes it a little harder to locate them without radar if there is a lot of action on screen.


The audio is pretty standard for an N64 game. For the most part, this is a pretty loud game (whoever heard of a quiet tank battle?). While music does play in the background during the missions, you typically won't hear it over the sound effects. Nothing groundbreaking in this department, but nothing bad either.

System Features Supported

Controller Save Pak, Rumble Pak, and four player simultaneous.


While you can certainly figure out the basics of the game by yourself, you will definitely miss some stuff if you don't read the manual. It shows you how to make good use of certain weapons, such as the guided missile and tanks. When you get a chance, check it out.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a fun game right out of the box. While it does have some level of complication, it's simple enough to enjoy immediately out of the box. It has nice graphics and sound, which are always a plus when trying to enjoy a game. The multiplayer options ensure the replayability of this game for quite some time. I found virtually nothing to gripe about in this game which is why I happily give it a score of 87.

The original BattleTanx was one of the best blow-em-to-bics action games last year--and it was sorely under appreciated. The sequel looks like it will surpass the original, bringing even more tanks, weapons, and mayhem to the N64 this winter. BT2 will feature 10 tanks (including several new playable tanks from the first game), recognizable landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben, and many new modes of play. 3DO is shooting to put the boom back in the room with BatdeTanx 2.

BattleTanx's hard-hitting tank action returns with brand-new vehicles, bigger explosions, and more gameplay modes. While its story line is still unclear, what matters is that you'll fight your way through intense battles in a war-torn world.

Besides maneuvering the MIAI Abrams and Goliath Rail, you'll now be able to control tanks that hover and destroy buildings with a single shot. Each war machine can be equipped with an array of weapons, ineluding mines, flamethrowers, and automatic gun turrets. There'll also be teleportation and turbo boost power-ups that allow for quick escapes from tight situations.

Of course, the highlight of BattleTanx 2 will most likely be its popular multiplayer deathmatch mode in which you nuke it out with up to four friends with the latest in tank warfare, erasing the very definition of "friendly fire." If the excessive fog effects and troubling controls found in the first Bat-tleTanx are remedied in this sequel, there could be plenty of destructive action coming your way.

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